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Celebrating the release of Home & Garden’s, “Domesticated”, the Om creative team will be putting together a custom tote bag filled with the essential tools to becoming ‘Domesticated’.

How to Enter:
-Shoot an email to “” letting us know what ‘domesticated’ items we should throw into the tote bag. (i.e. Gardening tools, Garden Gnome, Rolling Pin, Days of the week branded dress socks, picture frames, His & Hers slippers, etc).
-Every week we will post the items in the blog comments.
-The Om team will select 4 of the most creative items that we deem ‘domesticated’ to toss in the tote bag.
-On top of this bag of awesomely domesticated items, you will receive an autographed copy of Home & Garden’s “Domesticated”.

Contest ends November 30th

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Win A Very Limited Edition Mike Monday Blue Man Doll

Calling all you Kid Robot, Ugly Dolls, Toy Collectors out there….In celebration of the release of Mike Monday’s “Songs Without Words – Part 1”, we’re going to be giving away a VERY limited edition (limited to – One) hand stitched versions of Seb Godfrey’s (Drunk Park) Mike Monday Blue Man. The doll stands 13"s tall and comes with an autographed version of “Songs Without Words – Part 1”. This is one of a kind made specifically for this contest.

How To Enter
-Send an email to with the words “Mike Monday” in the subject line.
-Contest ends on November 30th. As soon as the contest ends, one name will be picked at random to win the doll.

More Blue Man
+Watch the Mike Monday blue man in action here in the “Catnip” Music Video here.
+Listen to the Mike Monday blue man do his thing on “Songs Without Words – Part 1” here.
+Find out about the man behind Mike Monday blue man here.

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Om Record’s veteran J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science has done it again with his newest creation, Soul Vibrations, and guess who got an exclusive first listen before it drops on September 23rd? That’s right.. me, Om’s newest intern Dani aka DFISH and let me just say that the reason this album is titled Soul Vibrations is because it genuinely has vibrated my soul. Like a well-balanced breakfast for your ears, Soul Vibrations is a feel good album jam packed with soulful vocals, old school beats and new school flavor. This album has the perfect blend of kick back tracks and hip hop rhymes, sprinkled with some Latin flavor, rhythmic drums, and even some disco dance beats. Track 3, ‘Que Pasa’ is a prime example of the perfect blend that is this album. As soon as the beat drops on this track my hips are already moving to this mezcla of a hip hop and latin beat. This track not only delivers a kick ass beat, but it serves up some bilingual lyric action and a political message. ‘Soul Vibrations’ also features some equally amazing musical creations from artists including Lyrics Born, Zumbi (MC Zion of Zion I), Crown City Rockers, Ohmega Watts, Rich Medina, Capitol A, Tony Moses, The Mamaz, Deuce Eclipse, Rithma, Tim’m West, Jennifer Johns, The Rebirth, Lunar Heights, and more. Take it from the fish, check out J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science Soul Vibrations when it drops on September 23rd, it is sure to become the funky, laid back, hip- hop, soulful, soundtrack for your life.

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Bored? Check Out Rithma TV

What happens when you take a chainsaw, some fire, a mountain of ants, a lake of soda, a tree trunk, a broken television set and a large dose of insomnia and throw them in a martini shaker with some amazing electronic music and a musician with a lot of extra time on his hands, armed with a video camera?? Well, that is pretty much what went down when Om created Rithma TV. Tune in to Rithma TV to escape boring confines of your cubicle and enter a world where the possibilities for new discovery and destruction are pretty much endless, and usually end in some sort of amusing disaster. Take it from Rithma " A lot of weird shizzle goes down here at ‘Rancho Relaxo’ home of Rithma Music and haven to ridiculous people. Don’t Worry. More on the way."

