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Om Records at the California Academy of Sciences

On February 12th, 2009 Om Records has been invited to kick off the California Academy of Sciences’ Nightlife Series with DJ Fluid and J-Boogie. If you have yet been to the academy to peep the Albino crocodile, huge coral reef tanks, penguins, the rain forest exhibit & the living roof, your definitely missing out on one of the most amazing additions to the SF Bay area in years.

“Music, cocktails, seahorses, space travel, and a general broadening of the mind.”

Calendar listings – February 12th – 6pm to 10pm

NightLife Opening with Om Records
Conversation with Keith Thomson

Every Thursday night, the Academy opens its doors from 6-10 pm for NightLife, a chance for adults to explore the museum in a whole new light. Come to NightLife’s premier on Thursday, February 12th in celebration of Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday. DJ Fluid and J-Boogie from Om records are on the turntables, snakes are circulating for you to meet, and get an adult spin on evolution at Darwin’s Carnival. Those in search of the truly cerebral can take in an informal talk on Charles Darwin from renowned natural history professor Keith Thomson.

Keith Thompson Conversation is at 7:00 pm. Seating is limited and on a first-come, first-served basis.

Important Links:

NightLife Facebook Page NightLife My Space Page To Buy Tickets Online.
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Raashan Ahmad 'Give Thanks' Video Premier

In support of Black History month; Raashan Ahmad, OM Records and Beyond Cinema proudly present the Give Thanks video from Raa’s solo record The Push. Directed by Byron Chan of Beyond Cinema, this video pays homage to those who had a positive impact on your life. It’s time to give back and say thank you!! We should be grateful for what we have. This song is very inspirational to me and both Raashan Ahmad and D-sharp on the beat killed it.

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Mushroom Jazz Clothing Line Launched

Om Records is proud to present the launch of the Mushroom Jazz line. The line features unique pieces that reflect various aspects of what we all love about the Mushroom Jazz series. From hip hop heads, to electronic junkies, to record collectors, and jazz enthusiast, this line has something for everyone. Each article of garment comes with a download card allowing recipients the chance to download exclusive tracks pre-selected for your audible enjoyment. Here is your chance to get them before anyone else does exclusively on

You can pick up the line exclusively at the following boutiques.
1805-C Clement Ave
Alameda, CA 94501

Fabric 8

3318 22nd St.
San Francisco, CA 94110

1415 Haight St.
San Francisco, CA 94177

Feel It
909 E Street
San Diego, CA 92101

104 SW 2nd Ave.
Portland, OR 97204

234 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA 02115

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Jonathan 'King of Hip-Hop' Top 10  of '08

The man is busy, always something going on… but he took his time to show us his top favorites of ’08. Check it -

1) Black Spade – To Serve With Love


2) Johnson & Johnson – Johnson & Johnson


3) Roger Waters Live at Coachella

You Tube

4) Tv on the Radio – Dear Science,


5) Kanye West – 808’s & Heartbreak


6) Q-tip – Renaissance


7) Exile – Radio (Promo)


8) Raashan Ahmad – Peace Video

You Tube

9) Skillz – 2008 Rap Up


10) Kid Cudi – Day N Night

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Mushroom Jazz Series

Hey you hardcore Mushroom Jazz heads! We have something cool to offer you. Limited Mushroom Jazz series sets. Featuring the entire series Vol. 1 – 6 on CD + the rare and hard to find promo of Blue Boy “Remember Me” CD Single, a Mushroom Jazz Vol. 6 Sticker, and an autographed poster. All of this comes in a limited Mushroom Jazz tote bag, perfect for the trips to the record store, liquor store, or your local herbal pharmaceutical.

Mushroom Jazz has been a series that has forever changed the lives of many individuals. Before there was downtempo, there was Mushroom Jazz. If you are a fan and have the entire series already, here is your chance “to take a hit and pass it on along” to a friend. This is the perfect introduction to the downtempo electronic genre’s oldest mix series.

