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This is not the first time we’ve written about Will Saul. He and Mike Monday teamed up for one of the best remixes of Juan Maclean’s “Happy House”. “Balance” is the perfect name for Will Saul’s new mix CD. This ambitious work jumps all over the spectrum of electronic-related music. It dips into the disco-house, swings by indie-synthpop awesomeness, and falls into the depths of dub-house. Some of the big artists remixed in the three CD collection include Hercules and Love Affair, Bats for Lashes, Modeselektor Feat. Thom Yorke of Radiohead, Sly & Robbie, Sally Shapiro, Liquid People, Daniel Wang, Wolf + Lamb, Carl Craig, DJ T, Dixon, Burial, and Morgan Geist (of Metro Area) (Click Here For Full Tracklisting). This thing is a dense mix of texture and style, but it maintains a sort of balance that is Will Saul’s execution and futuristic-house style.

Forgive my corny metaphor, but I really feel like Saul is flying me through this mysterious cluster of electronic weather patterns. As I listen to it via headphones, I cannot help feeling like I’m on a plane about to go Buenos Aires; I’m just going to start over. You know? This feeling only augments as I hear actual planes taking off in the last track. It’s a Liquid People’s “Sons of Dragons remix”. Now that I think about it, this is a great CD for a three-hour flight. It balances perfectly dance-ability, ambiance, emotion, and tension/resolution. The only downside about the airplane setting would be the inability of moving around, but you know, dancing in your mind can be equally rewarding.

Despite what I got out of it, I think anyone could appreciate one or more elements in this album. There is so much to choose from: awesome polyrhythms, big bass swells, elusive staccato-tones, pad textures that whiz by you and crash into syncopated chords. The adhesive that binds all these tracks together is Saul’s futuristic-house, almost vinyl-vintage sound, which makes it very pleasant. There is nothing directly abrasive; however, tension does build (subtly) and darkness does descend, but this is always resolved with an interesting swing out.

Some adjectives/tags/ideas: utopia, futuristic house, eclecticism, indie, synth-pop, dub, house, techno, yoga, the future, travel, running, planes, your dream city.

I highly recommend you pick up Saul’s October release Balance 015.

Click Here To Purchase Balance 015 Mixed By Will Saul From

Click Here To Check Out The Full Tracklisting & Listen To The Mix

Discover Will Saul & Tam Cooper “Sequential Circus”. (Right Click To Download)

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What up internet, the name’s intern #1 and I’m here to bring you recaps of the Bay Area’s finest events. Last night I had the pleasure of seeing RJD2 spin some of his favorite tracks at Vessel’s hipster frenzied Infatuation.

The eclectic set, which ranged from atmospheric hip hop to funky, 80’s pop brought an equally eclectic audience, and everyone from the diehards in front to the curious onlookers in the back seemed to be having a good old time.

Not to mention Infatuation’s 2 for 1, well-poured drinks. A lot of fine drinking glasses lost their life last night due to the slippery conditions on the dance floor. The place was packed and the floor was glassy.

Vessel’s DJ booth didn’t have enough room for RJD2’s gear, and thus we got a more mashed up, Serato-scratch live set. I think that RJD2 is best served on 3 or 4 turntables, but I still had a really good time last night, and I’m glad I witnessed the man throw down his favorite tunes.

Also, a shout out to DJ Centipede who really rocked it. He pumped the audience up with a subtle remix of RJD2’s “The Horror”, the first track off the 2002 critically acclaimed album Deadringer. Look out for this guy.

In full recap, I think the night gets a 2.5 out of 4. Had RJD2 brought his own decks, the number would be higher.

I’m intern #1 and I’ll be reviewing indie/electro/dance shows in the up and coming months. Next time I hope to bring you pictures. If you have any photos of this show or those in the future, send them to, and I’ll put them up.

You Heard It First
: Here’s an insider’s note, RJD2 will be dropping a remix of Bassnectar on Om’s Childs Play imprint. Joining him on remix duties for Bassnectar will be DJ Vadim, Nosaj Thing, Robot Koch, Amp Live, and Mexicans With Guns. Should be dropping very very soon.

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