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Our good buddy, Olivier Desmet and his Amenti Label are doing something great. The Nebu Soku’s “Destination: Tokyo” is available now on Beatport. Amenti will donate 100% of proceeds to the Red Cross to support relief efforts for those affected by the earthquake in Japan.

Click Here To Purchase From Beatport.

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Our world lives in constant war. All these micro-wars, powered and supported by big governments around the world, might not be as publicized as the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, however they’re a constant source of suffering for millions of people. Next tuesday, September the 21st, we celebrate World Peace Day and from here at the Om Records offices, we challenge you to do something about it….Show to the rest of the world your nonconformity with all that Bureaucratic bullshit by spreading the word….

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Ministry of Sound is asking fans to sign a petition to help keep the doors open on the Ministry of Sound Club in the UK. The future of the Ministry of Sound club has been put in doubt following a planning application by property developer Oakmayne. The company has submitted plans for a residential building on the site of the old Eileen House, which, if built, would sit opposite the Ministry of Sound building and could pose a significant threat to the club’s entertainment license. Oakmayne’s attitude towards preserving the longevity of the club is perhaps best summed up by a comment from its chairman, Christopher Allen, who when questioned gave his opinion that “nightclubs come and go”.

Click here to sign the petition to help save the venue.

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Greetings thirsty ones,

The time has come to bottle up the GPA Check out the shenanigans below…

First, I removed the labels from the bottles, rinsed and sanitized them in the oven. Look how happy I am after getting it done.

I made a simple syrup out hot water and dextrose and added it to the car boy to get the yeast all pumped up.

I stirred it in gently.

Next, I used a siphon pump to transfer the beer out of the carboy and into the bottles.

Once all the bottles have been filled, natural CO2 from the beer pushes the little amount of oxygen out of the bottles and it’s time to cap!

And voila, delicious bottled GPA! The beer will sit in the bottles for 2 weeks building up natural carbonation and then will be ready to DRINK!!!

Posted by: Gunnar Hissam on February 4, 2010 @ 11:55 AM
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Hi Everyone,

It’s been a tad over 2 weeks and the delicious GPA (Gunnther’s Pale Ale) has been chillin’ in the secondary fermenter AKA The Glass Carboy! The term carboy comes from the Persian word qarabah or qarrabah, meaning “large flagon.” It is thought that carboys originate from the Near East, where drug sellers used large glass vessels, filled with coloured liquids, especially rosewater and wine, in their stalls. While I type this, I am in the process of preparing the bottles (thank you Peter, Dimas, Megan and Heinold’s for your generous contributions). My lovely brewing assistant and myself will be bottling the GPA tonight, so if all goes well, we should be tasting this nectar of the grains on Valentines Day weekend. Keep you posted. If you live in SF and are interested in trying a brew and some new hand selected Om beats, leave a comment.…

Behold the Carboy, and the GPA begins to flow from the Deluxe Fermenter!

That’s right!

Soaking the tube in hot water softened it up so I could get it on. Nice trick, thank you Griz!

The ale flows well!

Secondary Fermentation from Gunnar Hissam on Vimeo.

Five gallons worth and we’re ready to put the rubber stopper and air lock in!


Brewed with love! Hug it out.

Posted by: Gunnar Hissam on January 29, 2010 @ 12:17 PM
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Hi Everyone,

Happy NEW beer! To celebrate, I am documenting my first beer brewing experience. In a little over a month’s time, the delicious GPA (Gunnther’s Pale Ale) will be ready to taste! Thought you’d enjoy a peek into the process below…

The glorious grain BAG! Full of delicious ground up barley (that smelled like grape nuts)

The 5 gallon pot, purchased on Clement Street for $40 (a startling value).

After bringing 3 gallons o’ SF tap water to almost boil, in goes the BAG, with a heavy towel to retain warmth.

Out comes the BAG after 45 minutes of steeping to make the “WORT” – AKA Beer before fermentation AKA grain tea.

Next, 6 lbs of sweet and sticky malt extract is added to the WORT and the heat is turned up to HIGH!

