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Our world lives in constant war. All these micro-wars, powered and supported by big governments around the world, might not be as publicized as the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, however they’re a constant source of suffering for millions of people. Next tuesday, September the 21st, we celebrate World Peace Day and from here at the Om Records offices, we challenge you to do something about it….Show to the rest of the world your nonconformity with all that Bureaucratic bullshit by spreading the word….

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For the second installment of our beloved sub label Smoke N´Mirrors, we present the man with a thousand faces; Christopher Smith aka Afro Mystik aka Sutro Heights aka DJ Fluid aka Jaywalkers aka The Post Tool Project. The mastermind and founder of Om Records is back in the game under his new moniker Shiny Objects delivering a serious, deep, twisted, groovy piece of tech disco called Black Spaces. The enlisted remixers couldn’t be better; Mr. Dave Pezzner and Al Velilla.

Listen to Shiny Objects – Black Spaces (Original)

Available from June 1st on Traxsource.

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5/20 Habitat,Calgary
5/22 Fortune,Vancouver
5/23 100 Bar,Edmonton
5/28 Mercury Lounge,Ottawa
5/29 Salon Daome, Montreal
5/30 In Stereo (official after party), Detroit DEMF
6/05 Shakedown, Philadelphia
6/12 Chicago,Smart Bar
7/02 Paradise Lounge, San Francisco
7/17-18 Sullivan Room, Water Taxi Beach, New York
7/31 Venue tba, Atlanta
8/1 Standard, LA
9/11 Budapest (tbc)

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Get ready for the first Om:Masters Volume.
Remember,available worldwide from May the 18th!
Hope you enjoy this teaser….

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A few weeks ago we had the oportunity to interview Fred Everything at the Om Studios about life,the Universe,San Francisco and his upcoming project in Om Records.

This was the result ;

AV ; Welcome Fred:

I’d like to start to talking about San Francisco.

You are originally from Montreal but you have been living in San Francisco for almost 3 years.

Which are the main differences that you see and what do you think about the current San Francisco scene?

FE; I think that San Francisco is a great city for so many different reasons.

The scene here is really good, and probably one of the best in the States, but there is so much more to the city. So much outdoor activities ,great restaurants, museums, music etc….. It’s a very complete city and i love the diversity you can find in the different neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has its own identy (and even micro-climate) yet it all remains “San Francisco”. Unlike LA where I find it hard to get a feel of, San Francisco has a more personal feel which reminds me of Montréal.

AV; During the 90´s San Francisco had a very solid scene with a very characteristic sound.

How do you see things now?

FE: I know that it’s changed and people who’ve lived here all their life might say : it’s not the way it used to be, but when you think about it, things are not the way they use to be anywhere. There are new generations of people with new tastes and new needs and it’s up to us to adjust to this, without losing touch with who we are. Generally speaking tho, I think it’s a very healthy scene. In two weeks I´m playing at Temple. The same night, Greg Wilson is at Triple Crown , Jimpster at Mighty and Mark Farina at Supper Club! All of these clubs will have hundreds of people attending. Considering there are less than a million people San Francisco, I think it’s pretty impressive. You couldn’t have so many parties catered to the same crowd in most big cities. It also amazes me how there are very little politics considering amount of promoters, djs and clubs in this city. It’s good to have the freedom to play in different clubs all the time without worrying about local politics.

AV: But do you still think that the San Francisco scene has an identity as it used to have?

FE ;It’s not as “hippy” as it used to be but there is still a free spirited vibe about it I think. The music has evolved into something a little more experimental but It seems that House is back more and more. In fact I’m quite pleased of what I hear in the Techno scene, some nice fusion, more musical and slower music.

AV; You have been into the music business for quite a few years and you probably started producing electronic music with synthesizers, midi cables,old sequencers and lots of vintage hardware.

Now a days,you can buy a 500$ laptop and become a famous “musician”. How this fact has affected to you?

FE ; The music industry has changed drastically in the past few years where production has become more of a business card for touring.

It’s very hard nowadays to even justify recording musicians and singers or buying new equipment for the studio. I still do because I love it and this is what I do. Before, you could easily justify the expenses related to paying musicians, studio upgrade, etc. Nowadays it’s a lot harder as there is very little money in the production. We rely a lot more in the trade factor, where there is a lot of swapping. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to work for free and you can’t pay your rent with a mixtape! I manage the situation with passion and hard work because Im always making music and I always will. It’s just a little harder to juggle with. You can’t take 6 months off tour to write an album anymore, it’s just not possible.

AV ; And what is the role that technology plays in all this in your opinion?

