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Bonobo’s “Days To Come” had to be one of the most played records ever. From hotel lobbies to my very own living room, there was no escaping that album. Not a bad thing!

After a string of sold out live shows and DJ gigs all around the world, Ninja Tune’s rising star is about to drop a new album in 2010. The first single is officially out now and features vocalist Andreya Triana. She’s worked with everyone from Mr. Scruff to Flying Lotus. Just like the fog to SF’s Sunset district, “The Keeper” is beautiful, haunting, and resonates. What else would you expect from Bonobo?

Purchase Bonobo “The Keeper” on iTunes Today

Watch The Music Video Here

Listen To Bonobo Feat. Andreya Triana “The Keeper (Live)” Free Download Via Ninjatune Here

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Nicolay, the prolific Dutch producer behind hip-hop collaborations with Little Brother’s Phonte and Om’s own Black Spade, explores his electronic side on his newest release City Lights Vol 2: Shibuya. This predominantly instrumental affair flirts with downtempo, broken beat, trip-hop and nu-jazz all while reflecting the beauty of Tokyo’s Shibuya District.

Om has an exclusive download of one of the album’s vocal tracks. Check out the sexy house rhythms of “Saturday Night” (radio edit) featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Carlitta Durand. For the full 7-minute dance floor blow-out, grab the full release.

Click Here to Buy Nicolay “City Lights Vol. 2”

Download Nicolay “Saturday Night Feat. Carlitta Durand” Right Click To Save

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We’re bringing it back! In celebration of Halloween and Michael Jackson.

Check it out! Our homeys from up in Portland return for the second time this week w/ another dope FREE remix. This time, they’re bringing ‘Thriller’ out of the crypt and onto the dance floor with a funky house remix. It’s subtle, they focused on the bass line (the funky one you know and love). Touch the banner above to download the FREE spooktacular remix and get down w/ the groovy goolies Om style.

Click here to download.

Michael Jackson “Thriller (Cates&dpL Bootleg Remix)”

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2009 has been quite a year for Alice Russell. Local and fellow SF label, Six Degrees Records released “Pot of Gold” – produced by TM Juke now followed by this two volume album of 32 remixed tracks.

Like previous remix projects, Alice’s funky, soulful original album has been given the world class remix treatment from an all-star cast of producers including Mr. Scruff, DJ Vadim, Om’s very own J-Boogie, Shawn Lee, Ohmega Watts, DJ Day, and many more!

Alice Russell – Let Us Be Loving – Dir Steve Glashier 2009 from Steve Glashier on Vimeo.

Alice has developed a burgeoning career as one of the hottest UK soul singers with growing audiences around the world. While comparisons have been made to other popular British vocalists like Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse, Duffy and Adele, one listen and look at Alice and you can immediately tell she’s in a class all by herself. She has performed alongside well respected company that includes Roy Ayres, The Roots, Lonnie Liston Smith, De La Soul, Quantic, and The Quantic Soul Orchestra to name a few. In addition to this prolific musical output, Alice’s live performances continue to flourish with her ability to captivate an audience and to hold their attention throughout, expertly tugging at the heartstrings.

I’ve been following Alice Russell for years and fondly remember her first trip to the states as a Tru Thoughts artist playing at a tiny venue here in SF. She has since moved on to a new label and larger venues.

If you aren’t a fan already, get ready to purchase the entire Alice Russell catalog.

Listen/Buy Pot of Gold Remixes from iTunes Here
Listen/Buy Pot of Gold Remixes from Here
Listen / Buy Pot of Gold Remixes From Six Degrees Records Here

Listen To Alice Russell “Living Life Like A Dreamer (Mr. Scruff Remix)” (Free Download via Six Degrees)

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While we all wish we lived in the city that never sleeps, now you can grab a piece of last week’s CMJ festival in the form of an hour-long Podcast featuring the likes of: Bilal w/ 6 piece band, Exile featuring Blu, Shafiq Husayn w/ live band , Pharoahe Monch, on hosting duties, and DJ sets by Large Professor, J Rocc,DJ Spinna, and Blu Jemz.

The clip provides a bit of everything: ranging from Blu & Exile talking about their new album to some hot sets from J Rocc and DJ Spinna. Large Professor throws down particular hard around the 14 minute mark of the podcast. He gives his shoutout to hosts Blu & Exile, and then lays down some ill tracks, mixing and scratching at a high level like always. Personal favorite track: mixin of ODB’s ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ya’ with a hot r&b sample around the 23-24 minute mark.

All in all, this podcast gives some sick mixes and tracks from some of the best out there. Just because you can’t live in the Big Apple doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun.

Click Here for the free podcast from CMJ and be sure to check out the event photo’s here.

