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Simon Green aka Bonobo returns with one of the key cuts from his forthcoming album, ‘Black Sands’. Drawing as much on the rhythms of two-step as the lush soundscapes for which he’s best known, ‘Eyesdown’ also features a remarkable vocal from Andreya Triana and enough fuzzed-out sub-bass for a binful of dubsteppers. Classic and contemporary, melancholy and exhilarating all at once, ‘Eyesdown’ sounds like the kind of record Massive Attack could be making if they were starting out now.

‘Eyesdown’ featuring Andreya Triana is taken from Bonobo’s fourth album ‘Black Sands’ on Ninja Tune.

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Justin Martin conjures up Afrika Bambaataa and Newcleus on his new EP, Robot Romance on Dirtybird Records. Justin has always been one of my favorite house producers, and on this track, he just reconfirms why I love his work so much. His style really defies any boundaries.

“Get Low” is so sick!

Click Here To Purchase From

Listen: Justin Martin “Get Low”

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Check out the slept on Blu video from his critically acclaimed Her Favorite Color Mixtape. It’s was uploaded back in August but is now only seeing the light of day.

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Nu Soul
: How close to completion is the new album?
SJ: The new album is pretty much finished. It’s in the process of being mixed down as we speak.

Nu Soul: What can your fans expect to hear on the new album?
SJ: Well thats a difficult question for me to answer being that I wrote so many different types of songs. At the time of creating this record, I was going through some very personal and difficult challenges in my life. For a while, I was only able to express my feelings by putting them down in paper and the songs all turned out to have very melancholic theme. It wasn’t until I wrote about an albums worth of those types of tracks that I was actually able to get back to writing what I’m truly my best at….writing self-empowering songs.

Just like on “Rise”, I took that difficult time in my life and turned them into what I would like to believe are self-empowering optimistic songs about looking at the brighter side of things despite love loss, death, and etc. I’m hoping this new batch of songs will help others who are going through a difficult time in their life.

As for all those sad songs, a few of them actually made the album.

Nu Soul: Who did you get a chance to work with on this new record?
SJ: I worked with my producer from my first record, Sebastian Arocha Mortin. I also wrote some songs with other producers on this new record. I also collaborated with JB Eckel on a song called “Tonight”.

Nu Soul: What is the first single going to be?
SJ: The first single is out now and is called, “Waves Of Change”. We have remixes from Kaskade, Andy Caldwell, Cafe Del Mar, Richard Grey, and more.

Nu Soul: What else have you been up to in the time since the release of “Rise”?
SJ: Let’s just say that I’ve been through a lot. I have seen the world in many ways. I’ve experienced everything from death to love and everything in between. I have seen people I love come and go and I have reconnected with people that I thought I would never see again. I have learned a lot since the release of my first record. I am just a wiser stronger version of me. My mind and my eyes are more open then they ever have been before .

Interview by Norman of Nu Soul Magazine. Norman is also a writer for and many more fine publications.

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Yankee Zulu is about to drop a new single on Anabatic featuring remixes from Edu K, and more. Here is the promo music video for the upcoming single which drops March 16th.

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An amazing music video to an amazing song. All except for the Bruce Willis guest appearance.

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Grame Clark (aka The Revenge) is one of the most talked about artist of the moment. Graeme began producing in his early teenage years, making a skewed blend of electronic music using a couple of his dad’s old drum machines and a sampler. Influenced by his parents collection of rock, soul and funk aswell as eighties daytime radio and the burgeoning rave scene, he began the process of dissecting and re-imagining the music.

Productions for his own labels Instruments Of Rapture, Five20East and his DJ edits for L.E.S.S. Productions have had across-the-board support from scene heavyweights including Danny Krivit, Jimpster, Radio Slave, Prins Thomas, Fabrice Lig, Todd Terje, The Unabombers, and more.

Graeme has also provided his engineering experience to several projects over the past few years and has recently mastered Harri & Domenic’s 20 Years Underground / Sub Club mix for Soma aswell as new material for Mark E, Jisco, Under The Shade and Fine Art Recordings. His other collaborative projects currently include Deportivo Street Team, OOFT!, Cronk Family Enterprises, 6th Borough Project and The Hong Kong Micros.

Catch The Revenge at Om Miami 2010.

Listen: The Revenge Delusions of Grandeur Podcast

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Philadelphia based producer RJD2 has recently blessed us with a remix of “Teleport Massive”, a bangin’ Bassnectar track that is guaranteed delight for all RJ fans out there. The track bumps with swirling synths, chopped funky horns, a steady drum groove, and of course, the smooth flow of Zumbi of Zion I. An instrumental version of RJ’s remix of “Teleport Massive” is also on the album and will definitely get your head bobbing to the beat.

The remix and instrumental by RJD2 can be found off Bassnectar’s Cozza Frenzy Remix Pack Volume 1, as well as addition remixes and instrumentals by Bassnectar, DJ Vadim, and more. Highly recommended to any RJD2 fans out there.

Also be sure to check out and support RJ’s new label: RJ’S ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS and his new album: THE COLOSSUS at

Click here to purchase the track from iTunes.

Listen: Bassnectar “Teleport Massive Feat. Zumbi of Zion I (RJD2 Remix)”

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As we continue to follow the new Gorillaz Plastic Beach project, we just got wind of an official album sampler released via youtube. After the vid, you can visit the Guardian UK for a full album stream.

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