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Australian funk heavy hitters The Bamboos are recording their 4th album for one of my favorite imprints Tru-Thoughts and they were kind enough to share this little video from behind the scenes in the studio. Looks like they’re having a good ol time! If this new song ‘Like Tears in Rain’ is any indication of what we’re in store for, a lot more people will be knowing about them real soon!

Listen & Download: The Bamboos – Like Tears in Rain" (Right Click To Save)

Posted by: Gunnar Hissam on March 1, 2010 @ 4:35 PM
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Something incredible started happening to Chicago’s musical identity in 2006: It branched beyond Kanye. Seemingly overnight, artists like Kid Sister, Flosstradamus, The Cool Kids, Mano, Mic Terror and many more came to the forefront to show their middle fingers to that “second city” complex and blew up without hesitation. Some called it New Chicago, some called it juke, but Shala called it the movement. One of the city’s leaders then and even more so now is Olusola Akintunde a.k.a. Shala, whose Movement collective helped to jump-start the careers of at least a few of these new players (Hollywood Holt and Mano most notably). While Shala spent most of his time back in those days hyping up his city and focusing on the others, he’s finally grown some sense and honed in on his own music — which just so happens to be a ear-pleasing merging of brilliantly penned Southside rap, soul, funk and hands-down unapologetic attitude. Peep “Getty”: As Africans we own thangs, we don’t know no better / You say we live on HUD, Your crib be Rent-A-Center / Never get it f’ed up, Africans we hustlas / Everything for sale, we chargin’ you to give a f***

Make sure you check the link at the end of the interview and get yourself some new tunes.

What makes Shala. unique?

I’m Nigerian so I’ve always had a musical world view that’s influenced by everything around me — ignorant, intelligent, classical. I’m definitely a leader and know I’m supposed to do something really big with this music, something beyond attention from girls and getting in trouble all the time.

Describe your sound in one or two phrases.

Electro rock with funky soul Nigerian pop. They’d come see that motherfucker wouldn’t they?

How do you feel about rap music right now?

Now more than ever it’s a movement of underdogs and that’s what hip-hop has always really represented. I live in Chicago and it’s an underdog city, so you’ve got the underdogs in the underdog city winning.? Right now, Chicago has a need to express itself and a unification of that need gathers into a voice so loud no one can ignore it.

How would you describe your city?

Chicago is in the middle so all the influences came from all over the place. It’s the flower that’s growing out of that concrete and is amazing because No. 1, it grew out of concrete and No. 2, it’s gonna be beautiful because everybody that walked past it watered it. People call it a little brother to New York but there’s more to the story. It’s that little brother that thinks he’s lame because his big brother is so great, but ends up being super great after he gets past himself. Lupe [Fiasco] showed us we can make it from just being who we are. Kanye still shows us you can be player and make it. Look at Hollywood Holt – he looks eclectic and very rock and roll. He doesn’t look like the kind of cat that would beat your ass, but people know. We surprise you out here.

For the last several years, Chicago has been a bit about the juke. What’s juke music?

Juke means move. Someone asks you, ’How’s the party?’ You say, ’It’s juking’. When you see black people juking in the 1940s, they’re having a good time ain’t they? Jumping around, flipping each other around, having an amazing time. Chicago juke is just fast dance-party rap.

Listen & Download: Shala – Ghetty" (Right Click To Save)

Click here to download a set of original production by Shala including ‘I Ain’t Goin.’

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Second video for Kasper Bjørke’s 2010 album “Standing on top of Utopia”. An uptempo, truly uplifting song in classic Kasper Bjørke style. Capturing disco club energy, a raw post-punk throb and a whole lifetime of musical inspiration, this track was written by Kasper Bjørke, and performed with Tomas Höffding from WhoMadeWho.

Kasper is no stranger to great directed music videos. This video was directed by Alexander Topsøe & Thomas Daneskov.

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Pezzner recently lended his remixing skills to label Room With A View for a Marino Berardi remix of “Best Intentions”. In typical Pezzner fashion, his remix is moody, deep, and awesome. Click here to purchase it from We can’t wait to hear his debut album which should drop later this year.

If you have SxSW on your mind, Pezzner will be playing live on Man-Made Boat Party along with Ghostly International artist Kate Simko.

