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Here is the latest gift from the Bassnectar Labs: soaring, emotional vocals over a bed of hot, churning beats and thick, rolling bass… the perfect mix of naughty and nice. TURN IT UP!

From Lorin Bassnectar

“It is a musical mutatant marriage between elements of my song ‘Timestretch’ and Nelly Furtado’s classic “Turn Out The Lights”. A few weeks ago I heard a bootleg by SLOF MAN; a dope remix of Nelly Furtado’s song, but his bassline was NOTE FOR NOTE identical to Timestretch. My first thought was “oh daym this is going to mix perfectly with timestretch” and as i listened more i decided to take the mix further. So i re-tuned elements of my track, and re-mixed it into a more straightforward arrangement, laid bits of the acapella over the beats, and went to work. My buddy Sayr even suggested a different melodic idea for the bassline, and my homies at Arlyn Studios in Austin stretched and edited her vocals, doing micro-tuning and loving it up. It was a group effort, and of course it is an unofficial bootleg, i decided to call it “Magical World”. I played it on repeat all weekend and on multiple occasions my body was helplessly covered in waves of goosebumps. I was overcome by thoughts of how special it is to be alive, and how magical it truly is!!! Nelly, if you are out there, WE LOVE YOUR VOICE!!!!!"

Visit For More Bassnectar goodies.

Listen & Download: Bassnectar vs. Nelly Furtado

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After pausing an 18-year career with partner Ben Watt in best-selling alt-pop duo Everything But The Girl (1982–2000), followed by a self-imposed hiatus to start a family, Tracey Thorn re-emerged in 2007 to a wave of critical acclaim with the glittering autobiographical folk-disco of Out of the Woods, her first solo album since 1982’s indie classic A Distant Shore.

2007’s “Out of the Woods” was one of the most slept on albums of the year here in the States. Tracks like “It’s All True”, “Easy”, “Falling Of The Log”, and “Raise The Roof” placed Tracey somewhere between traditional Everything But The Girl and Imogen Heap.

After three years, her new album, “Love and Its Opposite” will be released on May 18 on Merge Records in the US and Ben Watt’s new Strange Feeling Records (a sub label to Buzzin Fly) in the UK.

Partnering again with Berlin-based producer Ewan Pearson (who worked on much of Out of the Woods), Thorn has created an album that is striking in its simplicity. “It’s a record about the person I am now and the people around me,” she observes. “About real life after forty.”

Recorded in Berlin and London, the ten-song collection boasts eight original compositions and two covers (a duet with Jens Lekman on Lee Hazlewood’s “Come On Home To Me” and a poignant reading of The Unbending Trees’ “You Are a Lover”). The album also features guests such as Hot Chip’s Al Doyle, The Invisible’s Leo Taylor, Nashville songwriter-drummer Cortney Tidwell and Lost Valentinos’ guitarist Jono Ma.

Tracey Thorn’s “Love and Its Opposite” Drops May 18th.

Listen & Download: Tracey Thorn “Oh The Divorces”
(Via Strange Feeling Records)

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Our boy is at it again! Child’s Play’s James Curd just slammed out another amazingly upbeat remix for Bang Gang artist Flight Facilities. The 12inch and digital single is coming out on Modular Records homies and fellow Aussie’s, Bang Gang records.

This is the debut single from Flight Facilities and features vocals from Giselle. All the remixes are great, but it’s really Curd who turns it up a notch.

Click Here To Purchase Via

Listen & Download: Flight Facilities “Crave You (C90’s Remix)”
(Download Via

Listen: Flight Facilities “Crave You (James Curd Remix)”

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Cobblestone Jazz blew everyone away at the Om Miami event two years ago. Immediately after their performance, US promoters and fans all wanted a piece of Cobblestone Jazz. Instead of hitting the US road, the band officially added a fourth member to the trio and headed into the studio to finish work on their new album for K7.

“The Modern Deep Left Quartet” is the second artist album from the group. In Cobblestone tradition, you can expect deep dubby house perfection. Tracks like “Chance Dub”, “Mr. Polite”, and “Fiesta” are going to be great to hear live.

