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Hailing from Portland, OR, Rocket Empire is the next wave of Om’s midtempo chilled out roster. Think early Thievery Corporation mixed with Boozoo Bajou and you’re getting close to the vibe. Their track ‘Montezuma’s Revenge’ is the #1 most played track on SIRIUS ‘Chill’ (Channel 35).

Click here to listen to the new album on iTunes.

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Groove Armada are coming to the USA for a select group of shows with the full band to celebrate their new album ‘Black Light’ (out on Om on March 2nd). These shows are not to be missed, check back soon for more info!


• Thursday, March 18th @ The Fillmore (San Francisco) tickets on sale 2/21
• Friday, March 19th @ The Fillmore (San Francisco) tickets coming soon!
• Sunday, March 21st @ Henry Fonda Theater (Los Angeles) tickets coming soon!
• Monday, March 22nd GA @ KCRW ‘Morning Becomes Eclectic’ (Santa Monica) listen online
• Wednesday, March 24th GA @ Webster Hall (New York City) tickets coming soon!
• Friday, March 26th @ ULTRA MUSIC FEST (Miami) tickets available now!
• Saturday, March 27th (DJ Set) @ ULTRA MUSIC FEST (Miami) tickets available now!


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The 2nd single from Groove Armada is finally here! Following the success of ‘I Won’t Kneel’ (single #1) comes ‘Paper Romance’ also featuring vocalist SaintSaviour in a duet w/ Fenech Soler. If these two singles are any indication, the new Groove Armada album is going to be an epic smash. Playing heavily on KCRW, ‘Paper Romance’ is an alternative electronic rock smasher issuing in a new era in Groove Armada!

Click Here To Purchase Groove Armada “Paper Romance” From iTunes

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We’re tickled pink to announce a very special new addition to our blog family, long time friend and one of our favorite music scribes, Jen Boyles! Om fans will recognize her name for in depth interviews w/ Mark Farina and Derrick Carter, Kaskade, King Kooba, Rithma, Afro-Mystik and many more. She’s been covering electronic music for over a decade! We’re honored to have her writing for us, she’s already uncovered music from New Order produced indie rockers The Scanners and quite possibly the last magazine still standing worth reading Self Titled.

Boyles has been fighting in the trenches of electronic music since there were such things as JNCOs, and for that matter, vinyl. Getting her start at super-hip alt-weekly City Pages in Minneapolis as a nightclubs and dance music reviewer, she went on to work for a whopping eight years for the now all-digital URB Magazine, and has enjoyed stints with BPM, CNET, and Chicago’s New City. She enjoys thrift stores and finding deals on cool street wear far more than the average person should and is partial to UK comedies and a bit of cheese. Her favorite interview of all time was with Mike D of the Beastie Boys. You can email her if you want at Jenboyles(at) or find her on Facebook.

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Greetings thirsty ones,

The time has come to bottle up the GPA Check out the shenanigans below…

First, I removed the labels from the bottles, rinsed and sanitized them in the oven. Look how happy I am after getting it done.

I made a simple syrup out hot water and dextrose and added it to the car boy to get the yeast all pumped up.

I stirred it in gently.

Next, I used a siphon pump to transfer the beer out of the carboy and into the bottles.

Once all the bottles have been filled, natural CO2 from the beer pushes the little amount of oxygen out of the bottles and it’s time to cap!

And voila, delicious bottled GPA! The beer will sit in the bottles for 2 weeks building up natural carbonation and then will be ready to DRINK!!!

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Awaken Cafe and Slow-Gin present a “First Friday” love songs and photography exhibition in The Town!

When: Friday, February 5th, 2010, 5-8pm

What: Slow-Gin DJ Set + Meet & greet with photographer Winston J. Dong Jr.

Where: Awaken Cafe (414 14th St, Oakland, CA – between Broadway and Franklin)

More on the exhibition from Winston himself:

What I look at in my photography—and how I take my photographs — is about pausing and taking a closer and slower look at the juxtapositions and quirkiness of everyday places and objects, how people use them, and how they change us at a particular time of the day.

I’m attempting to start a story with a picture: think about how a radio piece or a country song can give you such a strong image; I’m trying to achieve the inverse, not by focusing on portraits, but on places and parts of places and how people move through them and see them and are affected by them.

Growing up in New York, “catching the sun” was the phrase I used in my mind to describe racing through the West Village down to the Hudson River to catch the setting sun and looking at all the places and people I passed in that late afternoon light.

