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For those of you who haven’t heard, Samantha James has a new album coming out entitled “Subconscious.” But alas, we must wait until June 8th to enjoy this momentous release. Or until iTunes exclusively features it. But until then, here is are some behind-the-scenes photos from her new video EPK.

Check out Samantha’s Facebook Profile to see the rest of the photos. And while your at it, listen to the first single from the album, “Waves of Change.”

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There has been a lot of reinventions going on in the music world. It’s been over a decade since UNKLE has released an album. The group is back with a new member and new sound. James Levelle along with new member Pablo Clements, have just released the new album ‘Where Did The Night Fall’. Gone are the days of the trip-hop sound, sampled beats, DJ Shadow collabos, and breakbeat experiments. This time around, the duo has opted for a more industrial / Brit rock sound full of basslines, guitars, distorted vocals, and more. Featured on vocals are a plethora of musicians from all across Europe including Katrina Ford, Black Angels, Autolux, Elle J, Big In Japan, and more.

The new record draws inspiration from groups like Radiohead, Muse, Broken Social Scene, and even Joy Divison. ‘Where Did The Night Full’ art translates well as an indication to the content of the album. The tracks are moody song songs as opposed to sonic experiments.

Where Did The Night Fall EPK Part Three

UNKLE | MySpace Music Videos

Lavelle and Celements have stepped it up to become more than just producers with this new record. Although some may argue that is a less than mediocre return (did you really expect another “In A State”?), the guys are definitely headed in the right direction.

Click here to purchase from iTunes.

Listen: UNKLE “Natural Selection”

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Get ready for the first Om:Masters Volume.
Remember,available worldwide from May the 18th!
Hope you enjoy this teaser….

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Greenskeepers are back! ‘Live Like You Wanna Live’ is the first single off of their new album also called ‘Live Like You Wanna Live’ out at the end of July going back to the original cast of Greenskeepers but with a surprise addition. This album was written by Curd and Maurer, with Curd producing it from his Chicago studio. He focused on creating upbeat hooks using an array of vintage analog keyboards, fusing together guitars and Maurer’s vocals. With the music laid down, Maurer and Curd began the song writing.

To give the album a twist, Tommie Sunshine was brought into the mix. Tommie took all the separate song parts and put them back together adding live drums, sharp cutting synths to add an overall edge to the album. The result is a new Greenskeepers sound that takes the listener on an audio journey to many different places. With catchy choruses, clever lyrics and non-stop energy, this album inspires you to encapsulate it’s title to “Live Like You Want To Live”.

The single features remixes from Tommie Sunshine, Stereoheroes, James Curd and the infamous Wallpaper. Take a listen to the streams below and don’t forget to visit ITUNES if you like what you hear.

Listen: Greenskeepers – Live Like You Wanna Live (Original)

Listen: Greenskeepers – Live Like You Wanna Live (Tommie Sunshine’s Reverser Remix)

Click here to listen and buy the entire single on Itunes.

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I love that one of my favorite french electronic groups, Poni Hoax is back with a new album. The last album spawned a number of my favorite tracks including, “Antibodies” (watch music video here), “Images of Sigrid”, “The Paper Bride” (watch music video here) and of course the big Italo disco track, “Budapest” (which became a hit with a remix from fellow French producer, Joakim).

The new album entitled ABRACADA drops later this year. The first single, “We Are The Bankers” comes out May 31st and sees the band on the verge of blowing up. “We Are The Bankers” sounds like a mixture of The Presets meets Franz Ferdinand. Not to over the shadow the original, but the remixes are just as good as the original with remixes from Renaissance Man, Mustang, and The Living Islands.

Pick up “We Are the Bankers” when it drops on May 31st.

Listen: Poni Hoax “We Are The Bankers (Renaissance Man Dub Mix)”

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Singer, songwriter, DJ, and now label head honcho, Colette’s newly formed singles label, Candytalk Records has released they’re first single from Los Angeles based deep house producer Joshua Heath. “Call On Me” features remixes from Sexual Chocolate and Chuck Love.

Listen: Joshua Heath Feat. Colette “Call On Me”

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We’ve been in Groove Armada heaven for the past couple of months. I’m stoked that they are dropping one of the most rockin tracks from the album. “Look Me In The Eye Sister” features NYC indie vocalist, Jess Larrabee from She Keeps Bees on vocals reminiscent of Siouxsie And The Banshees. (Click here to check out Saint Savior and the GA guys performing it Live @ Webster Hall.)

On remix duty, UK’s Urchins, Audio Jack, and the mysterious Morten Sorenson.

“Look Me In the Eye Sister” is out today. Click Here To Purchase.

Listen: Groove Armada “Look Me In The Eye Sister (Radio Edit)”

Listen: Groove Armada “Look Me In The Eye Sister (Urchins Remix)”

Listen: Groove Armada “Look Me In The Eye Sister (Audio Jack Remix”

Listen: Groove Armada “Look Me In The Eye Sister (Morten Sorenson Remix)”

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Meet San Francisco’s version of London’s Horse Meat Disco. SF’s Honey Sound System crew is a collective of gay disco heads who throw some pretty eclectic disco / house parties. The collective has just release their first compilation called “Brotherhood” which is a collection of unmixed tracks from the best in underground queer dance music from around the world. The limited CD pressing is limited to 500 copies.

Click Here to Purchase.

1. BearEssence feat. Roberta Kelly- Because of Love
2. MVSCLZ- All Big Men Come Out in the Summertime
3. Robot Hustle- Serengeti Drive
4. Filthy Luka- Missing You
5. Gay Marvine- Lost in Music
6. Discordromo- Ionio
7. Mandy Warhol- Search for the Mountain Top
8. Rodion & Hugo Sanchez- Tape Oxyde
9. Pee Play & Husband- The Duke
10. Jim Hopkins- This is Aciiiiiiiid! (Two-Track Tape)
11. Kendig- SK-1
12. Party Effects- Copacaliasexicalia
13. Matthew Mercer- Wormhole

Listen: Honey Sound System: Brotherhood

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Fenech Soler are back in the UK after a small stint of dates here in the US with Groove Armada and have just dropped a new single called “Stop & Stare”.

The electro pop-rock track features remixes from disco-dance remixer, Mighty Mouse, The Resets, and more. Click here to purchase “Stop & Stare” from iTunes.

Listen: Fenech Soler “Stop & Stare”

Listen: Fenech Soler “Stop & Stare (Mighty Mouse Remix)”

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Yoko Ono recently made somewhat of an underground comeback with her Plastic Ono Band. Ono’s single “Give Me Something” (which reminds me of another person favorite, Mu’s “Paris Hilton”) was remixed by the likes of Junior Boys, Dave Aude, Stonebridge, and one of my favorite deep house producers, Roberto Rodriguez. This isn’t the first time you’ve heard the track. Roberto dropped it in his Om Cast last month. The Junior Boys mix is pretty good, but gotta give it up to Roberto for holding it down for underground music / producers. It’s the sickest remix on a single full of cheese.

Listen: Ono “Give Me Something (Roberto Rodriguez Remix)”

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