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Our friends over at RCRD LBL recently posted a new track from one half Greenskeepers member, James Curd. The track fuses his Chicago boogie roots while infusing an obvious New York disco sound. Its definitely a party starter. Check it out below.

Posted by: James Stair on November 8, 2010 @ 1:36 PM
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So late last week, we along with XLR8R posted a low bit rate version of the remix Christian Martin of Underworld’s single “Always Loved a Film”. We wanted to whet your appetite with a version at 128 bitrate. But all you fidelity freaks and music connoisseurs rest assured, we have the remix now available to you for FREE at 320!! All you have to do is “Like” the Om Records Facebook page and you will get the track directly downloaded to your desktop. Just take a look below!! It is so simple.

Posted by: James Stair on November 4, 2010 @ 10:24 AM
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To celebrate the upcoming Underworld shows we thought we’d make three tracks available for free download to anyone and everyone who attends any of the upcoming Underworld gigs*

The EP contains 3 video tracks and 4 high resolution photographs from the iTunes Festival, London (July 2010)

1. Always Loved A Film
2. Scribble
3. Born Slippy Nuxx

Anyone who attends or attended any of the following shows will be or will have been given a download card on leaving the venue:

930 Club, Washington (25th October 2010)
Roseland Ballroom, New York (27th October 2010)
4th & B, San Diego (30th October 2010)
Muffanhalle, Munich (10th November 2010)
FZW, Dortmund (11th November 2010)
Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam (18th November 2010)
Brixton Academy, London (20th November 2010)
Manchester Academy, Manchester (25th November 2010)
Barrowlands, Glasgow (26th November 2010)
RDS Simmonscourt, Dublin (27th November 2010)

To access your free content click here and enter your download information to obtain your new Underworld tracks!

Posted by: James Stair on October 25, 2010 @ 4:13 PM
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I’ll be taking a bite out of The Big Apple this weekend, playing at one of my favorite parties, Turntables on the Hudson. If you’re in NYC, you need to hear Nickodemusand myself rocking on the Funktion 1 sound system at Cielo the hottest club in the Meat Packing District. I’ll also be hitting Brooklyn at the Trophy Bar with my homie from Wax Poetics magazine,DJ Amir. For a taste of what I’m rocking this summer, download my latest set from the
J-Boogie’s Do-Over set. Another hot day in LA alongside DJ sets from Quantic, DJ Eleven, DJ Anonymous and Jamie from Stones Throw.

Download J-Boogie’s Do-Over set

Fri, Oct 1
Turntables on the Hudson
Cielo | NY, NY
Nickodemus & J-Boogie spin uplifting
sounds under the sun @ Cielo!

Sat, Oct 2
J-Boogie & Amir
Trophy Bar | BROOKLYN, NY
J-boogie joins DJ Amir of Wax Poetics
In his hometown for some BK vibes.

Posted by: J Boogie on September 29, 2010 @ 1:49 PM
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Calling DJs / remixers….Phoenix is celebrating their massive recent success of the album, Wolfgang Amadeus, and a sold out show at Hollywood Bowl by giving fans all the multi-tracks to their recent hit album. They’re basically inviting all you DJs and remixers to have free reign and make your own remixes. Not a bad gift at all from one of the biggest bands of the past two years!

Download it here.

Posted by: on September 21, 2010 @ 8:48 PM
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Underworld’s ‘Barking’ is coming in less than five days! Child Play’s Amp Live just layed out a sick bassy remix of the new single “Always Loved A Film”.

Check out the great review from

“Is that name a taunt? I wonder how many blog write-ups this track and its numerous remix versions have had that haven’t made reference to that decade-defining Danny Boyle film (no, not The Beach). This latest refix, courtesy of AmpLive, has a pretty cinematic scope itself; its narrative arc beginning with anticipatory synths and the sort of slippery vocal gabbling Karl Hyde made his name with, before the electro-throbbing thing peters out into tender piano chimes. Are we supposed to take these as denoting a victory of some kind? I dunno, suh, for now this is just the trailer for a full, new Underworld album called Barking, out September 14 through Om”.

Pre-order Underworld “Barking” at iTunes.

