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Saturday March 31, 2007
DNA Lounge
Wriiten by Tex

I really had no idea what to expect. I hate to admit it, and I hate even more to do it, but I had no Idea who or what Bassnectar was before I got drunk off the madness. All I could coerce out of the sidewalk kids was a completely vague description; “noise, and lots of it.” Seems like it wouldn’t really tell the story about what I was about to see, would it? It was actually just faint enough of a signal to make me nervous with excitement.
Bassnectar’s (Lorin Ashton) entrance into his set was punctuated by an extremely rare and wonderful thing. He adamantly requested that his crowd move from the floor below to the stage. As the first single from his album, underground communication dropped, the collective breath of an entire club was taken away. The bass was so incredibly deep, even in the back of the club, that I wasn’’t sure air was being expelled from my lungs any longer. This feeling was unrelenting throughout the entirety of the show, by the way. The bass seemed to get deeper, and deeper.
The evening was a rollercoaster of tempos. I have never seen a crowd so emotionally tied to a four count, begging to be surprised. The tempo fell, lulled them into security, and then dropped rhythm so quick it could give you vertigo. Recovery was quick, the crowd almost instantly popping to the new set of rules forced upon their ears.
The hip hop sound of the new album seems to be a fairly deliberate move, with an overall push toward his own, already well established distinctive sound. The timing is definitely electronic. But the melody for several tracks, still shows a bay area movement toward the seamless integration of the two sounds. If the eclectic mix of colors and textures adorned by him are any indication of the success of the process it would be considered, in any context, a success.

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It’s the House of Om we’ve all been waiting for…Mark Farina! He’s done it once again with his precise mixing and unique cuts, taking you through a journey you will never forget. This album is a sure winner to get you through those spring days.

Don’t miss out, grab your copy April 24th!!!

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Hey everyone!

Here it is…full of new content, music, your favorite artists, news, releases, updates, and much much more!

Every day here at Om we are striving to bring you the best and we will continue to do so! So check back daily, we will be updating our blog section frequently to make sure you are in the know with all our happenings here at Om.

This is looking to be a BIG year for OM with releases from all over our roster. No matter what your style, there will always be something for you!

We thank you loyal fans of Om Records, for the years of love and support. We couldn’t have done it without you, and we look forward to many many more!!!

Much love-
The Om Family

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Confirmed Lineup:
Mark Farina, DJ Sneak, Bugz in the Attic (DJ Set),Peter Kruder, Bassnectar, Colette, DJ Heather, Greenskeepers (LIVE),
J Boogie, Onionz, Chris Duckenfield, Vikter, Duplaix ,Rich Medina ,Chuck Love ,Marques Wyatt, Tarantulaz feat. Monique Bingham, Andy Caldwell, Landshark (LIVE), Mr. C ,Mike Monday, Johnny Fiasco, JT Donaldson, Fred Everything, Jason Hodges, Joey Youngman, Hipp-e, Jake Childs, Kiko, Navarro, Troydon, John Howard, PC Synergy, Afrodisiac Sound System, Sake One, DJ Fluid, DJ Missill,& Special Surprise Guests To Be Announced

Advance tickets available here

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