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As a special holiday gift, please enjoy a free album download my “Soul Vibrations: Dub Remixes”

Soul Vibrations: The Dub Remixes is the next step in tripped out remixes from the funky studio sound of Space Echo’s and Analog Delays, featuring the full horn and percussion section plus an all-star line-up of friends having their vocals sent through the dub box. Click here to download.

Also check out new video of J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science Live at Party Corps. The band is featuring Jazz Mafia, Deuce Eclipse, Aima the
Dreamer and Rene Flores. This is a favorite Latin jam we play with some freestyles from the MCs and a conversation between the drummer and the DJ. Check it out at

Listen to KCRW this Monday, December 21st to hear J-Boogie’s latest remix of the West African guitar legend, Vieux Farka Tour. J-Boogies remix is picked as “Today’s Top Tune”. You can also download it for free at

To listen or buy before then on iTunes, Six Degrees, or Amazon.

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Zwicker is an artist Rob G. turned me onto. ZWICKER a.k.a. Cyril Boehler is a producer, composer and DJ from Zurich. After a handful of successful ZWICKER vinyl releases on the BearFunk, Compost Black Label and Get Physical labels Zwicker released a full-length album of pop / electronica tracks.

The album "Songs of Lucid Dreamers“ was released earlier this year on Compost and features collaborations with Matt Didemus (Junior Boys), and vocalist Heidi Happy (for real!), Olivera Stanimirov, and more. The songs have great catchy melodies.

Below is an unreleased Zwicker remix of Sonar Kollektiv artist Lexx

Click Here to Purchase Zwicker “Songs of Lucid Dreamers” from iTunes.

Listen and Download Lex “Mahogany (Zwicker Remix)” (via Zwicker Facebook).

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The craziness of the Cozza Frenzy tour is just winding down until the New Year and Bassnectar has decided to send us a nice little present to keep us warm through the holidays. Mashing up the legendary Pixies with his own bass wobbling beats, Where Is My Mind is gaurenteed to crush the dancefloor.

From Bassnectar:
An anthem for living life at a dizzying pace, but refusing to slow down, obviously influenced by the legendary rock band THE PIXIES, this bootleg was 1 of the secret weapons of almost every show on the Cozza Frenzy tour, and now its yours for free: Happy New Year! Merry Xmas! Happy Hanukkah! Joyous Atheism! Enraptured Humanism! Do as thou will, and blast this track!

Please visit to get your free download. Also look out for new Cozza Frenzy dates next year on the west coast and beyond.

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International man of mystery? Nah, just Frankie Flowerz AKA Mohan Das, straight out of Berlin, by way of Malaysia. Not the prototypical background, but that’s what makes Mohan the internationally known and respected DJ we’ve come to love. In the DJ game for nearly the past quarter century, Mohan has been rocking releases on German label Funkhausmusic for 10+ years now, spinning regularly on the global circuit since before I was in diapers, and has shared the stage with such esteemed artists as Etienne de Crecy, Laurent Garnier, Paul Van Dyk and a whole lot more. When he isn’t touring the world, releasing records, and heading his label’s A&R team, Mr. Flowerz finds the time to tutor students in production and DJ at the Noisy Academy in Berlin. What a guy!

Frankie Flowerz has been nice enough to bring to you, by way of Om Records, this hour-plus long dance podcast. Apparent straight from the get go, Flowerz’s bold influences of jazz and 70s funk make their input heard, especially around the 10 minute mark. This mix picks up some serious steam and seemingly gives meaning to the genre of electro-soul, combining two of the danciest styles out there. I love that throughout the 70 minutes or so, Flowerz mixes it up just the right amount to keep me on my toes, always guessing when the next drop is coming and what it’s going to entail. The best thing about this session is its flexibility: either lower the disco ball, spike the punch and start movin’, or dim the lights, throw yr feet up and sink into the couch; either way, you come hungry and leave happy.

Check out the podcast here.

Please check out the new single from Frankie Flowers ‘Groove on 98’ here.

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Thanks to the folks over at Adult Swim for putting out this free remix album of some fresh hip-hop tracks. Featuring remixes from the likes of Danger Beach, Flying Lotus, Memory Tapes, Prefuse 73 and many more, the ATL RMX album is a must have. Adult Swim has always been notorious for putting out unique and fresh hip-hop from artists like the aforementioned Flying Lotus and hip-hop gurus like Madvillain and Doom, and this album is no different. Most of these tracks are taking untraditional electro/glitch traits and adding them to some pretty fly hip-hop sounds. My favorite track has to be the HEALTH remix of OJ Da Juiceman’s single Good Night f. Gucci Mane. First off, Juice and Gucci tear the original track up like nobody’s business. HEALTH take it a totally different level by adding some dope ambient synth lines to the mix. Ghetto hip-hop plus starry synth always equals gold – words to live by.

