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Pezzner recently lended his remixing skills to label Room With A View for a Marino Berardi remix of “Best Intentions”. In typical Pezzner fashion, his remix is moody, deep, and awesome. Click here to purchase it from We can’t wait to hear his debut album which should drop later this year.

If you have SxSW on your mind, Pezzner will be playing live on Man-Made Boat Party along with Ghostly International artist Kate Simko.

Marino Berardi / Best Intention (Pezzner Perspective)

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James Amato and his Potty Mouth label are droping a continuous dj mix featuring a compilation of fidget, techy, big room, whomp whomp tracks from the label. With a catalog of releases from artist like Crookers, Santiago and Bushido, and HiJack, Potty Mouth has been going strong after multiple Beatport Top 100 tracks.

Potty Mouth Miami 2010 (Mixed by Adam Bozzetto), includes tunes from Loose Cannons, Geoff K, Domsko and more.

Potty Mouth Miami 2010 (Continuos Dj Mix Adam Bozzetto)
01 Gypsy’s Kiss (Original Mix) – by Loose Cannons & Anti Chris
02 I’m Fred Astair (Matthew Garton Remix) – by Geoff K
03 You Dont Stop (Original Mix) – by Adam Bozzetto
04 Bounce To This feat MC Skolzy (Electro Mix) – by Domsko
05 Kung Pow feat Loc e (Original Mix) – by Jaksaw
06 Toe Jam (Original Mix) – by Geoff K
07 Head Nodding (Original Mix) – by Adam Bozzetto
08 Take It Back (Original Mix) – by Domsko
09 I’m Fred Astair (Original Mix) – by Geoff K
10 Watch This (Original Mix) – by Adam Bozzetto
11 Bounce To This feat MC Skolzy (Bassline Mix) – by Domsko
12 Sidestepping Dre (Original Mix) – by Geoff K
13 Gypsy’s Kiss (Trashcan DJs Remix) – by Loose Cannons & Anti Chris

The release will be available exclusively on in March.

Listen Domsko “Bounce To This feat MC Skolzy”

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Fresh out the lab, the official youtube page for the Gorillaz just leaked a new song Super Fast Jelly Fish featuring De La Soul and Super Furry Animals lead singer Gruff Rhys. Click here to take a listen and be on the look out for Plastic Beach out March 9th.

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It has been a week of wonderful surprises in the GA world (Read: Groove Armada Announce Lovebox Music Festival). The GA guys have just dropped their new remix EP for “Paper Romance”. Part 2 features remixes from Paul Cooper, Softwar, GA’s Morten Sorenson (aka Tom Findlay of GA) and Andy Cato.

“Black Light” drops this Tuesday. The album teamed Andy and Tom up with their idol Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music. Turns out the cameo has lead additional collaboration for Roxy Music’s upcoming album.

Don’t miss Groove Armada as they head to the states (read GA Tour US)for the first ever full band performance. I can honestly say that the last time I saw something this (watch: GA Live) epic was Daft Punk.

Click Here To Purchase “Paper Romance Part 2” From iTunes.

Listen To: Groove Armada “Paper Romance (Morten Sorensen Remix)”

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Valentine’s Day is over but the warm-and-fuzzy vibes are still thick around here, friends. House music O.G. DJ Sneak was feeling the love this year too, as evidenced by his mix of luscious R&B, poppy hip-hop and feel-good dance tracks for A-Trak’s Fool’s Gold label. ‘For The Ladies Vol. 1’ was released as a podcast for the imprint (subscribe here) and features everyone from A Tribe Called Quest to Jill Scott to N*Sync (yep). The whole thing’s carried off at a cozy but bumpin’ BPM and is sure to make any jaded soul smile.

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Hailing from Portland, OR, Rocket Empire is the next wave of Om’s midtempo chilled out roster. Think early Thievery Corporation mixed with Boozoo Bajou and you’re getting close to the vibe. Their track ‘Montezuma’s Revenge’ is the #1 most played track on SIRIUS ‘Chill’ (Channel 35).

Click here to listen to the new album on iTunes.

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Here is a track for you deep house Valentine lovers. Chuck Love and Colette have collaborated on a new track called “UR Everything”. The track features Chuck’s signature layered deep house melodies paired with Colette’s hypnotizing sugary vocals. On remix duty, Potty Mouth’s Santiago & Bushido provide a club banger (with hints reminiscent of MANDY vs. Booka Shade “Body Language”) featuring dubbed out / cut up vocals.

This is the first release on Chuck Love’s own Love Network label.