FE ; Technology has democratized music a lot. I bought my first synthesizer as soon as I was able to work as a teenager, washing dishes in restaurants. At the end of the summer, I was able to afford only one keyboard. You couldn’t do much with just that. You had to spend thousands of dollars to just be able to make a decent demo.These days,kids are very spoiled. For a few hundred dollars, you can get Logic and make tracks from A to Z in it. This means that there is a lot more music out there, well produced but often lacking in a certain “je ne sais quoi”.

AV : I was some time ago in a conference listening to Francoise Kevorkian complaining about the amount of time that he usually spends trying to find music he likes in between the avalanche of weak releases on the digital portals. Do you think that so much music is something positive or negative for the market?

FE : Both. It’s good that people have access to the medium. It should´t be only accessible to people with money or with certain equipment but on the other hand so many tracks floating around, It’s overwhelming. Everybody is using the same equipment and everybody is starting to sound very similar and even if there are still different ways to work your sound into something unique, using the same technology, often people rely on presets and a certain “recipe” sound.

Before, every producer had his own signature from the equipment they were using and the way they were using it.

I think that back in the Disco days when everything was so much more difficult to do, the production was so much more amazing.

I was just listening to some old Gino Soccio record (he is actually form Montreal too) and his production sounds so amazing and so current that is incredible.

I’d love to just go back in time and being in one of their sessions and see how they were doing this with all the old vintage gear, tapes, Fx, etc…..

I still use a lot of old equipment but I mix it with new technology.

AV: Lets talk about your label ; what is Lazy Days?

FE ; Lazy Days is a Record Label that I started in 2005. I started the label as an outlet to release my own projects and eventually release other people’s music. I was frustrated to have to please certain labels with a certain sound and wanted to have more freedom about what music I wanted to create or release. At the time, I was shopping “Friday”, our first release, and nobody wanted to release it. It was a blessing in disguise as it sold 4000 copies on vinyl and got licensed to 10 compilations. A lot of people told me that It was the track of the summer in Ibiza that year.

The name came from a beach bar in Grenada (in the Caribbean) named Lazy Days where they had these big ply wood-carved letters spelling Lazy Days placed on big speakers. I took many photos and it became an inspiration for the label. It felt right with the philosophy of the label which is to release music at a slow pace, only when great stuff comes around. I also considered myself a Lazy Workaholic. I work all the time but at my own pace. Since then we have been releasing over 15 releases and throwing parties in different places all around the Globe like in Montreal, Fabric in London and Miami WMC. In the fall there’s gonna be a special release for the 20th single and 5 years of existence. We will have 4 great remixers doing their versions of their favorite track from the catalog. There’s also gonna be a retrospective mix compilation as well as a tour.

AV ; You are about to release a new project on Om Records which is the first installment of a new line of products called Om:Master Series. What is behind the concept behind it?

FE ; It’s a mix cd/showcase including all music that I’ve been involved with. It could be an original song, a collaboration, a remix that I did for someone or a remix that somebody has done for me. I’m really excited about the project and I think its good once in a while to be able to put a collection together especially since a lot of people not necessarily get to hear a lot of this music.

AV ; What has been the criteria to select the tracks?

FE ; Anything that I’m proud of or that I think stands out in my catalog.

I decided to concentrate on the past few years rather than doing a full retrospective. I also decided to only do one concentrated cd rather than a double or triple album. I’m gonna do a worldwide tour for it from May to September to promote the project. This is an in between albums project, until my next full artist album.

AV ; Your last album is a great collection of very solid pieces of music. What are you intending to do for the new album? Can you speak about it?

The last album, Lost Together, was written over 3 years ago already. Music has changed, my life has changed, I have different influences. I don’t think It will be a shocking change but more like an evolution. Unfortunately I can’t say how it’s going to sound until it’s done, as I don’t know myself. I know I’ve been slowing down the tempo slightly and looking at new collaborators. I’m planning on writing this year for a spring 2011 release.


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Another absolutely extraordinary and interesting project by the one and only, Gilles Peterson:

Gilles Peterson presents Havana Cultura / The project

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Wagon Cookin was born from the deep passion of two brothers for good music and delicious food. Besides their affections Javier and Luis Garayalde share also the experience of living together in a genuine railway wagon which once ran on the great Trans-Eurpope-Express at the beginning of the 20th century and now is situated near Madrid in the foothills of Sierra De Gredos. Thus originates the name Wagon Cookin!
Enjoying a musical education at the conservatory from childhood on, both are skilled musicians playing several instruments like piano, bass, double bass, fagot, drums and percussion. Along with their father, the famous sax player Javier Garayalde, they have been part of various jazz bands before developing an interest in electronic music, acid jazz and house in the 1990s.