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Black Spade 'Evil Love' Video World Premier

Check out the world premier of Black Spade’s first music video for ‘Evil Love’ from his new album “To Serve with Love.” In this new album Black Spade continues to separate himself from mainstream hip-hop artists with his distinctive sound and themes of love, life, and politics. Through his smooth vocals and poetic rhymes, Black Spade reflects on the emotions that come along with human relationships, and his dedication to serving the music game with love. In his video for ‘Evil Love,’ directed by assistants for Sophia Coppola, Spade paints an artistic picture of the struggles, expectations, betrayals, break-ups and make-ups of life with a mix up of home video clips and old war footage. This video combines tender imagery of a sacred love declining with clips of dropping bombs, fighter planes, and explosions. These contradictory themes not only showcase Black Spade’s unique style, but also illustrate the song’s title ‘Evil Love.’

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If you’re in Chicago tonight, make sure to Om Records’ own Raashan Ahmad performing with Pacific Division and Million $ Mano at Subterranean. I also heard that my man Black Spade might be in the house. You can find advance tickets here.

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Mike Monday Catnip Animations

Mike Monday Catnip Animations

Soooo, I have never hopped on the dropping acid band-wagon, but if I did, I hope this is what it would be like. The trippy, weird, and wonderful sounds on Mike Monday’s album Songs Without Words have met their visual match with the crazy colorful, psychedelic artwork of Seb Godfrey of Drunk Park Design and Illustration. The first two episodes of the three part Catnip series have already dropped, and take our cool little blue friend on a mystical adventure through a technicolor musical play land, where he encounters golden pyramids, purple star-lit skies, rainbow tunnels, a flying key board, and many other crazy sights along the way. Never too far behind him, is a very sneaky kitty, always along for the ride. I can’t figure out if the kitty is mean or nice, his sharp fangs are deceiving, but all in all I can’t wait to find out. Stay tuned for episode 3, because like episodes one and two, it is sure to please your ears, eyes, and imagination!

Episode 1

Episode 2

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Our love affairs or nightmares can be summed up not in one word, but a song. What was the musical backdrop for your first kiss, first breakup and every highlight or low light of life in between?

To celebrate release of Superpyschosexy (August 2008), Om, Underground Hip Hop, and Om Hip Hop’s newest signing, The One wants to know…WHO’S THE ONE?

How To Enter
Break out that journal, transcribe the words from that “drunk dial” last summer, that steamy one night stand, that love that crossed you, or that text book romance. What made it super? Who went psycho? Just how sexy was it? We’ll choose one of your stories and The One will use the details of your love to create a personalized track just for you. This is an open forum, and all love stories will be considered. If you are in love with your cat, tell us.
-Send us your story in 500 words or less
-Or Upload a video response to

All entries must be received by September 31st, so start talking. This is the perfect gift for that loved one, the perfect way to get back at the one who crossed you, or an elevated way to reach out to that missed connection with that one night stand.
Tell us….WHO IS THE ONE?

Check out this example:

Underground Hip Hop’s Video Response

Check out The One’s custom song:

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Its so crazy the ebb and flow of things these days. You’re on the brink of something huge, something profound…then late at night once again dwelling on simple crap…small stuff. Like Beck said in Midnight Vultures, “theres so much to do…before we dieeeeee…”. I guess the purpose of this blog is for the general public to peek into who I really am, cutting out the emotional middleman of BS.

Usually my persona is one of laughter, benders, music, and never ending weekends, and what you see is what you get. When I am out among friends, that’s pretty much where I’m at. But now I’m home. Just me & the oak trees and this big long list of things my assistant is supposed to be doing…. if I had an assistant. Oh come on….who wants to listen to this whining? Instead, im going to do a top 5.

Top 5 most ridiculous things of the week:

I get called by creditors almost every day now. Many days, I get multiple calls. They range from really understanding to obscene threatening. The woman who called on Friday said that if i didnt give her 1500 dollars that very moment, she would be forced to take legal action. I laughed. She said “You can laugh all you want, Mr. Steehaaleeieen, but im not letting you off this phone until you make me a reasonable offer!” I said I’d be glad to pay her 20 dollars a month for the rest of my life. That was when she blew her top and started yelling.

