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KANYE WEST “Coldest Winter” Directed by: NABILITUNES link below” from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Just when you thought 808s and Heartbreaks was a thing of the past, Kanye drops this new video for Coldest Winter. Some of the imagery reminds me of the Legend of Sleep Hollow with a Never Ending Story or Lord of the Rings twist. The directors use of motion combined with minimalism is beautiful, this is a much watch.

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Photographer Ryan McGinley in the photo world. His works have been featured in the New York Times, V Magazine, The Advocate, SF Guardian and more. He was the man behind the lens in Levis’s ‘Go Forth’ campaign last year. The denim giant recently re-enlisted McGinley to produce their new campaign for hip retailer Opening Ceremony. Even though Levis’s campaign is for the new spring line, Ginley chose the autumn season as the back drop. The end result is a visually stunning campaign. I can’t wait for fall!

Visit To Check Out the Video Campaign.

Visit For His Winter Olympics Photo Essay For The New York Times.

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Gotta Groove Records – “Groove With Us” from Nick Cavalier on Vimeo.

A short documentary about a new vinyl pressing plant in Cleveland Ohio, called “Gotta Groove Records”. They specialize in 7" and 12" Vinyl creation/manufacturing using PVC molding. Check them out here:

Source: The Mint Collective

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Spike Jonze makes his return to the advertising world with the Absolut Vodka funded short film entitled “I’m Here”. The trailer made it’s world premiere at Sundance this past week. The trailer promises that it is a “robot love story”. The full film will debut later this year.

Visit For More Information.

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In need of some visual stimulation while getting your learn on? is doing a big wrap up of the most popular science related stories of 2009. There are some amazing shots that you need to geek out to.

Click Here To Check it Out.

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The merciless crunch upon the magazine industry still heard via an echo of unemployment this past decade seems to foster two very distinct points of view among readers: Going digital is either a sign of failure or the new frontier. Though there’s nothing like glossy pages and heavy cardstock covers under your fingers, mags are turning out to share a similar destiny as vinyl — there will always be a craving for them in certain circles, but the mainsteam trend points at those three little w’s.

This brings us to Self-Titled magazine, a New York-based online publication with six digital issues under its belt featuring the likes of Jay Reatard (RIP), School Of Seven Bells, Florence & The Machine and more. It comes out dukes-up on its social media profiles, claiming to be “reinventing what it means to be a music magazine in an age of blogs and half-baked writing.”

That kind of statement’s got some bite to it, but in a way that makes you want to know more.

On it’s Facebook page: “Self-Titled is a music magazine that has nothing to do with music. At least not in the traditional sense of self-important ‘criticism’ and profiles that read like regurgitated press releases. Yes, we print reviews and full-on artist features, but we also pride ourselves on answering the questions others don’t ask.”

Now, this is all kind of interesting because they also run a blog, but damn if this didn’t make us want to crack open an issue (virtually, of course), the latest of which you can read here here.


Self-Titled on Twitter:
Self-Titled on Facebook:
Self-Titled blog:
MP3s: Discobelle blogs Pocketknife’s Self-Titled Magazine Mix: Pocketknife – Self Titled Magazine Mix (From

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Japanese-born, Brooklyn-based artist, Kenji Hirata’s artwork in form and color is strongly inspired by nature, billboards, and hand painted signage of Southeast Asia, and futurism. His use of shapes and colors create a language that has been presented across a number of different mediums of all sizes. His pieces project a language that is always in motion and with this special language Hirata is created, we are all given a glimpse into his universe.

Hirata is also a core member of artist New York & Japan collective, Barnstormers alongside Doze Green, David Ellis, and Chulo. His work (along with collective members David Ellis and Maya Hayuk) had caught the eye of Absolut Vodka, which then asked Hirata to help with the launch of their Raspberry Campaign. Check out the video here.

Hirata has been featured by Cool Hunting, Juxtapoz, and has seen pieces on exhibit at everywhere from Southeastern Center for contemporary Art (North Carolina) and Zeit Art Gallery (Hamburg, Germany) to Reed Space (Brooklyn, NY) to New York’s Levi’s store. Hirata just finished a solo exhibit at the Joshua Liner Gallery in New York.

To fully appreciate Hirata’s magnificent world, you need to see it in person. For more information on Kenji Hirata and for upcoming exhibits, visit

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The year 2005 was a year of inflection for Om Records for different reasons but one of the most remarkable ones was the Om residency in Ibiza hosted at El Divino presenting probably one of the most exciting,innovating and interesting line ups that the Mediterranean white island had seen to date.

During those magical 3 months, Om Records moved it’s headquarters to a magnificent Villa situated in the middle of a forrest between Ibiza town and Santa Eulalia del Rio and apart from enjoying some of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, eating Bullit de Peix (a very unique and delicious fish Paella) and organizing endless after hours until the morning light, we had the chance to meet with a big part of the crazy summer fauna that inhabit the island from April till October.

Apart from all the promoters, disc jockeys, go-go dancers,club owners, wannabes, yoga teachers, taxi drivers, millionaires, opportunists and old hippies who we met with we also got in touch with an small group of visual artists who live there all year around. Peculiar characters who tend to hide from the crazy angry British tourists and who spend their time swimming naked on secret beaches (mainly by the north of the island),painting; creating beautiful pieces of art of all kinds.

One of the most remarkable ones is without a doubt is Jesus de Miguel also known as “Jesidi” or simply “Jesu” for the close friends. An artist born and raised in Guardo (a little Village in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula) who studied Art and New Visual Media in Salamanca (one of the most historical cities in Spain and where the oldest University of Europe is located) and whom after a few years working for big different important companies in Madrid ended up as the head of the art department of the Pacha Emporium (probably the biggest brand in Lifestyle/Night Entertainment in the world).
Since then, Jesu hasn’t stopped his frenetic activity as one of the most solicited artists on the island developing concepts and imagery for parties, clothing brands, record labels, clubs, and organizations such as the International Ibiza Film Festival or HOVI (International Home Video and Multimedia Ibiza Festival).

The love for the bizarre, a masterly use of the color in big canvas, surreal characters, subliminal and acid messages and an strong disobedience for the established rules are some of the characteristics of this genius artist who will shortly exhibit in San Francisco.

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David Maisel is a visual artist from the Bay Area. You may have scene many of his pieces from his works titled, The Lakes Project. He most recently finished a residency at the Getty Research Institute. While going through Getty’s archives he discovered the museums old X-rays. These were taken by the museum to conserve the art pieces. The ghostly images lead David to create his most recent work entitled History’s Shadow comprises of these photographed and scanned X-rays.

“Through the x-ray process, the artworks of origin become de-familiarized and de-contextualized, yet acutely alive and renewed.”

For more information on David Maisel visit

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