After attracting worldwide attention by releasing their first tracks on Chris Duckenfield’s label Odori they formed their own imprint Appetizers in 2001. With another series of 12"s on their own label they gained more respect which led to collaborations with people like Rainer Trüby, Gilles Peterson and Masters At Work.

In 2002 the two groove gourmets served their first longplaying dish also called Appetizers. With an album in the baggage they went on tour playing concerts in Cologne at Popkomm, in Cannes at Midem and even four consecutive nights at the mythical Blue Note in Tokyo, sharing the stage with legendary Eddie Palmieri, Azymuth, Marcos Valle and Chic Korea.
The admiration of latin music made them pack their pots and pans in 2003, leaving Madrid behind to travel across the Atlantic ocean and settle down in their new kitchen, located in Salvador de Bahia (Brazil) to create the band project Everyday Life. While the main ingredients of their aural meals remained the same, their efforts to merge electronic dance music with classical bossa and latin jazz were now flavoured by a whole bunch of talented live musicians giving the Wagon Cookin sound an enchanting deep and warm feeling. The Everyday Life album came out in 2004.

After appearing on Rainer Trüby’s “Glücklich Vol.5" Compilation some years ago Javier and Luis returned to Compost Records in 2006 with a contribution to the acclaimed Black Label 12" Series – foreshadowing more to come: the new album 2FACES – a double CD that shows the two different faces of Wagon Cookin. On one hand the style that always has been identified with them: a fusion of jazz, soul, latin, brazil, funk and house. And on the other hand some pushing club bangers, electronic disco dubs that will satisfy every state of the art DJ…now in 2008 they offering their remixes album “2Faces Remixed” features big names in the current electronic music scene who reinterpret and give a new aroma to their songs:
Osunlade, Llorca, Atjazz, Sasse, Christiam Prommer, Nacho Marco, Shape, Inverse Cinematics, Isaac and Trotz and Motor City Drum Ensemble.

Om Records is proud the bring you the new Wagon Cookin’ album available from June 2010…..
Their first single is scheduled for next February,keep your eyes open!

Listen to Wagon Cookin’- Mr.Sun

Listen to Wagon Cookin’-Mallorca

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Artillery Apparel Gallery will be Hosting another Spectacular Art Reception featuring The Mission’s finest artists that have been contributing their art to this community for over a decade. We will be featuring the paintings of Alexandra Blum, linoleum prints by Juan R. Fuentes, and Calixto Robles’ paintings, linoleum prints, and sculptures. This is an Event that you should not miss; their Art has long already impacted the Mission and will soon impact your minds.

We will also have Beats by DJ BAYSICK and Drinks by your favorite Artillery Crew.

WHERE: Artillery AG2751 Mission St.Between 24th & 23rd Mission St.TEL: 415-374-7841

So come out and show your Mission Love

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The year 2005 was a year of inflection for Om Records for different reasons but one of the most remarkable ones was the Om residency in Ibiza hosted at El Divino presenting probably one of the most exciting,innovating and interesting line ups that the Mediterranean white island had seen to date.

During those magical 3 months, Om Records moved it’s headquarters to a magnificent Villa situated in the middle of a forrest between Ibiza town and Santa Eulalia del Rio and apart from enjoying some of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, eating Bullit de Peix (a very unique and delicious fish Paella) and organizing endless after hours until the morning light, we had the chance to meet with a big part of the crazy summer fauna that inhabit the island from April till October.

Apart from all the promoters, disc jockeys, go-go dancers,club owners, wannabes, yoga teachers, taxi drivers, millionaires, opportunists and old hippies who we met with we also got in touch with an small group of visual artists who live there all year around. Peculiar characters who tend to hide from the crazy angry British tourists and who spend their time swimming naked on secret beaches (mainly by the north of the island),painting; creating beautiful pieces of art of all kinds.

One of the most remarkable ones is without a doubt is Jesus de Miguel also known as “Jesidi” or simply “Jesu” for the close friends. An artist born and raised in Guardo (a little Village in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula) who studied Art and New Visual Media in Salamanca (one of the most historical cities in Spain and where the oldest University of Europe is located) and whom after a few years working for big different important companies in Madrid ended up as the head of the art department of the Pacha Emporium (probably the biggest brand in Lifestyle/Night Entertainment in the world).
Since then, Jesu hasn’t stopped his frenetic activity as one of the most solicited artists on the island developing concepts and imagery for parties, clothing brands, record labels, clubs, and organizations such as the International Ibiza Film Festival or HOVI (International Home Video and Multimedia Ibiza Festival).

The love for the bizarre, a masterly use of the color in big canvas, surreal characters, subliminal and acid messages and an strong disobedience for the established rules are some of the characteristics of this genius artist who will shortly exhibit in San Francisco.

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