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Staying true to form, ’Ernest Gonzales’ new EP, Self Awakening, plays with experimental synth lines to invoke an introspective melody. Leading the way towards self-enlightenment is the first track, ‘Self Awakening.’ Like the title suggests, the buildup and retreat of the percussion help to invoke a wide array of emotions. Gonzales takes an unassuming, yet provocative track, throws in the occasional power synth chord and gives it some added authority to create a truly self-awakening track. He is on to something in this EP, as he has effectively created a musical version of an individual’s journey to becoming self-aware. Across the board on the EP, minimal synth lines, combined with effective drum beats make for consistently solid tracks full of heavy emotions. Throw in some awe-inspiring remixes featuring Faunts, Take, and Yppah, Mexicans with Guns, and CYNE, and you’ve got yourself a must-have EP.

Click Here to grab the free track, ‘Self Awakening.’.

For the full EP, Check It Here.

Listen To Ernest Gonzales “Self Awakening”

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If atmospheric worldly downtempo beats are your thing, check out the new album from Sven Van Hees. We’ve enlisted Sven in the past on remix duty for our very own Chuck Love. The Belgium producer just dropped a new album entitled, “Maverick”. The album is full of tropical worldly electronica lounge music that any fan of Naked Music, Bitter:Sweet, Ananda Project, Bajka, Tosca, Samantha James, and Hotel Costes would appreciate. (Check out “You Got A Hold Of Me”.)

The album is out now on Sven’s own Your Lips label.

Buy The Physical CD Here
Visit iTunes and Beatport To Listen And Purchase “Maverick”

Discover Sven Van Hees (Feat. Steinhardt) “Nubian Nightfall” (Right Click To Download)

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Mixing funky-ass beats, intelligent hard hitting rhymes, and glossy guest vocals from the likes of Destani Wolf, Silya, and Aima, the new Crown City Rockers album ‘The Day After Forever’ brings the heat on every track. Just because we can, OM is giving out a free track from the album, called “Astroshocks.” It’s a dope track that highlights CCR’s old-school influences, with MC Raashan Ahmad spitting hot rhymes over percussion-heavy rhythms. Like the rest of the album, the beats on this track are just the right amount of saucy, meaning you can bump this all night and keep a party going. On the contrary, you can kick back, relax and unwind with some of the softer joints on the album like “That’s Life” ft. Jason Jasper. My personal favorite track is “Go Away.” It combines silky smooth background vocals, an R&B-style beat, and socially conscious lyrics. Ahmad throws down super hard across the track, but especially so when he exclaims, “what happen? Everybody yappin’/ Got in my head even took away my passion/ All about the rappin, now about the business/ They don’t go away, now I’m back on my fitness.”

All in all, The Day After Forever is a more-than-solid album that needs to be COPPED RIGHT AWAY.

Click here for the free “Astroshocks” download.

Listen To Crown City Rockers “Astroshocks”.

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Andy Caldwell is back with a new artist album titled, “Obsession”. On the new album, Caldwell drifts away from the soulful sounds that he’s known for and instead draws inspiration from a much more European inspired sound. The deep electro house sound is all over the album. These 10 tracks showcase Caldwell’s pop songwriting skills and features collaborations from Mr. V., Femke, and long time fellow Soulstice member, Gina Rene. “My sound has been changing over the last few years,” Caldwell says. I got more into the electronic sound with the European house scene and wanted to express that in an album. I was really feeling stagnant creatively and broke out of the soulful house shackles about a year ago.”

“Obsession” is now out on iTunes as an exclusive pre-release and hits all over on 10/20. Click here to purchase.

Click Here To Watch The Music Video For Andy Caldwell “It’s Guud”.

Click Here To Download Andy Caldwell Feat. Mr. V “It’s Guud” For Free (Via

Check out Andy Caldwell on Tour.
10/15 – Papeete, Tahiti @ Morrison’s Cafe
10/16 – Papeete, Tahiti @ Morrison’s Cafe
10/17 – Papeete, Tahiti @ Morrison’s Cafe
10/31 – Miami, FL @ The Wall W Hotel
11/3 – Newport, CA @ Focus
11/11 – Los Angeles, CA @ Ecco
11/12 – Sacramento, CA @ The Park
11/14 – San Francisco, CA @ Vessel
12/31 – San Francisco, CA @ City Hall
1/9 – St. Louis, MS @ Sol Lounge

More Dates To Be Announced Shortly.

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Last month we brought you a free Om:Cast from one of our favorite disco house bands, Crazy P. This month we have something really special for you. A mix like this is extremely rare as this artist is very protective of his live sets and almost never allows anyone to record him. It is with utmost pleasure that we present Om:Cast002 featuring Om’s OG artist and one of the greatest DJs in the world, Mark Farina.

This mix is very special to us being that it was recorded at Om’s 15 Year Anniversary event in the very city that gave birth to Om by one of the original artist of Om. Hope you guys enjoy!

Keep checking back for a new podcast each month. We have lots of surprises in store.

To download the FREE Mark Farina mix, click here

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