-Mushroom Jazz Vol. 1 CD
-Mushroom Jazz Vol. 2 CD
-Mushroom Jazz Vol. 3 CD
-Mushroom Jazz Vol. 4 CD
-Mushroom Jazz Vol. 5 CD
-Autographed Mushroom Jazz Vol. 6 CD
-Mushroom Jazz Vol. 6 Sticker
-Mushroom Jazz Poster
-14"x 14" Mushroom Jazz Tote Bag.

Limited to Only 40 Units
Click Here To Check It Out.

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'Worthy' promo mix for your listening pleasure.

There’s nothing like a new mix to brighten your long workday. That’s why when this promo mix from San Francisco’s own — Worthy, came across my desk I had to post it for you all.
The mix, “Station Grape” skates the line between techno, tech-house, and minimal and features his upcoming new music on including his December Anabatic release Madcap.
Worthy is no stranger to the music game, after moving to San Francisco in 2001 he set up his studio and began producing and Djing around the city. Teaming up with Dirtybird, and eventually launching his own label Anabatic Records Worthy has taken his musical musings to whole new level. His remix work has shown up on Curfew, Utensil, and Tentigo Records, as well as DJ charts across the world.

Listen to the mix!

Check out his underground hit ‘Work the Walls’ on Anabatic Records, and view the accompanying video

Now sit back, and enjoy the funk!

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'Catnip' Polarizes America

It was a big week for Mike Monday’s ‘Catnip’ video. A couple weeks ago iTunes featured it as their video of the week. Some loved it, some hated it…. Mike had a few words to say about it himself, and I couldn’t agree more.

Take a read….

The hubris of my last post is worthy of a Greek tragedy. After reading the frankly hilarious Catnip video reviews on iTunes US, I have started to wonder whether I really meant what I said. How could anyone get so angry about something as harmless and fun as Catnip? I can’t help but think that the more vitriolic reviews say more about the reviewer than the video itself…….

There’s more – see the rest here.

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Free Mix Download

Need some exercise to work off that Turkey vacation. Nothing better than a free mix from our friend Lance DeSardi. Recorded live on the Om Records and The Mobile Master List Float at LoveFest 2008, Lance DeSardi keeps the party cracking. Don’t be shy and click the banner to down the free mix.

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Zion I | New Mixtape Download

Gearing up for their 2009 release of The Takeover, Zion I are prepping the fans with ‘The Search and Seizure Mixtape’ release featuring new tracks and remixes including Iriscience, Del, Santogold, Kflay, The Grouch & Talib Kweli available digitally and on physical tapes. That’s right, break out your old boom box stereos, because these limited edition tapes are hard to find. You might find one inside an Alameda Parking Ticket slip outside of your car at Laney College or on ebay getting yourself into a bidding war, however, Om has a nice hand full of these special tapes and will send them out to the first four people that email (include mailing address) with Search & Seizure Mixtape in the subject line. If you are one of the lucky winners, you will receive a confirmation email.

Click the banner to download.

Check out Zion I’s brand new video of Juicy Juice here.

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Amazing Obama Photo Documentary

It is truly an exciting time to be alive. Two days ago, the world changed for the better in so many ways as Barack Obama accepted the responsibility and the role of the President Elect of the United States of America. While for many it seems that Obama was created to take on this role, there were many, many months of hard work and preparation in order for this amazing historical event to take place. For 22 months, Obama took his message of Hope and Change across the country, and Scout Tufankjian, a photo journalist from Brooklyn New York was along for this remarkable journey documenting each state, city, town, and individual that the Obama campaign touched. This incredible work can be seen on Scout’s website and will soon be gracing bookshelves all across the world with Yes We Can the book. Through her intimate and thoughtful photographs, Scout illustrates how the Barack Obama campaign for President has brought new life and meaning to the concepts of change, hope, unity, and equality. Historic and transformative times such as today are few and far between, and the photographs taken by Scout Tufankjian help us to understand the meaningfulness of this time and to hold onto it forever. So, take a look and enjoy.


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