  1. A small branch of the Rithma Road Show played at a friend of a friend’s wedding on the beach in Santa Barbara over the weekend. The deal was- Rithers would DJ, Nica would sing. I thought it would be both fun and educational to be a real wedding DJ…you know – bring a wide variety of music, take requests from the crowd, maybe take it out into bassland here & there, but when i heard back from the bride, “NO” she said. “Im giving you 5 CDs worth of music, and a list. Youre going to play the music off the CDs in the order listed.” The classic Rithma moment was me eating top notch steak & salmon, sitting down, playing songs off of Itunes over the soundsystem that I brought. What makes that even remotely funny, you might ask? This was one of the highest paying gigs I’ve ever had.

On the way home from the wedding, Jadeylove & I stopped in Ventura for some Coffee & smokes. It was late, and upon pulling out of Starbucks (I wouldn’t support evil if they didnt make excellent coffee) I flipped a boo-yah to get back on the main road. Right when I was almost turned around, I was staring at a fairly pretty girl cop, who looked fairly pissed off.
“That wasnt too smart” she said, with a look that could melt steel. And not the cold, butch cop look. It was the look of someone who once loved me to whom I did very wrong. We had a staring contest for what felt like a very long time, a full emotional battle using only our eyes.
“Sorry”. I lowered my eyes and dipped my spoon back into my yogurt, then back into my mouth – kind of like when youre a little kid and you want to look sad.
“I wouldnt eat while youre driving, either” she snapped. “and are you wearing your seatbelt?”
“Lets See It!”
I reached around and pulled the seatbelt from behind my back, a moronic, shamed bastard.
“Thats three tickets…you want any more????!!!!!!”
I dont even know what I mumbled at that point, but she snapped one more look in and gunned her oversized cop car up the street and into my memory. I stuck my fist in the air, pulled it back quickly, and hissed “yesssss!” Actually thats not true. I pretty much was almost crying due to sleep deprivation until my Jadey helped me dust myself off.

I left the Soundwave Festival in a 4 seater cessna plane (okay that was more than a week ago, but who cares about time frames when its
comedy). Ketamine surely removes all fear from any situations, and the pilot was encouraging us to do as many illicit things in the back of his plane as possible, cause he loves the stories. We swapped AA bateries from his GPS to my camera, I forget which one we were trying to make work. I watched the beautiful oceanic world splooge together like liquid puzzle pieces beneath me, then melt into the window like the mirror scene in The Matrix. Then my attention was drawn to Mr. Control Tower squelching through the radio in my headphones. “You better turn around” he said “If you keep flying west over the pacific, youre gonna get chased down by fighter planes”
We didnt have the proper instruments to fly right through the clouds, so the pilot cranked us down and towards the mainland. (Make the airplane sounds with your lips: brrrrr-r-r-r-r) We flew the winged VW Bug 1000’ over the water, through humongous canyons and over logging roads, caught a thermal, which is a rising bubble of hot air, up into the sunshine. When we finally touched down in Victoria, I rode in the bed of the pilots pickup truck back into town, laying low so we didn’t get pulled over. I cant remember how many times i yelled “I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!” that day.

Im going to forefit thing #1 so i can get some sleep. Why do i always end stories saying i want to go to sleep? Someone find me an assistant.

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Om’s boy wonder is back with a new album. For those of you who know Rithma, his unique ability to construct things goes far beyond the recording studio. To celebrate the release of “Sex Sells”, Rithma has constructed limited edition Rithma Box Sets featuring never before released tracks. Each box set is hand crafted and designed.

How To Enter
-Send an email to with the subject line: Reese Ritherspoon.
-Contest begins August 4th and ends September 31st.
-5 Lucky Winners will be picked at random and contacted at the close of the contest.

Good luck!

Rithma “Sex Sells” Out Tuesday August 5th!
Click <a href= target="_blank">Here To Listen To The Release.

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