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Two decades ago, Chicago-native Mark Farina began experimenting at his DJ gigs, dropping slower, deeper tracks along the lines of disco classics, acid-jazz, hip hop, and downtempo. In Chicago, which is primarily known as a house music town, his selections were deemed more appropriate for home listening than for the dance-floor. Despite this, Farina continued to develop his sound, which soon after became coined as Mushroom Jazz. A few mixtapes followed, but his experiment-turned-endeavor finally got off the ground in his new home, San Francisco.

Farina juggled between his two residencies of Chicago and San Francisco until he made a permanent move to SF in 1994. He saw opportunities in the city with its vibrant music scene, which featured a slew of promoters catering to fans across a broad spectrum of music styles including hip hop, jazz, house, and reggae to Wicked-style breaks and techno. A couple years before he made his move, he teamed up with Patty Ryan-Smith to throw his own Mushroom Jazz club night.

The Monday night party became an integral part of the SF scene, gathering an eager following for five years. Farina continued the legacy of Mushroom Jazz when he hooked up with Om Records to release his Mushroom Jazz compilation series.

The Mushroom Jazz compilation grew stronger with each volume, with Mushroom Jazz 4 breaking onto the Billboard Electronic chart at #20 in 2002, with Mushroom Jazz 5 appearing moving the needle up to the #12 spot on the same chart in 2005. The momentum continued accumulated with Mushroom Jazz 6 coming in at #1 on iTunes Electronic chart, and to date, cumulative sales of the Mushroom Jazz series have reached over a quarter of a million copies!

The rest, my friends, is history!

“For many downtempo fans, Mushroom Jazz is where it all began.” –BPM

“The most influential American contribution to the laid back beats scene.” –URB

“Mark Farina is an expert in creating seamless downtempo mood pieces.” –FILTER

“Mushroom Jazz sets the benchmark for quality in the field of jazzy soul and hip hop.” –DJ Mag

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Greenskeepers’s member James Curd has had a great year. With singles signed to DFA, Om’s Child’s Play label, track of the day on KCRW and more, this GK member shares with us a unique Top 10 list of 2009.

Top 10 Memorable Moments of 2009

1. The phenomenal places I get to dj at, ranging from playing in Columbia and being driven around in a bullet proof car to playing a private party in Ecuador, and staying in a luxurious compound on the side of a mountain with a private zoo!

2. Being harassed by the kids across the street, with egging twice a night for three weeks straight. It all ended when I challenged them on the basketball court, won and got my street cred back!

3. Since owning an IRobot, I have not had to pick up a vacuum in all of 2009 and this will continue in 2010.

4. Go Blackhawks! Finally discovered a Chicago sports team I can support and be proud of.

5. Expanded my repertoire of dancing beyond the box step this year.

6. Had the gas cut off while on tour, but discovered that Home Depot sells the long metal key to turn it back on. Eat that People’s Gas!

7. Learned to love and appreciate my Xbox more after it got the Red Ring of death. It was then sent in and resuscitated back to life. Xbox I will always remember to turn you off at nights.

8. Had my fridge, freezer and kitchen cupboards cleaned out to discover things that expired in 2005! I thought frozen and canned products were good forever. Apparently not.

9. Continued to be surprised by the diverse places people tell me they hear my music. From the free for all jam session at Parklife Festival during Aeroplane’s set with Busy P, A-Trak, Erol Alkan on instruments, to having a song I made over five years ago being relicensed to CSI Miami!

10. Starting to slowly tick off the items on the To Do List, before I move from this place I’ve always called home.

2010 will see the release of the new Greenskeepers album on Child’s Play Records.

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I know I risk offending a handful of you, but I just can’t resist. Progressive trance god (?), Paul Oakenfold, has produced Madonna’s new track. So what? They’ve just released this music video teaser and it’s hilarious. Oakenfold makes a cameo with a dance move that can only be described as a set up to a “fist pump”.

What’s the heck is up with him? Too much trance in the Ed Hardy pants!

Click Here To Watch it On

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Erykah Badu gives advice to young woman who want to make it in the industry.

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