Download the full album for FREE HERE

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My girl at Mint Collective is a great source for anything soulful! Props to her for giving me the heads up on this one. The perfect Sunday mix provided by the Urban music portal The Couch Sessions. Here to present a mix tribute to Little Dragon’s most unique member / vocalist, Yukimi Nagano.

A retrospective of Yukimi’s career, the tracks include stand out tracks from Little Dragon alongside feature appearances. Check for a collision in the animal kingdom, when Little Dragon guest appears on The Gorrilaz’s new album in 2010.

1.) Koop – Whenever There Is You
2.) Ge-ology – Blues Alley
3.) Little Dragon – No Love
4.) Quartermaine – Mystic Qool Breeze
5.) Little Dragon – After The Rain
6.) Little Dragon – Feather
7.) Shuya Okino – Pieces of You
8.) Little Dragon – Forever
9.) Koop – Summer Sun
10.) Little Dragon – Thunder Love
11.) Hird – Love You My Hope (Do Right Remix)
12.) Swell Session – The Music in Her Eyes
13.) Koop – I See A Different You
14.) Jafrosax – Drawn 2 U
15.) Little Dragon – Never Never

Visit The Couch Sessions To Download.

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Check out the new Leftism Edits Vol. 2 release from two of the best in the game, Sake One and J-Boogie, as they work on tracks from the likes of Goapele, Outkast, and more. This little diddly shows off these two producers worldly skills as they transform tracks from different genres and cross breed them with all different sounds.

To kick things off on this new edits volume, Sake One funks with Goapele’s Milk n Honey, a track dependent on smooth r&b beats with oh so soulful vocals. In doing so, he transforms a hoooot song with some worldly qualities by replacing the simplistic backbeat with a fun reggae-style instrumental full of some serious slappin’ of bass. About halfway through the track some nice vocal effects add some welcomed burn to spice it up a bit.

Sake One then takes one of my favorite tracks in K’naan’s ABCs, and throws dome some serious tricks to give it some useful funk attributes. While the original version has more African style flare, Sake uses a wider array of instrumental sequences and effects to create a more worldly sound. Any fan of hip-hop or world music should give this a serious listen.

J-Boogie’s first contribution to the volume comes in the form of a latin remix of Mr. V meets Elvis Crespo track Sauve Drink Down. J’s production value adds some serious attitude to this track, giving more than just a traditional mix of string guitar and morocco shakers. A nice use of percussion and brass instruments works to keep the track moving the whole way through. At about the halfway mark the breakdown mixes things up even more, in the best way possible.

The last track, Outkast meets Brenton Allstars’ Studio One Story, really highlights J’s abilities as a producer and mixer. The opening sequence displays a multitude of interesting instrumental choices that on their own might look ridiculous, but somehow flow together seamlessly. He takes a track that already oozes personality with the unique vocals from Andre 3000, and turns it into an orchestral masterpiece, synthesizing the aural tracks with some serious groove beats. This track is a serious throwback to the Africa Bambaataa and P-Funk sounds of the past few decades; it’s a serious treat for your ears.

This volume is definitely worth having, especially for the price of free.
Grab the volume Here

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One half of Groove Armada, Tom Findlay, has put together a special DJ mix podcast for online music magazine, Clash Music. The mix starts with disco and goes into big room house. The mix features tracks from Crazy P with remix from Hot Toddy (another Om artist you will see in 2010), LCD Soundsystem, Greg Wilson’s remix of A Guy Named Gerald, and our pal Worthy with Yankee Zulu. The DJ mix also features two remixes of Groove Armada’s new “I Won’t Kneel” single.

Groove Armada’s “Black Light” is out in Feb 2010.

Tom Findlay, Groove Armada, Dj Mix Tracklisting

01. “Reach Me” – Crazy P (Hot Toddy Remix)
02. “Bye Bye Bayou” – LCD Soundsystem
03. “Voodoo Ray” – A Guy Called Gerald (Greg Wilson Edit)
04. “Something About You” – Daniel Paul
05. “I Won’t Kneel” – Groove Armada (No Brainer + Mouj Remix)
06. “Shine On” – DJ T
07. “Wheel Me Out” – Was (Not Was) (Long Version)
08. “I Won’t Kneel” – Groove Armada (Mock & Toof Remix)
09. “White Lies” – Fenech Soler
10. “Concumbia” – Worthy & Yanky Zulu
11. “Gemini” – Marek Hemmann
12. “I Want Your Love” – Chic (Todd Terje Edit)

Click Here to Download The Mix From

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Wit his own brand of “ghettotech,” Robot Koch fuses hip-hop influences with heavy techno synths and effects to effectively harness his influences: John Coltrane and Slayer, along with everything in between. One listen to his single “Away From,” off the new album Death Star Droid, and the meaning of ghettotech and triphop becomes crystal clear. The vocals on the track are hauntingly beautiful, as they mix perfectly with the heavy percussion lines. Straight outta Germany, Robot Koch brings the European techno style with him, but somewhere along the way transforms it with a heavy West Coast glitchhop vibe. The likes of Flying Lotus, Glitch Mob, ediT & Bassnectar come to mind when listening to the computerized effects placed over the track.