…also added at this time, the UK Challenger. This is essentially hops, picked fresh, mashed up and frozen w/ liquid nitrogen (to retain freshness) into pellets. They look like rabbit food.

After 30 minutes of a firm steady rolling boil, ½ oz of the 2nd hop pellets are added along w/ something I like to call an Aflac clarifying tablet and then after another 20 minutes, the rest o’ the hops are added.

Now, 60 minutes in, the WORT has bubbled into a very FUNKY smelling hoppy soup.

Time to cool the WORT down, dipped into a cool refreshing ice bath of U LINE gel packs in the sink for 45 minutes.

Ahhh…check out Billy Dee in the background. Behold the Deluxe Fermenter (sanitized and dry).

After filling the Deluxe Fermenter with 2 1/2 gallons of cool water, 1/3 of the WORT is added and then my lovely Brewing Assistant Riya ceremoniously PITCHES the yeast!

This is then followed by a vigorous pour of the remaining 2/3 of WORT to activate the yeast w/o stirring.

The lid of the Deluxe Fermenter is snapped on, and the Italian made air lock is inserted.

Ahhh…5-6 days of primary fermentation and then out of the Deluxe Fermenter and into the secondary fermenter AKA the glass CARBOY! To be continued….

Check out this added bonus video of the air lock doing its thing:

GPA Primary Fermintation – Air Lock Bubbling from Gunnar Hissam on Vimeo.

Music listened to while brewing: Jao Gilberto ‘Amoroso / Brasil,’ Kenny Burrell ‘Blue Lights’ and Concord Picante 25th Anniversary.

Posted by: Gunnar Hissam on January 12, 2010 @ 2:01 PM
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Indianapolis, IN radio personality Rudy Kizer has been quietly collecting music memorabilia, but he’s not keeping the autographed records and guitars for his private collection.

Kizer, host of WRZX’s “Hit the Decks” electronic dance program, will auction off the items he’s collected over the past year to benefit Give Kids the World Village, a nonprofit organization that helps children who have life-threatening illnesses, and their families, visit theme parks in Central Florida — cost-free.

In 2001, Kizer went on a Give Kids the World trip with his daughter, Karlie Biesecker, who was born with hydrocephalus and severe cerebral palsy. She was blind and had the cognitive capacity of a 6-month-old. His family stayed in a duplex built by the group.

“It’s just a really amazing community,” Kizer said. “When you go down there to do one of these wish trips, you develop a rapport with the folks that are there. It’s a really cool thing for these folks who are dealing with a sometimes really horrendous time.”

Biesecker died at age 17 in 2007, of complications due to her health problems. After his daughter’s trip, Kizer decided to “pay it forward” by helping the organization.

These days, when he encounters artists through his radio show,, he gets whatever memorabilia they can offer. For the past two years, he’s auctioned the items off to benefit Give Kids the World.

“You chip away a little bit at a time,” he said. “I decided to do this around Christmas this year, so if people wanted to do something special as a gift, you might be able to get something fairly unique and do something for a great cause in the process.”

For OM music fans, there’s a copy of the OM: 15 Year Anniversary compilation packaged with a matching poster signed by OM recording artist Mark Farina. This item can be located on eBay here.

Other auctions include signed albums from Bronx DJ Afrika Bambaataa and British DJ Carl Cox, a poster signed by DJ Paul Van Dyk and a guitar signed by the band Hinder.

The auction has no reserves and will run until Dec. 20. It is organized through Mission Fish, which donates proceeds directly to the beneficiary. To find the auction, search for “Hit the Decks” on eBay.

Click here for more info.

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MUD, cosmetics has partnered up with one of our favorite non-profits to create a palette / benefit line. The money raised from the line goes to NextAid. Female electronic / dance artist, DJ Rap, along with Om’s Colette & Samantha James star in the campaigns.

From MUD
At MUD, we believe that everyone deserves a beautiful future. Whether we are collecting gifts for homeless women and children or adopting a family through the Salvation Army, MUD Cares about making a personal difference in the everyday lives of people in need. This is why we are proud to collaborate with organizations like NextAid to create our special, limited edition MUD Cares Palette of Eye Colors. These palettes make a great holiday gift – and are helping to benefit orphaned children in Africa who have lost their parents due to the AIDS epidemic.

