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Hope you are all doing well. So sorry its taken me a week to get back to
you, I’ve been super busy. Just last night I finished filming my first music video. What a crazy experience! It was really interesting to see and hear the director’s interpretation of how in her mind she envisioned the song being acted out, which is exactly what you do in a video “Act out your
song”. It was kind of strange for me in the beginning because I had never
really thought about my song the way a director would. It definitely gave me a different perspective on my song. So here I am after a 5 days of being in the surreal world of living behind the scenes / camera readjusting to the real world. As some of you already know my album was released 6 days ago and just that alone was a huge deal for me. I really can’t believe how fast everything is happening. I mean seriously the fact that I am going to have a music video and that my album is now out in the world being heard by
thousands of different people is just amazing. I truly feel so blessed!!!
It’s also been amazing to hear all of the feedback from the album. It all
seems like a big dream. Then to top it off with what’s going on with my
Father at the moment, it just makes it all a little bit harder for me to
actually believe. Life is so crazy, to think that something you’ve waited
for your whole life starts to happen right when you find out that your Dad
is sick. I do believe that everything does happen for a reason though and
that this happening will only make me stronger. As for his progress, well he is just now finishing up his 6th day post Chemotherapy and is feeling pretty tired. We were hoping that this first round of chemo would kill off all of the Leukemia but have now discovered that he will more than likely have to receive a bone marrow transplant. All of your prayers and positive thoughts would be greatly appreciated at this time. I’m personally just taking it one day at a time, which is all I really can do. I along with my DJ, The Southerner, am just getting ready for all of the performances that we have coming up. We are excited about all of the opportunities that we have been presented with since the album’s been released. I will keep you all posted on what s going on with my Dad and of course the music. Thanks for listening and again all of your prayers.


Samantha James

Posted by: Samantha James on October 1, 2007 @ 5:49 PM
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Hey Everyone,

So today is the day!!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting ready right now as we
speak to head off to the airport. I am more than excited cause
today is my first record release party in San Francisco which is the
home of my record label Om Records anyway, wish I could stay and
chat a little bit longer but then I would miss my flight . Dad is
doing good and responding to the Chemotherapy thanks to all of your
prayers. I Love you guys and hope to see some of you tonight at
Harlot in SF.
Take Care,

S James.

Posted by: Samantha James on September 21, 2007 @ 12:40 PM
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Good Morning Everyone,

Hope everyone is felling well this morning. I wanted to give you all a
little background story about my album and what inspired me in life (my
life) to write the songs that I did. I was waiting for the perfect moment
but it seems as if that moment is now. When I was about 5 years old my
mother Melanie Lee Rose was told that she had breast cancer. At the same
time that she was sick my parent’s relationship was going down the drain and
they decided to call it quits, so for most of my childhood my mother,
sister, family exc….were trying to beat this horrible nasty disease
without having that strong foundation of a solid family. After an 8 year
long battle fighting for her life, being on and off of chemotherapy /
radiation, my Mom had finally lost her battle. I was 13 years old just about
to be 14. This was obviously a very confusing difficult time in my life and
would be for any young girl just getting into her teenage years. I would
deal with the pain the only way I knew how which was to escape the pain. I
started going to Raves at the age of 15 years old where the music along with
the all of the other things which are included when going to a rave, became
the way that I coped. Finally after 3 straight years of living my life for
the next party, I realized that there was so much more to experience in
life. I was ready to really start living. I had finally realized that all
these years I had been running to escape the fact that my Mommy wasn’t here
any more, in actuality she never really left. Now at 18 years old I was
starting to wake up to the fact that my Mom was still here. That her
spirit/energy was surrounding and following me where ever I would go. With
this new found knowledge I started my musical journey. I knew that I was
supposed to make music and share what I had experienced with others. After a
9 year long journey of discovery, learning and living I had finally received
the knowledge and experience that was needed to complete my first album.
The entire process was so healing for me and I know why. So here I am just
days away from the release and my Father has now been told that he has
Cancer. He is in the hospital at the moment fighting Lukemia and seems to be
responding to the chemotherapy very well. We could really use all of your
prayers and positive thoughts. My Dad is a strong man and has a lot of life
left to live so I know that with all of your prayers he will get through
this. Thank you all for listening. I’ll keep you posted on further progress.

S James

Posted by: Samantha James on September 18, 2007 @ 4:34 PM
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Today marks the first official entry of my weekly journal. I hope that this
will give you, all of my fans, a closer look into what my life is like on a
daily basis. I am feeling so many different streams of emotions. First,
being excited for the release of my album on the 25th of this month! I have
waited so long for this moment and to know that it’s actually here feels
pretty amazing. Aside from that, I’ve been pretty busy with all of the other
things that come along with being a singer in the music biz. This is all
pretty new to me so I’m just adjusting to my new busy schedule. I’m a
pretty mellow person and find it necessary to take a little time out every
day to just breath and relax, so you could say that I am now in the process
of transitioning into this new way of life. I’m learning to keep a busy
schedule but at the same time remembering the importance of taking a breath
here and there to maintain my sanity in this crazy biz. I have realized that
in order to take on a job like this, it is 100% crucial to take care of
yourself. Thanks all for listening and letting me share. I want to let you
all know that I am excited about sharing this process with you.

Much Love to all of you,

S James

Posted by: Samantha James on September 13, 2007 @ 5:32 PM
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