Also brought to you by Robot Koch is the video for the song “Hard to Find.” This video is absolutely insane, in the best way possible. Somehow, someway, it incorporates the evolution of motion completely in conjunction with the inspiring beat. I don’t even understand from where this footage came, but it works perfectly. Definitely check out the video, as it’s also a track from the new album.

Catch the Download here.

And the Video Here.

And grab the New Album Here.

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Interview with S-1:
El Capitan (EC)
Symbolyc One (S1)

(EC): As the first member of the group, where’d the inspiration for the name come from?
(S1): Myth came up with the idea for the group name. It comes from the Billie Holiday song and symbolizes the struggle and pain we go through from a human/artist point of view.

(EC): How does the name Strange Fruit Project relate to the mission of the group, through lyrics, beats, overall community influence?
(S1): The name relates to the group’s mission (through those influences) by motivating and inspiring our culture to overcome these strongholds that we ALL go through from day to day.

(EC): What artists have influenced you most? Seems to be a big Midwest impact on your music with guys like Dilla, Pete Rock, and Cl Smooth.
(S1): My influences range from old school groups like Earth, Wind, and Fire, Marvin Gaye, Andrae Crouch to present artist like Dilla, The Game, Blink 182. So I guess it comes from everywhere and in between.

(EC): What is it like working with the mercurial Erykah Badu and The Cannabinoids?
(S1): Working with Erykah and the Cannabinoids has been inspirational. 9 other artist/producers/deejays coming together to make music is unheard of. It’s a new experience.

(EC): Do you see music progressing in this direction, where synthesizing beats and instruments take the place of catchy rhymes and repetitive basslines?
(S1): As for the progression/direction, I wouldn’t say replacing those elements, just adding on to it.

(EC): How do you feel that The Cannabinoids have recreated the state of being induced by cannabis?
(S1): Feels great that we was able to flip the concept of cannabis and apply it to the affect that music has on people.

(EC): In what direction do you see Strage Fruit Project headed? What about The Cannabinoids?
(S1): Strange Fruit Project has been evolving like any other group/artist does. We’re continually growing and maturing as adults and as artist so the natural thing would be to progress artistically as well.

(EC): Is music, especially hip-hop and trip-hop, becoming more experiential? Meaning, does newer music create a more fully involved experience than the more simple, classic model of straight lyrics and beats?
(S1): Our model of music has always been feeling-based. So whatever creative space that were in for that particular moment is whats goin to go onto tape and come out the speakers. Its artist evolution at its finest.

(EC): What’s next for S-1? Any other side projects, solo album, etc?
(S1): Just staying busy with music, cinematography, and photography. New joints and projects with Rhymefest, Little Brother, Lupe, and a slew of others so definitely look out for all kinds of new music and film projects that I’m currently working on.

Crash review:
The video for the new Strange Fruit Project single “Crash” featuring Thesis highlights the groups ability to send a strong message through creative art, like their EP suggests they do: Making Art Sound KOOL. The video tackles issues of the streets, depicting an armed robbery that ends with gunshots, that ultimately leads to the crash of the perpetrator. Directed, Produced and Edited by esteemed group member Symbolyc One, Crash reminds of the great Black Star videos of the 90s with its realistic camera angles and focused content. In fact, the parallels to conscious hip-hop from the classic era don’t end with the video. The vocals are all about warning against making poor decisions in desperate times; think before you crash, and instead live life with a purpose.

With Crash, SFP stays true to form with potent, spot-on quality lyrics and head-bumpin’ beats that make the track ooze with flow and charisma. Picnic Tyme produces a great track, one full of appropriate builds that mirror the intensity of the vocals, and retreats when the timing is right. I’m loving the heavy cymbal usage when the track transitions from one emcee to another.

As if the interview and new video weren’t enough, check out the FREE new EP from Strange Fruit Project, M.A.S.K. the EP . With production from S1, Caleb and Ninth Wonder, this EP has thoughtful beats matching equally provoking lyrical quality. For a super smooth joint, definitely check out Sepia Tone, produced by S1. This track sounds like hip-hop soul meets rainforest ambiance — a concoction so surreal I couldn’t even make it up. All in all, this EP is definitely one to grab quick.

For the Crash video Click Here.

Cop the new EP for FREE HERE.

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