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Hi Everyone,

It’s been a tad over 2 weeks and the delicious GPA (Gunnther’s Pale Ale) has been chillin’ in the secondary fermenter AKA The Glass Carboy! The term carboy comes from the Persian word qarabah or qarrabah, meaning “large flagon.” It is thought that carboys originate from the Near East, where drug sellers used large glass vessels, filled with coloured liquids, especially rosewater and wine, in their stalls. While I type this, I am in the process of preparing the bottles (thank you Peter, Dimas, Megan and Heinold’s for your generous contributions). My lovely brewing assistant and myself will be bottling the GPA tonight, so if all goes well, we should be tasting this nectar of the grains on Valentines Day weekend. Keep you posted. If you live in SF and are interested in trying a brew and some new hand selected Om beats, leave a comment.…

Behold the Carboy, and the GPA begins to flow from the Deluxe Fermenter!

That’s right!

Soaking the tube in hot water softened it up so I could get it on. Nice trick, thank you Griz!

The ale flows well!

Secondary Fermentation from Gunnar Hissam on Vimeo.

Five gallons worth and we’re ready to put the rubber stopper and air lock in!


Brewed with love! Hug it out.

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Hi Everyone,

Happy NEW beer! To celebrate, I am documenting my first beer brewing experience. In a little over a month’s time, the delicious GPA (Gunnther’s Pale Ale) will be ready to taste! Thought you’d enjoy a peek into the process below…

The glorious grain BAG! Full of delicious ground up barley (that smelled like grape nuts)

The 5 gallon pot, purchased on Clement Street for $40 (a startling value).

After bringing 3 gallons o’ SF tap water to almost boil, in goes the BAG, with a heavy towel to retain warmth.

Out comes the BAG after 45 minutes of steeping to make the “WORT” – AKA Beer before fermentation AKA grain tea.

Next, 6 lbs of sweet and sticky malt extract is added to the WORT and the heat is turned up to HIGH!

…also added at this time, the UK Challenger. This is essentially hops, picked fresh, mashed up and frozen w/ liquid nitrogen (to retain freshness) into pellets. They look like rabbit food.

After 30 minutes of a firm steady rolling boil, ½ oz of the 2nd hop pellets are added along w/ something I like to call an Aflac clarifying tablet and then after another 20 minutes, the rest o’ the hops are added.

Now, 60 minutes in, the WORT has bubbled into a very FUNKY smelling hoppy soup.

Time to cool the WORT down, dipped into a cool refreshing ice bath of U LINE gel packs in the sink for 45 minutes.

Ahhh…check out Billy Dee in the background. Behold the Deluxe Fermenter (sanitized and dry).

After filling the Deluxe Fermenter with 2 1/2 gallons of cool water, 1/3 of the WORT is added and then my lovely Brewing Assistant Riya ceremoniously PITCHES the yeast!

This is then followed by a vigorous pour of the remaining 2/3 of WORT to activate the yeast w/o stirring.

The lid of the Deluxe Fermenter is snapped on, and the Italian made air lock is inserted.

Ahhh…5-6 days of primary fermentation and then out of the Deluxe Fermenter and into the secondary fermenter AKA the glass CARBOY! To be continued….

Check out this added bonus video of the air lock doing its thing:

GPA Primary Fermintation – Air Lock Bubbling from Gunnar Hissam on Vimeo.

Music listened to while brewing: Jao Gilberto ‘Amoroso / Brasil,’ Kenny Burrell ‘Blue Lights’ and Concord Picante 25th Anniversary.

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Today’s Top Tune is a free song a day, from KCRW’s all Music Channel, that represents a cross section of KCRW’s eclectic music format. Tracks selected are chosen from recent and upcoming releases as well as songs performed live on Morning Becomes Eclectic. Each song will be available for download and podcast.

DJ and remixer James Curd is the main man behind Greenskeepers. His new solo EP, The Wills and the Wonts is full of whimsical and danceable tracks including the title track and Today’s Top Tune, “The Wills and the Wonts”.

Download the track for FREE at

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The homeys over at Vimby spent the day w/ PUTS in SF documenting this little slice of life. Check out the freestyle footage at the Om studio, stage diving antics at Slim’s and some real talk about being a rap artist these days. Enjoy! PS_Dig on the photo from Guigo Lima taken backstage in Brazil.

Posted by: Gunnar Hissam on December 3, 2009 @ 11:45 AM
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