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There is nothing that compares to listening to Mark Farina do his thing live. Our recent Om Cast from Farina was recorded with one take live. Here Farina gives fans another podcast recorded live from Mighty in San Francisco.
You all have been begging for the tracklisting from his Om cast. Here we’ve given you what you ask for.


01. The Ode To Lilian (DJ Uncle Milty Violin Mix) | Uncle Milty | Whitebeard Records
02. ?
03. The Method | Dimitri | Sampled Rec.
04. Dance This Way | Miles Maeda | Promo
05. Record Drops | Max Herbert | Promo
06. Nothing But The Funk | Derek Dunbar | Promo
07. Yeah C’mon | The Untouchables | Strictly Rhythm
08. I Got You | Tuff Jam
09. Jenna Jazz | Someone Else | Promo
10. Sometimes I Feel Like | Chez n Ron | Prescription
11. Chicago Theme | DJ Sneak | Robsoul
12. Forger This | Fries and Bridges | Adult Only
13. Be My Baby | James Cured | Igloo
14. Bones | Lil Mark | Flapjack
15. Mid Tenn Strut | Wattle Green | Flapjack
16. Classic Shit | Dimitri | Sampled
17. That’s How | Mark Farina (Ken ECB Mix) | Great Lakes Audio
18. FOTG 101 | Lurob | Promo
19. Give You Up | Willie Graff and Tuccillo | Freerange
20. ? | Jack City Murduh | Sampled
21. Sea Lion Woman | Wattle Green | Flapjack
22. Party’s Over Here | GJ’s | Promo
23. Jack It Like A Zombie (Jason Hodges Mix) | The Bulgarian | Potty Mouth Rec.
24. Capone Never Made A Record | DJ Sneak | Robsoul
25. Clowning Around | Kinky Boots | Damnoisy
26. Breeze | Max Hebert | Promo
27. Venezuelos Canta | Miss Mee
28. Go Dance | Homero Espinosa and Kuala Lumpur | YBD
29. That’s How (JT Donaldson Mix) | Mark Farina | Great Lakes Audio
30. My Hip House | Miles Maeda | Promo

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Manchester’s Delphic has been called the new “New Order” with their electronic pop sound. Their debut album was produced by Ewan Pearson and the group has become one of the newest groups loved amongst press and bloggers. I’m not entirely convinced yet, but I just got this remix from Julio Bashmore that I can’t stop playing. Julio is a producer from Bristol that was recently signed by Claude Von Stroke to Dirtybird Records. Here Julio takes on the Delphic track and transforms it into a vocal-less, moody, spacey track. The bassline is reminiscent of The XX’s recent remix of Florence & The Machine.

Check out a recent mix Julio did for Club Crawlers

Listen & Download: Delphic “Halcyon (Julio Bashmore Remix)” (Right Click To Save)

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Freerange’s Jamie Odell (aka Jimpster) has compiled his Feb chart into a DJ mix for the Freerange Radio Show. All tracks are available for purchase at on Jamie’s Feb Chart. Download the mix below.

Tomasz Wakulewski – Never As Good As Before (Pol_On Raw Mix) – Empedo Records
FCL – Let’s Go Seven – We Play House
MotorCitySoul ft. Ernesto – Deliver Me (Prosumer Mix) – Simple
Josh Wink – Jus Right (Jimpster Mix) – Ovum
Argy – Sometimes I’m Blind – These Days
JT Donaldson – Getting Up – Amenti
Pol_On – Molala – PetZ
Shur-i-kan – One Night In Tokyo – Freerange
Shur-i-kan – Out Of Time – Freerange
Reynold Feat. Janvier Jones – To Know You – Trenton

Click Here To Download

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Just found this new Black Spade cut over at the The Mint Collective. Produced by J*Davey, spaced out hip hop soul couldn’t be done any better.

Blackspade – J*Davey – New U (Main Mix) by TheMintCollective

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UNKLE have announced the release date and title of their new album. “Where Did The Night Fall” will be released in May and features guest vocalists from Black Angels, Gavin Clark, Mark Lanegan, Sleepy Sun, Autolux, and many more.

To get fans hyped for the new album, they’re giving away a track called “Natural Selection” featuring Black Angels.

Listen & Download UNKLE “Natural Selection” (Via

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Danish producer Kasper Bjorke has quickly become one of my favorite producers. You may know him from his 2007 hit “Doesn’t Really Matter”. Kasper is back with a new album on hfn music (also home of another favorite, Trentemøller). Standing on Top of Utopia picks up where In Gumbo left off. The album is full of electro-pop tunes along side more bass heavy moody house and indie tunes. On top of Kasper’s own vocals, the album guest vocalist Tomas Höffding (WhoMadeWho), Jacob Bellens (I Got You On Tape), and Louise Foo.