Purchase the release from

Listen: Chuck Love Feat. Colette “UR Everything”

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Londoners, Fenech-Soler, have just released their new single and music video for “Lies”. The electro pop wonderkids, have been gaining support in the UK from the likes of Annie Mac, Pete Tong & Eddie Temple Morris, as well as collaborations with Alex Metric. Ben of Fenech-Soler was most recently featured on Groove Armada’s “Paper Romance”. Looks like we’ll be hearing a lot more of these guys.

Catch them on tour with Groove Armada.

Fenech-Soler – Lies from Luke Bellis on Vimeo.

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Big Jess and MaD SoN of the Unknown Prophets are part of the thick web of indie hip-hop woven around the Twin Cities, home of Rhymesayers Entertainment. Out here, if you’re not on Rhymesayers or Doomtree records, you’re on your own — quite literally. But the UPs are like the Switzerland of Minnesota rap — they’re not affiliated and they’re just fine with that, thanks. We sat down with the two MCs who have grown from rappers on the corner to daddies with a mortgage, and here’s what they had to say. Check out the two tracks for free download at the end of this post – “Forever” feat. Swedish MC Promoe is the answer to the UPs first single, “Never” feat. Slug.

Some people say you make rap for grown folks. What say you to that?

MaD SoN: Our music has matured and grown with us throughout the years. Being a great battle MC is not as important as being a great father and husband these days. We have always written music with themes that mattered to us at the time we wrote it. Our fan base has grown with us. We used to see teens to 20-somethings at our shows and now a majority of our fan base is 25 to 35 years old.

Big Jess: I like the fact we’re true to the music we make. We don’t write about a life we don’t live. We don’t party like we used to, so we don’t write about partying like that anymore. Our music tends to be on some “Grown Man sh*t”.

You’re one of the few Minnesota hip-hop groups not on Rhymesayers or Doomtree. Would you call yourselves underdogs?

Mad SoN: Everyone loves an underdog…but it can also get annoying after a while. We are definitely ready to shed that title. I’d rather us be known for making great music album after album. Being able to grow musically but still stay true to our positive message and themes. We are true DIYers. We write, record, mix, promote, and perform our own music. We have fans that stretch from California to Greece, from Canada to Japan and from Germany and Sweden. Not bad for a couple guys from Northeast Minneapolis.

How did you and Jess meet initially?

We met in high school. Jess had been writing/performing rap music since junior high — his dad was a incredible jazz/blues guitarist so he would record using his equiptment. I was a guitar player in a bunch of rock bands. My nick name was “Banger Mike” — ha.  Jess hung out with the basketball players and I hung out with the freaks. Around our junior year, we started hanging out with the same crowd — the neighborhood hoodlums — and my rock taste turned towards hip-hop. Jess asked me to play guitar on one of his songs and that is what sparked my interest in making music with him. I wrote a 16-bar verse one day and used a karaoke machine  to record my verse on Masta Ace’s “Terror” song. I played it for Jess and he was shocked when I told him that  it was me rapping on the song.

So when did the band really start to form?
MaD SoN: Jess had been submitting his songs to rap and R&B station KMOJ’s Rush It or Flush It. He got flushed every time! We ended up writing two songs and submitting them and they were both anonymous “rushes.” Enter the Unknown Prophets. After that, in 2000, we did a song with Slug from Atmosphere called “Never” and the rest is history.

Tell us about the first time you recorded together and how it’s different now. 

MaD SoN: We recorded the Prophecy album back in 1996 in Jess’ grandma’s basement (where he was living at the time). It was recorded on reel to reels and was a long process. We loved to record back then, and still do today. Today though, we have the ability to record on our own time without feeling rushed. We can bounce ideas back and forth with each other now when we want. Jess and I both put in an equal amount of writing the music nowadays whereas in the past Jess handled most of the production. Recording the final project at Jess’  home studio is always interesting. When we both combine our ideas it always turns out amazing in the end.

How do you define your style of production?

Big Jess: That’s a hard one. I listen to a bit of everything and somehow a bit of it gets thrown into the creative pot.

Are you happy with the amount of success the UPs have had?

Big Jess: Yes, I’m happy. Of course you want more, but we’ve done this for 10 years with no budget and no label. We’ve done pretty well.

Download Unknown Prophets – Forever feat Promoe

Download Unknown Prophets – Never feat Slug

On the web:
Unknown Prophets Official
Unknown Prophets MySpace

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Two of the illest dudes i know on the mpc and turntables had a nice little impromptu session last Saturday at the Elbo Room in San Francisco. Teeko of 4onefunk fame and Exile were on some next level business basically defying the laws of what i thought was possible on the mpc and turntables. Check the footage below.

Exile x Teeko Impromptu Jam Session – Elbo Room (SF) from Dirty Science on Vimeo.

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