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In case you’re not up on game our very own J-Boogie has moved the infamous Beatsauce Radio Show to Brooklyn Radio and this month features a mix from The Whooligan entitled ‘The Star Gazer,’ featuring new and exclusive tracks from Flying Lotus, 40Love, Afta-1, Santigold and more. Make sure to click the image to visit Brooklyn Radio and download the mix.

1) Afta-1 “Escape” feat 40Love & Gedeon (Whooligan Remix)
2) Declaime “Keep It Moving” feat Flying Lotus & Georgia Anne Muldrow
3) Flying Lotus “Beginners Falafel” feat Slum Village & 40Love (“Look Of Love” Whooligan Remix)
4) Samiyam “Number 20” feat 40Love (Whooligan Remix)
5) Sach “Number 9” feat Gedeon (Whooligan Remix)
6) Platinum Pied Pipers “Ain’t No Ifs Or Maybes”
7) 40Love “XO”
8) Mikos of 40Love “It’s Time” feat Songbird
9) Dorothy Ashby “The Moving Finger”
10) The Whooligan “The Push” feat Wonway Posibul and DJ Dion Decibels
11) Santigold “Starstruck” (Diplo Remix)
12) Bentley “C.O.L.O.U.R.S.” feat Pimp C
13) 40Love “Curry Dip” feat Malik of Aquarius
14) 40Love “Oh, Sh!t” feat Fashawn, Exile & Wonway Posibul (Posse Freestyle)
15) Gabor Szabo & The California Dreamers “San Francisco Nights”

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Fred Everything just delivered volume 4 of his ‘Lazy Days’ Podcast series. Featuring new and exclusive tracks from Om Records, Freerange, Offset, Lazy Days and Chillin Music. Click the image to redirect to the podcast page where you can stream or download the mix by right clicking.

1.Herb – If I Never Stop – Sass Sounds
2.Nacho Marco – Move You (Dub) – Om
3.Solan – Gotta Use It (Gorge Remix) – Hertzlich
4.Pete DaFeet – Alta (Nacho Marco Remix) – Lost My Dog
5.Frank Solano – Beautiful Connection (Fred Everything Remix) – Loudeast
6.Fresh And Low – Take Your Time (LCG unreleased Mix) – Offset
7.Fred Everything and JT Donaldson feat. Aima The Dreamer – Memories – Lazy Days
8.Miles Maeda – Bell Boogie (Phil Weeks Remix) – BTTF
9. Lovebirds – N2Deep – Lazy Days
10.Jay West vs Toka Project
11.Bis Co – Original Mix – Diynamic
12.Jimpster – The Kind Of Girl – Freerange
13.Sleazy McQueen – Trains Over Broadway (Pezzner Remix) – Chillin
14.Touch Sensitive – Body Stop (Toby Tobias Remix) – Future Classic

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Super producer S1 aka Symbolyc One is the main producer of the highly acclaimed group Strange Fruit Project. His style and production range stretches beyond all genres from R&B to Soul, from Underground to Southern Hip Hop and everything else in between. As an upcoming super producer, S1 has gone on to work with great artists such as Erykah Badu, Rah Digga, Ghostface Killah, and Little Brother just to name a few. S1 is also a member of Badu’s electronic band known as The Cannabinoids, S1 is continuing to make music history indeed by crossing many genre’s and continuing to fine tune his unique sound.

Checkout the most recent mixtape by clicking on the image above. Also be on the lookout for a new album later this year from Strange Fruit Project.

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Our friends over at <a href= target=blank>dubSpot and <a href= target=_blank>Next Aid have recently teamed up for a one of a kind project, ‘Funk Aid for Africa.’ This release is the first installment of a series produced by dubSpot directed towards benefiting several charties world wide. <a href= target=blank>‘Funk Aid for Africa’ mixed by DJ OBaH combines a heavy dose of Funk, soul and Latin Vibes with 20 tracks from 20 different artists including our very own J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science plus new music from King Britt, Ursala Rucker, Chico Mann, The Lions, Octate Sounds and more. All proceeds will be directed towards the growing AIDS epidemic facing orphaned children of Africa and is definitely a cause worth supporting. Check below for the track list and free download of J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science feat. Jennifer Johns ‘Together’ below.