And as we all know with Cobblestone, it’s really in the live show. Hopefully we will see some US dates.

Click here to Purchase From

Listen & Download: Cobblestone Jazz “Fiesta”(Right Click To Save)

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Every year, hundreds of people make that annual trip down to Miami for a week of non-stop, self-indulgent partying (known as Winter Music Conference). And every year, there are a handful of those who don’t make it. This will be the first year, that I will have lived up to the words that were uttered from my mouth last year after WMC….“I’m definitely never doing this again!”.

On the same boat, UK’s funky house duo, Inland Knights. The duo also are not going to Miami…only they’ve one upped me and put it in a mix.

Download & Listen: Inland Knights Not Going To Miami Mix

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It’s been one of those days, friends. But what better way than to remedy it with music? Here’s some free tidbits that got me going this week, and as usual, if you have any tracks to send or comments to spout, hit me at jenboyles at gmail.

Solid Gold – Synchronize

One of the most buzzworthy bands out of the Midwest right now and making quite a splash at SXSW this year. Some have called them “dream pop”, which seems quite accurate, but there’s more of an edge here than that term allows.

Bonobo – Eyesdown

Featuring Andreya Triana (Real name? We bet not), this track by the always consistent Bonobo (a.k.a. Simon Green) delivers the chill flavor. Loved his last release, Days To Come (Bajka on vocals), and am expecting his new one this month called Black Sands to be just as good.

Uffie – MCs Can Kiss (Mike D remix)

Not to be a hater, but I don’t like Uffie: Any cute waif can throw on some leggings and a tank top and squeal out lyrics (“I never force anyone to listen to my music / Never post a bulletin / Never posted shit”. Ugh). But Mike D from the Beasties remixing Uffie? Now that deserves at least a listen.

DiscoTech – IMMA (Miami We Know How To Play)

One of the best remixers on the scene today, DiscoTech release a Miami-centric track for all the party people going to South Beach next week for WMC. (Tip: If you like this one, find their remix of Rolling Stone’s epic hit ‘Satisfaction’)

Timex Social Club – Rumors

There was once a girl who nearly woke up the entire floor of her apartment building from singing this song so loudly with her headphones on at 2 a.m. Roommate reported laughing hysterically from the next room. It wasn’t me, I swear. See, this is how rumors get started.

Espada vs. Booka B – Blame It On The Boogie (Jackson 5)

The beat’s contagious on this one. Try it on.

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I’ve been a fan of the Crazy P guys for years now and am so excited that they will be making their first trek to the states. With the recent success of their transformation to disco funk group (they also dropped the “penis”), the band will be making stops in San Francisco, New York, Canada, and at the Om Miami party.

To celebrate, here is a monthly free download of the group’s podcast.

Listen & Download: Crazy P March Podcast

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Neon Indian. Traped in a pantry with his machines.

Hiya, Ommies! It’s Friday, and that means time for some freebies to start your weekend proper. This week I’m trying out some categories because let’s face it, not all fresh-off-the-mixing-board music is great. Some weeks you can’t keep up with it all and it’s like Christmas (or whatever holiday you prefer) and other weeks you find yourself listening to Phil Collins on repeat (true story).

Love it or hate it? Feel free to email at jenboyles at gmail.


Neon Indian – Sleep Paralyst:
The 21-year-old’s music is like an electro sunset, each synth its own individual ray that warms up the tune. This track is vocal but not overpowering with a distant but optimistic vibe that kind of reminds us of Miami Horror (get familiar if you’re not, he’s great).


Danny Byrd – Sweet Harmony:
Though the liquid funk genre seems to have its feet firmly planted in Londontown, it’s tracks like this that make me wish it would pick up Stateside. Byrd is a huge highlight of that city’s Hospital Records, and this track is one that will make your heart soar (either that or I’m just a total sucker for the mircrogenre). Boh!