The new single, “Alcatraz” features remixes from Jimpster, Zombie Disco Squad, and more.

“Young Folks” features remixes from the likes of WhoMadeWho (love these guys), Serge Santiago, and Lopazz & Zarook.

Definitely recommend picking up this album and it’s many singles it’s bound to spawn.

Click Here to Purchase From iTunes.

Listen & Download: Kasper Bjørke “Young Again (Radio Edit)” (via

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The blogs have been buzzing with the fact that LA based artist, Flying Lotus will have some huge features on his upcoming record including collabos from Erykah Badu, Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, and the return of ‘Inifinitum’ vocalist Laura Darlington.

Until the new album drops, Warp is giving away three unreleased album cuts.

Visit Warp To Download.

Listen & Download: Flying Lotus “Quakes” (via Warp

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King Britt is putting his last dance record out on Nervous Records. He will be retiring the dance / house productions to pursue a more experimental sound. The former Digable Planets member took to his website to tell his fans of his retirement from dance production.

From King Britt
“Well, its been a minute since I released an album of original material. The Intricate Beauty will be coming this March/April on Nervous/FiveSix. I had a great time working on it and collaborating with the beautiful singers, Rucyl, Lady Almaa, Ryat and Astrid Suryanto, as well as remixing Kim English and Byron Stingly exclusives for the album.

This album will be my last ‘conventional’ dance album. I have been inching more into experimental electronica and techno, like The Nova Dream Sequence and Ramon Tejada w/ Rucyl Mills. "

“Now” features vocals from Astrid Suryanto. The track is an interesting direction for King. It sounds like a Telepopmusik track featuring a Tracey Thorn (Everything But The Girl) vocal. What do you think?

King Britt’s “Intricate Beauty” will be released on April 20, 2010.

Listen & Download: King Britt Feat. Astrid Suryanto “Now” (Right Click To Download)

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In celebration of the Bassnectar’s feature in one of the most reputable electronic magazines in the world; IDJ, Bassnectar has prepared a special mixset featuring new remixes, edits, mash ups and re-re-re-edits. This 44 minutes and 25 second transmission is straight up bass in your face. Download the mix from the widget below and check the tracklist after the jump.


1. Azzido Da Bass – Doom’s Night (Timo Maas vs Bassnectar)
2. Bassnectar – Cozza Frenzy (Mega Bass Mix)
3. Rye Rye – Bang feat. MIA [aca]
4. S.C.A.M. – Let Me Hear You Say
5. Stagga – I Got Bass
6. Seductive Dubz – Hey!
7. Caravan Palace – Starscat
8. AAK & Double Step – (Bassnectar Edit)
9. Bassnectar – Boombox (Bassnectar Remix)
10. The Pixies – Where is My Mind? (Bassnectar Remix)
11. Nextmen – The Lion’s Den (Sigma vs Bassnectar)
12. Zen – Your Shout ft. Killabeats & Gry (Bassnectar Re-edit)
13. Bassnectar – Teleport Massive (Bassnectar Remix)
14. Bassnectar – Slam Dunk feat. Dunkelbunt
15. Bazznectar Medley – Tears for Modern English Masher
16. Damian Marley – It Was Written (Chasing Shadows Remix)
17. Kid Cudi – Day & Night (JOTS vs Crowdrock vs Bassnectar)
18. Malente & Dex – Lions (Bassnectar & iLL Gates Remix)

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Looks like San Francisco/Brooklyn band Lemonade may finally get the love they deserve. I’ve been a fan of these guys for some time now and happy to see that this may be their year. Their new EP “Pure Moods” is out this March and features remixes from SF’s Ghost on Tapes, Hackman, and Le Chev on True Panther Sounds (Distributed by Matador Records).

Lemonade “Lifted” from Focus Creeps on Vimeo.

This is Lemonade’s follow-up to their praised and explosive debut album. This EP is an utterly unique take on electronic dance music, this time focused and melodic. It incorporates more explicit soca, dub, and calypso influences into Lemonade’s existing ravey palate. Even if those sounds are channelled through 16-bit samples and city stories the record has a certain wetness to it- a rich vegetation of sounds. Tight electronic arrangements layered with Alex Pasternak’s fiercely clattered drums, Ben Steidel’s invitingly rubbery bass and Callan Clendenin’s wobbly vocal harmonies float in and out of scope. The whistles of Bedstuy’s West Indian Day Parade ring out in “Banana Republic”, Ballearic synths carress “Remain In Jah”. The EP’s leading track “Lifted” somehow submerges its anthemic chorus and raindrop synths under a deafening waterfall. It feels good. If their debut was citric slime, this EP is an orange; firm and almost uniform in its peel, sweet and wet inside.

Listen & Download: Lemonade “Lifted”

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