Listen to Amp Live “Murder at the Discotech” now.

Listen: Underworld “ALAF (Amp Live Remix)”

Posted by: on September 9, 2010 @ 10:07 AM
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As you may have read in a previous blog posting, Groove Armada recently released ‘History’, their new single from the acclaimed album ‘Black Light’. The single features remixes from Tom Budden, Grum and Still Going.

Our nice friends over at RCRD LBL were feeling the Still Going remix so much, they were kind enough to post it on their site a few days ago. Click here to check out the feature and download the track for your listening pleasure.

Thanks for the support guys!

Click here to buy ‘History’ on iTunes NOW!

Posted by: James Stair on September 8, 2010 @ 12:50 PM
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Part of a collaboration with the Smoke N’Mirrors label, Om is happy to present Hot Toddy’s ‘Late Night Boogie’. Hot Toddy is the highly original solo moniker for, Chris Todd, founding member and 50% of the hot UK group, Crazy P. Chris Todd has been writing music under the name of Hot Toddy since around 1998. His first releases were on the Nottingham based label Neon Heights and were part of a series of EPs called “Bright Lights” which featured local Nottingham artists. He then went on to release an album on the Manchester based label, Paper Recordings, called “Super Magic”, in 2001.

In preperation of the release of Late Night Boogie exclusively on Juno Download on September 7th, we give you an edit of Freakend by The Hue (JT Donaldson & Tim K). Download and Stream below.

Listen & Download: Hot Toddy “Freakend (The Hue Edit)” (Right Click To Save)

Posted by: Jonthecorner on August 31, 2010 @ 10:39 AM
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If you don’t like babies then I’m sorry.

But ever since I heard the most amazing noises I’ve heard in my life – those incredible utterances that emanate from my first child Harry, I had to record them and use them in a piece of music.

It was Mrs. Monday who recorded most of them with her iPhone and it was a challenge to trawl through the hours and hours of coos, gurgles and shreaks without dying of an overload of cute.

The other difficulty with sampling baby noises is to avoid sounding mawkish, and I hope that by using the big fat funk groove and keeping it short and sweet I largely avoided this.

I suppose this tune is a little self-indulgent, and it might only work for me and Mrs Monday, but one of the points of this project is to do what I feel like, and I just had to give it a go.

But whatever you think about the finished piece I’m sure you’ll agree that my son Harry has a great future ahead of him – the quality of his vocal is simply stunning and you’ll have to take my word for it that he’s definitely got the moves. Watch out Justin Timberlake.

Listen to and download “Tiny Talk” for free here.

Posted by: Mike Monday on August 31, 2010 @ 7:06 AM
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What makes a piece of music good?

Is it its ability to touch many people? Or that it stirs strong emotions? That its technically clever? Simple? Does it fulfill a function well (such as making you dance)? Is it original? Shocking? Fashionable? Timeless? Maybe it perfectly sums up the Zeitgeist?

All are valid reasons to decide that a piece of music is good, and depending on who you are, your judgement of its quality will depend on which combination of these are most important when you listen to it. Why we think of a piece of music as good is complicated, and crucially not the same as liking it. I don’t like much music that I know is objectively “good”.

The reason I’m talking like this is that I’ve been asking myself this question constantly this week. I wanted to do something more carefree than the last couple of tunes, and had this piano idea saved in my sketchbook since late 2008 which I thought would make a good starting point.

I spent four days adding to it, changing it, trying to make it more clever, powerful or original. But every time I altered it, the next morning I realised that my initial idea (that if my memory serves me took me about an hour to put down) was better – or closer to “good”.

You see, there’s a few criteria that have become important to me as a producer. Originality, emotion, and how technically complex or clever (while still sounding effortless and simple) the piece is make me think what I’m doing is objectively “good”.

But Old Joanna doesn’t tick any of these boxes. Its simple almost to the point of being naive and certainly couldn’t be described as cutting edge or original. But ironically that’s what I found appealing about it and throughout this week I confronted this disconnect between what my mind and my ears were telling me.

So – is it any good? I have no idea. But I like it.

Posted by: Mike Monday on August 26, 2010 @ 10:12 PM
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