Rye Rye – Hip-Hop Changed (Prod by Crookers):
A Baltimore breakout after Blackstarr put her on his “Shake It To The Ground” banger (circa ‘07), Rye Rye returns to rap over a well done Crookers number that for once doesn’t sound like it’s trying to strip you of your hearing forever.


Expose – Point Of No Return:
Yeah, OK. Expose, I know. Credo in the garbage can. But whatever, it’s Friday.


Beastie Boys vs Prodigy – Voodoo Sabotage:
Easily one of the best hi-tempo “mashups” (someone get a new word for these!) I’ve heard in a long time. A perfect mating.

Happy listening!

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Aaaah MUSIC… that sweet, sweet fuck-all else of a ride. What else is there? To paraphrase the once great, now sadly laughable singer from one of the greatest bands in recent history, THE VERVE’s Richard Ashcroft, “… the feeling you get from live music can’t be bought from any drug dealer in the world”.

Indeed… gotta love those “Holy Shit!” moments of awesome. The ones that give you “THAT GRIN”, like yer seeing something special. I was just in one of those same moments this weekend for the Noise Pop festival in SF. I was lucky enough to get into the sold-out MEMORY TAPES show at the Bottom of the Hill, but my joy wasn’t just for the chance to see the headliner, i was super-charged to see a local band called BIRDS AND BATTERIES.

Their sound is fresh, as it should be. In today’s age, where “everything” has been done (not really-have faith in creative evolution, monkies!), it seems like the most exciting shit comes out of the deepest grab bag of influences. Take a band like OASIS… they’ve written some great songs, but when you admittedly sound like the BEATLES and the STONES, i can pretty much see where yer going. A band like ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, on the other hand, who pull from so many areas, are at the forefront of what’s possible in bringing nuance to what we know is already out there. Just being different doesn’t mean it’s gonna be cool (BJORK’s Medulla anyone?), but it sets the possibility of something that pushes the boundaries to be a new form of great…. SF’s own BIRDS AND BATTERIES do that for me and many others. They brought Noise Pop attendees a fresh style of music that brought to mind the production values of the DFA label’s dirty rock disco, and the psychedelic song-writing side of SUPER FURRY ANIMALS, all delivered in a TALKING HEADS-ish package ripe and ready for the indie-rock dance floor. And they did it with “THAT GRIN”, which made the rounds throughout Bottom of the Hill after their set. So it’s with “THAT GRIN” that i offer my first blog for my dear friends at OM… that grin, and a message to music rookies and vets… fuck apathetic complacency. Dig deep and find something that moves you. It’s out there… somewhere.

As always,

Loving you…. sooooo loving you…..

COLE (just can’t get enough)


Listen & Download: Birds & Batteries “Out In The Woods” (Right Click To Download)

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A weekly feature here on the Om blogs starting today, JB’s Friday Free-4-All aims for one thing: no file expunging from downloader’s remorse. Let me know if you like the tracks and post your own in the comments if you have any to share with us this go-round.

1. Nneka feat. Jay Electronica – Walking (J. Period Mix)
Nneka is the next big soul voice in electronic music, highlighted here in this breezy jam. Another one to check out if you like mystical d&b is a Chase & Status remix of her song “Heartbeat”.

2. Orbital – Halcyon & On (FM Campers Dubstep Mix)
One of the most beautiful electronica songs ever made gets the dubstep treatment.

3. Jason Tyler – EZ2LUV
Chicago/Miami producer Jason Tyler strikes gold in really capturing the soul of millennial house music but with a newish twist reminiscent of Armand and A-Trak’s Duck Sauce project. Is heavy sampling on the upswing?

4. Jay Z vs Bugz In The Attic – Change Consequences (So Gold + Booka B edit)
The Minneapolis duo makes a memorable mashup by mating a Jay Z classic and a jazzy house track by Bugz. Tasty!

5. Green Velvet feat. Kid Sister – Everybody Wants
Easily one of Kid Sister’s best tracks to date, “Everybody Wants” really hones in on her rhyme style, and GV’s sparse but dirty beats are a perfect compliment to her vocals.

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