Marino Berardi / Best Intention (Pezzner Perspective)

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James Amato and his Potty Mouth label are droping a continuous dj mix featuring a compilation of fidget, techy, big room, whomp whomp tracks from the label. With a catalog of releases from artist like Crookers, Santiago and Bushido, and HiJack, Potty Mouth has been going strong after multiple Beatport Top 100 tracks.

Potty Mouth Miami 2010 (Mixed by Adam Bozzetto), includes tunes from Loose Cannons, Geoff K, Domsko and more.

Potty Mouth Miami 2010 (Continuos Dj Mix Adam Bozzetto)
01 Gypsy’s Kiss (Original Mix) – by Loose Cannons & Anti Chris
02 I’m Fred Astair (Matthew Garton Remix) – by Geoff K
03 You Dont Stop (Original Mix) – by Adam Bozzetto
04 Bounce To This feat MC Skolzy (Electro Mix) – by Domsko
05 Kung Pow feat Loc e (Original Mix) – by Jaksaw
06 Toe Jam (Original Mix) – by Geoff K
07 Head Nodding (Original Mix) – by Adam Bozzetto
08 Take It Back (Original Mix) – by Domsko
09 I’m Fred Astair (Original Mix) – by Geoff K
10 Watch This (Original Mix) – by Adam Bozzetto
11 Bounce To This feat MC Skolzy (Bassline Mix) – by Domsko
12 Sidestepping Dre (Original Mix) – by Geoff K
13 Gypsy’s Kiss (Trashcan DJs Remix) – by Loose Cannons & Anti Chris

The release will be available exclusively on in March.

Listen Domsko “Bounce To This feat MC Skolzy”

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Fresh out the lab, the official youtube page for the Gorillaz just leaked a new song Super Fast Jelly Fish featuring De La Soul and Super Furry Animals lead singer Gruff Rhys. Click here to take a listen and be on the look out for Plastic Beach out March 9th.

Posted by: Jonthecorner on February 25, 2010 @ 10:52 PM
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It has been a week of wonderful surprises in the GA world (Read: Groove Armada Announce Lovebox Music Festival). The GA guys have just dropped their new remix EP for “Paper Romance”. Part 2 features remixes from Paul Cooper, Softwar, GA’s Morten Sorenson (aka Tom Findlay of GA) and Andy Cato.

“Black Light” drops this Tuesday. The album teamed Andy and Tom up with their idol Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music. Turns out the cameo has lead additional collaboration for Roxy Music’s upcoming album.

Don’t miss Groove Armada as they head to the states (read GA Tour US)for the first ever full band performance. I can honestly say that the last time I saw something this (watch: GA Live) epic was Daft Punk.

Click Here To Purchase “Paper Romance Part 2” From iTunes.

Listen To: Groove Armada “Paper Romance (Morten Sorensen Remix)”

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Valentine’s Day is over but the warm-and-fuzzy vibes are still thick around here, friends. House music O.G. DJ Sneak was feeling the love this year too, as evidenced by his mix of luscious R&B, poppy hip-hop and feel-good dance tracks for A-Trak’s Fool’s Gold label. ‘For The Ladies Vol. 1’ was released as a podcast for the imprint (subscribe here) and features everyone from A Tribe Called Quest to Jill Scott to N*Sync (yep). The whole thing’s carried off at a cozy but bumpin’ BPM and is sure to make any jaded soul smile.

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Hailing from Portland, OR, Rocket Empire is the next wave of Om’s midtempo chilled out roster. Think early Thievery Corporation mixed with Boozoo Bajou and you’re getting close to the vibe. Their track ‘Montezuma’s Revenge’ is the #1 most played track on SIRIUS ‘Chill’ (Channel 35).

Click here to listen to the new album on iTunes.

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Here is a track for you deep house Valentine lovers. Chuck Love and Colette have collaborated on a new track called “UR Everything”. The track features Chuck’s signature layered deep house melodies paired with Colette’s hypnotizing sugary vocals. On remix duty, Potty Mouth’s Santiago & Bushido provide a club banger (with hints reminiscent of MANDY vs. Booka Shade “Body Language”) featuring dubbed out / cut up vocals.

This is the first release on Chuck Love’s own Love Network label.

Purchase the release from

Listen: Chuck Love Feat. Colette “UR Everything”

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