‘Funk Aid for Africa’ Track List
1. Ocote Soul Sounds – ‘Contra El Sol’ / ESL Records
2. The Lions – ‘Jungle Struttin’’ / Ubiquity Records 3. The Pimps Of Joytime – ‘San Francisco Bound’ (Remix By DJ OBaH) / Wonderwheel Recordings
4. DJ Kiva – ‘A Walk In Broken Shade’ Feat. Afra Behn
5. Dario Boente & Huge In Japan – ‘Pasado Pisado’
6. Amayo’s Fu-Arkist-Ra – ‘Fist Of Flowers’
7. Ticklah – ‘Mi Sonsito’ Feat. Mayra Vega / Easy Star Records
8. Tm Juke And The Jack Baker Trio – ‘Party Favours’ Feat. Gecko Turner/Tru Thoughts Recordings
9. Nappy G – ‘Habanaha’
10. Ursula Rucker – ‘Electric Santeria’ (Remix By King Britt) / Five Six Media
11. Kokolo Afrobeat Orchestra – ‘Sabroso’ (Remix By Sabo & Zeb) \
12. The Pleasuremaker Band – ‘What We Came’
13. 7 Miles Per Hour Band – ‘Latin Freak’ / Kay-Dee Records
14. Happy Mayfield – ‘Jesse James’
15. Chico Mann – ‘Ease On Out’
16. J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science – ‘Together’ Feat. Jennifer Johns / Om Records
17. Sbirrofunk – ‘Nostalgicdreamsong’
18. Daisuke Naito – ‘Leopard’
19. Meta & The Cornerstones – ‘Hasta La Vista’ / 54 Soundz Llc
20. El Pueblo – ‘Ina Funky Dub’

<a href= target=_blank>Click Here to purchase the album from Itunes.

<a href= target=blank>Click here for a free download of J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science feat. Jennifer Johns ‘Together.’
Also make sure to check the <a href= target=
blank>Crazy P Remix of ‘Together’ here.

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My man J-Boogie is all about keeping it so fresh and so clean. A true DIY artist, J-Boogie has is starting the summer off on a good note rocking shows along side Little Louie Vega, ESL Music, Bassnectar, the SF Giants and more. But the momentum is not stopping as he’s packing up the tent and heading to country side of Manchester, TN to light it up at Bonnaroo for 3 days of smokiness. The dude is straight keeping it organic! Later this year he’s rocking two days at the High Sierra Festival as well as Earth Dance in September. Make sure to keep up on his tour dates by visiting our events page.

In other news, my man just won a Bay Area Grammy from the SF weekly. Voted the best club dj in the Bay for his diversity of music ranging from hip-hop, reggae, house, drum ‘n’ bass, Latin music, bhangra, downtempo, adult contemporary, dub, folk, cumbia and…..ah yea country western! He deserves serious props for his ability to adapt like a chameleon behind the decks to rock any situation.

Last but not least, for taking the time to read this, we had to give you something for best price; free! CLICK HERE to grab a mp3 of J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science ‘Leave it all Behind’ (Dub Remix) featured on the Soul Vibrations Remix Project.

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Our favorite production duo from Portland, Cates&dpL are gearing up for their next single ‘351’ due out on June 30th. Back in April we conducted a remix contest via SOUNDCLOUD in which the winner would get his remix officially released with the single. Unfortunately, we ran in to a little problem, there were simply too many quality remixes submitted and we couldn’t just pick one. The end result is a 8 track release with 7 remix winners including Hanssen (Jacob London), Forest Avery (fellow Oregonian), Ezekiel Bickford, Oliver Maier, Pete Dooman, Rob Slac of Chillin Music & Earth Delivery. Just to give you a taste, stream the original production below and look out for the digital release later this month. Don’t forget to download the Cates&dpL ‘Live June Podcast’ after the jump including new productions from Audio Soul Project, Mike Monday and some handy original and remix work from the dynamic duo.

Listen to Cates&dpL ‘351’:

Stream or download the Live June Podcast by visiting our podcast page.

1. Jon Cates – Under My Skin (dj tool)

2. Jon Cates – Under My Skin (Original Mix)

3. Leo Portela – Get In The Action (Cates&dpL Space Dub)

4. Cates&dpL – Magdalena (MG’s Deepy Dub)

5. Mike Monday – Plankton (Pezzner Mix)

6. Audio Sould Project – Tied To You (Dan Berkenson Dubby Mix)

7. Luhabra – Life (Jay Tripwire Mix)

8. Giznekistan – Gotta Get Up (MiniMe Mix)

9. Joseph Capriati – Third Dimension

10. Mark Broom – Meltin Pot (Original Mix)

11. D-Nox & Beckers – Cala A Boca (Original Mix)

12. Umek – You Might Hear Nothing (Original Mix)

13. MIA – Paper Planes (Cates&dpL Papered Up Dub)

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Om: Hip Hop recording artist Raashan Ahmad just dropped a little treat by the office, ‘Soul Power.’ In between the release of his first solo record THE PUSH and the next Crown City Rockers record (released this Fall), Raashan created a 13 track release consisting of all brand new tracks mostly recorded in 2009. Stemming from a result to add new songs to his live show, Soul Power features Aceyalone, Wafeek from St. Louis, Ragen Fykes and production from Woodstock, Headnodic, Kat O1O and more. Peep the track list below and some thoughts on the project from Raashan himself. Make sure to click the banner above or the link after the jump for a free download of Lambada.

