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David Maisel is a visual artist from the Bay Area. You may have scene many of his pieces from his works titled, The Lakes Project. He most recently finished a residency at the Getty Research Institute. While going through Getty’s archives he discovered the museums old X-rays. These were taken by the museum to conserve the art pieces. The ghostly images lead David to create his most recent work entitled History’s Shadow comprises of these photographed and scanned X-rays.

“Through the x-ray process, the artworks of origin become de-familiarized and de-contextualized, yet acutely alive and renewed.”

For more information on David Maisel visit

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Alex McLeod’s digital, yes digital, works have been the talk of our digital community. You can find out about his images everywhere from juxtapoz to theriotclub to Kayne’s blog.

When I first looked at these images I thought they were photographs of actual installations, meticulously detailed installations at that. They are in fact 3D digital works crafted via several softwares, which makes it all the more unique and interesting.

Mcleod has achieved an imaginary realism that is very inviting. If I could only go home to that at the end of the day…

Visit Alex Mcleod’s website for upcoming exhibit information.

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The collectible art toy movement has been an increasingly growing market thanks to folks like Kid Robot, Giant Robot, and many other supporters of the movement. These cleverly crafted characters are the subjects of, California based artist, Brian McCarty’s photographs. What started as a examination of culture through it’s toys became a unique perspective in story telling using these mostly vinyl or plastic figures.

Brian McCarty’s unique ability to take one artist’s piece and create his own high impact story is why he’s attracted a huge international following. Recently featured in publications like Vogue, XLR8R, and High Fructose, it really is no surprise that McCarty is as respected as he is. He was also one of the select artist to participate in the Manifest Hope: DC Gallery. The gallery spotlighted artists who use their voices to amplify and motivate the grassroots movement that carried President-Elect Barack Obama to victory.

His upcoming book, which is a collection of his art-toy works, is being published by Baby Tattoo Books and is slated for an early 2010 release date. Brian will also have an accompanying exhibition at the LeBASSE Projects Gallery in Culver City.

Visit for more information on this artist.

Click here to check out XLR8R’s Exclusive Video Interview With Brian McCarty.

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ACT 1: A Thief, A Lesson”

California-based artist, Nathan DeYoung has a great talent for exploring the human condition using explosions of shapes, colors, and subtle uncovered figures. His bio reads like this: Seeking to better understand those around him, Nathan DeYoung offers an inquisitive exploration into the human condition. Using the intimate observations of others as a muse, he creates characters that allow him to fully analyze and interpret those to whom he is closest. By revealing and destroying his characters in frenzies of shape and color, he ventures to grasp, uncover, and expose the often hidden, with the hope that insight into others and their actions will enable a deeper understanding of himself. Nathan DeYoung currently works and studies in San Diego, California.

“O’ Intimacy and the Aftermath”

Displayed here are pieces from Nathan’s series called “Windows & Mirrors”. Painted with acrylick paint on large wood canvas, these pieces are visual interpretations of Nathan’s journal entries with each piece in the series accompanied by a poem. The poems allow Nathan a voice to say everything the paintings couldn’t.

“Conversatwins With Mirrors”

Nathan DeYoung is definitely an artist to look out for. With recent galleries at LA’s Thinkspace, spotlight in Juxtapoz Magazine, and pieces featured in the upcoming Aqua Art Miami in December, DeYoung is continuing to build a name for himself.

Click Here To Read An Interview with Sour Harvest And Nathan DeYoung.
Click Here To Read An Interview with Juxatpoz Magazine and Nathan DeYoung.

To view the full “Windows & Mirrors” series & to find out more about Nathan DeYoung visit his website

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Nothing will ever replace good old illustration. Japanese born Yuta Onoda has re-established our love for a beautifully illustrated piece. His Asian influenced pieces flow like Japanese calligraphy with hip colored western inks. Despite how fluid the pieces feel there is a unique distinct presence of strength and power.

Yuta Onoda has been shaping his art aesthetic through various forms of media, hoping to find new avenues to express himself. If you are in Portland Oregon, check out his upcoming show at Compound Gallery.

“Textbook History” at Compound Gallery
Dates: September 3rd – 27th.
Compound Gallery
107 NW 5th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209

For more information on Yuta Onoda visit or

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Andy Gilmore is an draftsman, illustrator, and graphic designer from Rochester, NY. His ability to craft detailed pieces from shapes and colors that provoke human emotions is unique. Simple yet detailed, his art force viewers to really spend some time examining. If only my geometry professor produced this, I might have actually taken an interest.

Andy’s client list includes The New York Times, Wired Magazine, Seed Magazine, Dazed & Confused, URB, and fellow US based electronic label, Ghostly International.

Andy replied to my initial email to him by saying, “It would be an honor to be spotlighted by Om”. Truth is, I’m really honored he let us.

For More Information On Andy Gilmore visit

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Emerging from a bad fall on a skate ramp teetering toward acrylic on some scavenged board cresting the Pacific, a spray paint catechism affixed to his interior cranial wall and a numbered assortment of brushes with an authoritarian media-mix, torn, glued and up to his waste in the Tao of ten thousand fatal strokes.

Reuben Rude’s current work can be described as drawings in paint over re-created time-lapse collage. Clean, sculpted lines meet artificially haphazard texture. These images are the culmination of the strange little doodles from a the backs of a thousand spiral notebooks, made during a thousand 5th period algebra classes . They are made in the spirit of drawing eyeglasses, beard, and devil horns on the historical figures in your American History textbook. Look close, and you’re sure to recognize a friend or enemy.

For more information on Reuben Rude visit

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Originally created in Barcelona, a city that breeds innovation and amazing design, Colorola is a company you are more familiar with than you think. So where have you seen Stuart Patterson’s art? He was the artist behind all the early Naked Music logo and releases, as well as the one responsible for designing the beautifully detailed flyers and posters for Los Angeles premiere venue Avalon and Giant NYE. He has crafted art campaigns for everyone from the world famous Walt Disney Concert Hall to online retailer

What makes Stuart so unique is that his designs are timeless. Whether you are looking at a recent work or one done years ago, it is still just as fresh. His influences draw heavily on art deco, Spanish street art, and pop art. His ability to capture beauty in his character illustrations, pattern work, and attention to detail is unparalleled. This is why we are so excited to have Stuart Patterson and Colorola as a featured artist.

To find out more about what Stuart is up to, visit

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The most recent addition to Om’s roster of graphic contributors, Sam Flores is San Francisco’s most famous recent export. His unique characters and ability to combine both underground street culture and organic elements in his works perfectly reflects San Francisco. Sam’s work, along with a handful of other artist, have helped to build the clothing empire known as Upper Playground.

Most recently featured on the cover of Juxtapoz magazine, Sam just also finishedrunning a solo show called Egos, Addiction, and Other Bedtimes Stories at the Subliminal Gallery in Los Angeles.

Sam was also recently commissioned to produce the art for Om’s 15 Year Anniversary. You can pick up the CD release here featuring Sam Flores’s art. You can also pick up a limited edition print of the original art that was delivered.

For more information on Sam Flores visit <a href= target=_blank>

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Australia born and now London resident, Seb Godfrey is the man behind Drunk Park. Originally started as a skate shop and art studio, Drunk Park has since become a design house. Seb has carved out a niche in today’s music & fashion scene with his original ideas. His works have graced a clients list that ranges from Coca Cola to Om’s very own Mike Monday.

Visit to find out more about Seb Godfrey.

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