This holiday season, you can help make a difference too – by purchasing a MUD Cares Palette of Eye Colors. These rich, earthy Eye Colors were hand-selected by members of NextAid to bring out the natural beauty of every skin tone. What’s beautiful about them? When you purchase one of these palettes, 100% of the proceeds go toward building a safe and sustainable home for a group of children. With only a few palettes left, we have almost met our goal. Please help us make a tangible difference in the lives of children in need. And remember – looking good never felt so great.

To purchase a MUD Cares Palette of Eye Colors or find out how you can help, visit: or

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Today is my birthday, and to celebrate the UN has published the official Copehagen guest list. It runs to 3 volumes, and includes some suitably rock and roll entries. First prize goes to “The Compensators”. Whether or not they have a Motown history remains unclear, but it’s something of a supergroup either way. George Clooney’s in it, alongside Tommy lee jones. Sir David Attenborough is a ‘compensator’ too, presumably as MC, and so is the Bishop of London, maybe heading up the choir. To seal a record deal, they’ve also signed up Richard Benson, ‘founder of virgin unite’. Questions as to whether that’s a fairly transparent cover for Branson remain unanswered.

Another day, another EU proposal, this time a 50% cut in the rate of deforestation by 2020 and a complete halt by 2030. But Brazil said it did not want a specific target or timetable, which is a blow given that it has the biggest swath of trees in the world. The Brazilians are probably not too happy with Google either. They stepped in with a new technology that enables online, global-scale observation of changes in the earth’s forests.

Meanwhile, more than half the world’s countries pledged to only sign a deal that attempts to hold temperature increases to no more than 1.5 degrees. The current target is 2 degrees. They have day to day evidence on their side.

“We have two research stations, one in the pacific and one in the Caribbean. They both suggest a rise of 2 degrees is completely untenable for us,” said Dessima Williams, a diplomat speaking for island states. “Our islands are disappearing, our coral reefs are bleaching, and we are losing our fish supplies”. Tears were shed by delegates from sub-saharan Africa as they described the impact of climate change on their people.

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Yesterday, the Times published an extract from a booklet I’d put together – a Condensed Version of Climate Change aimed at people like me who read the articles but felt a long way from the facts.

Following its publication, I temporarily deflected some of the venom that usually gets fired at the regular eco pundits.

The messages I received were split roughly into 3 categories.

1. You’re rubbish, you’re a musician so you don’t count, your songs are rubbish even though I haven’t even heard of you but if I had heard of you I’m sure they would be rubbish, you’re a hypocrite because you go on tour whilst telling us all this, you’re a second rate singer that doesn’t deserve a comment, but here’s a comment….etc etc

2. You’re a gullible idiot like everyone else, close minded and believing the lies you’re being fed. It’s all a natural cycle/sunspots/1500 year cycles or it’s not warming up at all.

3. You’ve haven’t thought of this, that and the other.

Category 1
You’re rubbish etc. Not much to say here, apart from the hypocrite angle. Touring is a tricky one, especially in a world where music is free and gigs are the only way to make a living. However, most people commenting seemed to think that we travel like U2, with a cast of thousands and stage sets the size of small cities. It’s not quite like that, with 15 of us sharing a bus, pulling a trailer full of gear, and an ‘entourage’ (a word that came up a lot) consisting of the bus driver. So if you’re going to exclude musicians who do that from having an opinion on climate change, then you need to exclude the hundreds of thousands of business men who fly as much as we do, and probably also regular burger eaters, given the contribution to global warming from beef cattle. I suggested we let everyone discuss it now, work out a solution, then standby that solution, even if it requires lifestyle changes from local food and holidays, to virtual-only touring. Not everyone agreed.

Category 2…

Continuing Reading Andy Cato’s Blog Entry Here

For More On Andy Cato and Groove Armada Visit GA’s Artist Page Here

Posted by: Andy Cato (Groove Armada) on December 14, 2009 @ 9:37 PM
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