1. Mobstar Life – Produced by Woodstock

2. Move – feat. Aceyalone produced by Kas One

3. Stay – Produced by Raashan Ahmad

4. Soul Train – feat. Wafeek/Ragen Fykes Produced by Ebo

5. Breath – feat. Aima Produced by Kas One

6. Lambada – Produced by Headnodic/Kat O1O/Raashan Ahmad

7. Day after Day – Produced by Stefonix

8. Celebrate – Produced by Headnodic

9. Fairy Tale – feat. Ragen Fykes Produced by Headnodic

10. Money – feat. Alex Newman Produced by Kas One

11. Cornbread – Produced by D.J. Enki

12. Patience – Produced by Stefonix cuts by D.J. Vajra

13. Oakland – Produced by Kat O1O
Soul Power
Not an album, not a mixtape , not an E.P.

Some words from Raashan Ahmad:

Thirteen original songs mostly recorded in early 2009. After touring the United States to promote my first solo album The Push, I discovered that I wanted to add more bangin’ songs to my live set. Soul Power is the result. When I I say “soul power”, I’m talking about about what gives my soul, my spirit power—which is music! This project was especially born out of all that I learned being on the road so I have to give thanks to the folks who have made me feel at home while away from home; who have blessed me with food, shelter, ciphers, laughter, conversation, money, memories, general nonsense, and love. Also mad thanks to the artists who blessed this project with their talent. Please support! Lastly check out all the projects coming from my Crown City Rockers crew! Our new album coming in the Fall 2009. Hit me up and let me know what you think.
Peace – Raashan

Click here for a free download of Lambada.

Buy the full release of ‘Soul Power’ here.

Click here to peep the newest episode on Raashan Ahmad TV.

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If you’re a fan of Grace Jones, Animal Collective, Buraka Som Sistema, Carl Craig and Richie Hawtin, then you need to be in Barcelona, Spain for Sonar. We will see you there! Please join us for the Om event at La Terrrazza on June 20th. La Terrrazza, is an incredible open air club placed in an old house in downtown Barcelona. Open for 14 years, it has become one of the most influential clubs in Barcelona as well as gaining international respect world wide. On June 20th, Om Records & Traxsource is proud to take the stage with an incredible line up of international talent including; Mike Monday (London), Marc Romboy (Dusseldorf), Shur-I-Kan (London), Florian Kruse (Hamburg), Dj Fluid (San Francisco) and Al Velilla (San Francisco). For more information, please click the banner.

If you aren’t able to make the Saturday night event, come down to join us at Macarena on Tuesday, June 16th for an intimate night and dj set from Crazy P (dj set), a very special guest from Valencia, NM along side our very own Om Records residents DJ Fluid and Al Velilla. Macarena is one of the most prestigious clubs in Barcelona. Located next to Ramblas in the heart of the city. Characterized by it’s powerful sound, careful design, the quality of the invited artists and it’s warm cosmopolitan ambiance. The daily dj programming gathers the best record labels, renowned international artists and new talents. It’s the ideal place to take the pulse of the city scene.

If that’s not all, on Sunday the 21st Om Records is taking over the beach Cabrera de Mar / Point Break, 45 minutes north of Barcelona on the coast from 5pm till midnight. Featuring special guests from Europe and US, you will not be disappointed. More details to be announced soon.

Make sure to check out Om Records on Traxsource for all the latest releases and digital downloads.

PS, peep the Unofficial Mike Monday Remix of Animal Collective here.

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New York & Philly dj champions, Bobbito and Rich Medina form to make THE CONNECTION,’ a double cd filled to the brim with Latin and Afro Classics. Released on R2 Records out of the UK, both Bobbito and Rich are embarking on a worldwide tour hitting a city near you. This Friday, ‘The Connection’ is landing in San Francisco in the form of Happy Feet; a annual party born in NYC dedicated to rhythm that runs through us. It’s all going down at 330 Ritch, come down and say hi. If you don’t live in the Bay Area or can’t make it, you can capture the vibe with this special PODCAST available off the R2 Records website. Listen to it, feel it, support it and dance to it.

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Cates & DpL

Even though the Portland Trailblazers are out of the playoffs, the City of Roses is not getting any colder. Gearing up for Summer, the production duo Cates&dpL just sent me the first volume of a new podcast series that we will be posting monthly. The ‘May Mix’ is geared towards the big room, perfect for a 3am bender. Highlighted tracks are definitely the Domesticated (Pezzner Remix), Maetrick’s ‘Sex With Bass’ and Worthy’s Flap Jacking Remix of ‘Pancakes.’ To acquire this delicious treat, visit the podcast page for streaming and downloading.

PS – if you’re feeling the beats, make sure to check out Cates & dpL ‘Through the Weekend’ here.

May Mix Tracklist

1. Unknown White Label

2. Home & Garden – Domesticated (Pezzner Mix)

3. Kyle Szmurlo – Pancakes (Worthy’s Flap Jackin’ Rmx)

4. Unknown White Label – Its Off the Rack

5. Miki Litvak & Ido Ophir – Shnorkel (Dousk Remix)

6. Cates&dpL – Darkman (Hipp-E Rmx)

7. Beckers & Hatfield – Keep On (Velkro and Ido Ophir Rmx)

8. Marc DePulse – P.S. You Rock (Spectre Rmx)

9. Maetrik – Sex With Bass

10. Lutzenkirchen – Looptrack

11. Lutzenkirchen – German Kiss

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