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Our in house pixel pusher is salivating right about now. Pantone launches their new iphone app today. You can now take your Pantone book with you on the road and easily access it on your iphone. myPANTONE allows users to extract colors from photos, store color palettes, share palettes with friends, create & discover new hues, and easily use saved color palettes with Adobe Creative Suite. There is even a whole online social network component. Pretty f-ing awesome.

Beyond the common pixel pusher, the app is handy tool for apparel designers, home decorators, and arguments over something being black vs. blue.

This is a pretty amazing app. You can get it on iTunes today or visit to learn more.

Source: Cool Hunting

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Today is a good day. People Under the Stairs drop their official first single from the upcoming album, “Carried Away”. “Trippin At the Disco” is a light LA party joint. They filmed the music video for this over this past friday.

Ready to start the hype machine? As a gift to their fans, People Under the Stairs have put together a special ringtone package. Download PUTS “Carried Away” ringtones below and purchase “Trippin At the Disco” today on iTunes.

Check out the photos from the music video shoot and stay tuned to the premiere of the music video hitting the internet next month.

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One of our favorite Japanese imports, retailer Uniqlo, is about to set up shop in Paris’s infamous retailer, colette (no relation to our Colette). The temporary pop up shop runs from August through September.

Uniqlo is a Japanese retailer specializing metropolitan urban city wear and hip design heavy packaging. If you are ever in New York, drop by their NYC location. They also take the prize for having the most crazily confusing and possibly longest site on the web. The NYC location has been a long supporter of Om. They also have perhaps some of the most unique and hilarious marketing campaigns.

Visit to check out possibly the most content heavy, longest website, and find out more about the Uniqlo x Colette pop up store.

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Juxtapoz Magazine is throwing a charity auction raising money for the Power House Project of Detroit. Presented by Upper Playground, the auction features works from 100s of respected street artist including Shepard Fairey, Doze Green, Todd “Reas” James, Thomas Campbell, Tim Biskup, KR, Big Daddy Roth, WK Interact, Clayton Brothers, Andrew Schoultz, James Jean, Ron English, Craola, David Choe, Mike Giant, Paul Insect, Jeremy Fish, Alex Pardee, Saber, David Ellis, Boogie, D*Face, Cody Hudson, Herbert Baglione, and more.

Power House Project of Detroit seeks to purchase and renovate foreclosed and abandoned houses in the Detroit area. Through the renovation they seek to create local jobs. Power House Project raises awareness of the problem of people disenfranchised by the current economic crisis, while encouraging a sense of community.

Visit To See The Pieces.

Source: Juxtapoz Magazine

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Fool’s Gold artist Treasure Fingers lends his remixing skills to a brand new solo single from Greenskeepers main man, James Curd. Treasure Fingers brings a special bright disco flare to James’s quirky electronic tune, “Back Off”.

Known for his hit remixes for artist like Little Boots, Estelle, Kid Sister, Empire of The Sun, and many more, Treasure Fingers has won the hearts of both hipster and house bloggers alike. We don’t really wear skinny jeans, but we’d gladly throw on a pear while listening to this remix.

Click Here To Purchase James Curd “Wills and The Wonts” From

Listen To James Curd “Back Off (Treasure Fingers Remix)” Here

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There has been a lot of recent talks about bikes here at Om with a few staffers recently acquiring brand new bikes. I, on the other hand, don’t own a bike. If I ever did, it would be this bike.

Teague has come up with a new concept bike called Pulse. The sophisticatedly designed bike comes with LED turn signals, a rechargeable pack, and forward thinking design.

Click here for a detailed look at the bike.

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I know I risk offending a handful of you, but I just can’t resist. Progressive trance god (?), Paul Oakenfold, has produced Madonna’s new track. So what? They’ve just released this music video teaser and it’s hilarious. Oakenfold makes a cameo with a dance move that can only be described as a set up to a “fist pump”.

What’s the heck is up with him? Too much trance in the Ed Hardy pants!

Click Here To Watch it On

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They were the second most played track on tastemaker radio station KCRW only after Radiohead. Their relentless tour schedule had them circling the US gradually playing larger and larger venues as more cities and dates were added. They topped everyone’s favorite list for bands you probably don’t know about. They eventually caught the attention of DJ Shadow and TV On The Radio, who later asked them to open for them on the US tour. All of this without US distribution of their record.

Little Dragon’s new album “Machine Dreams” is a pop / electronic masterpiece! The tracks that have already leaked are a nice preview for what’s to come. This Swedish quartet has become one of my favorite groups. Pick it up on iTunes.

Download Little Dragon “Blinking Pigs” From

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Greenskeepers’s main man, James Curd has been releasing solo music for years under his label, Greenskeepers Music label and here at Om. Last year, they licensed “Vagabond” to the commercial use for “Grand Theft Auto IV”. With a new legion of fans and a ton of new material coming out, James along with new Greenskeepers member, JDub have taken some time to produce a single for everyone’s favorite disco, electronic, rock label, DFA Records.

The single has quickly become his top downloaded single. Check for James Curd’s new single, “The Wills and the Wonts” on Om’s Child’s Play Records.

Discover Greenskeepers here.
Discover James Curd here.

Here we are again….we can’t help but say “we told you so”.

Click Here To Purchase The Single.

Click Here To Listen To James Curd Feat. JDub “We Won’t Stop” Out On DFA Records.

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Nothing will ever replace good old illustration. Japanese born Yuta Onoda has re-established our love for a beautifully illustrated piece. His Asian influenced pieces flow like Japanese calligraphy with hip colored western inks. Despite how fluid the pieces feel there is a unique distinct presence of strength and power.

Yuta Onoda has been shaping his art aesthetic through various forms of media, hoping to find new avenues to express himself. If you are in Portland Oregon, check out his upcoming show at Compound Gallery.

“Textbook History” at Compound Gallery
Dates: September 3rd – 27th.
Compound Gallery
107 NW 5th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209

For more information on Yuta Onoda visit or

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