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Hello Om lovers. I have some exciting news. The Om store has just received a major update and is now being run in-house by Om. This means that getting Om gear has just been made much easier.
There’s a whole new line of clothing available featuring fly new T-shirts for girls and guys in a variety of different colors and styles. We’ve also added Limited Edition Mushroom Jazz 6 USB mixtapes! Hit up the ‘Gear’ section of out website to check out the recent goodies just added. Also for all you music collectors, browse through the music section for some rare (almost out of print) pieces we just added.
Also, moving forward we are throwing free giveaways in with all your orders!

To kick off the first week the re-launch, we’re introducing the first ever “Best of the Store”. This weekly Blog entry will highlight the latest must haves, from a rare restock on previously out of print vinyl to limited edition items you can only find at Here is this week’s top four pieces….Enjoy!



Omster T-shirts

Introducing Omster (Om’s version of a hipster). One part hipster… part old school….always legit. These new shirts are printed on high quality American Apparel and come in a variety of colors. Already a favorite amongst J-Boogie and the Om Staff. Pick up your shirt now before they go out of print!


Mark Farina – Mushroom Jazz Vol. 6 CD

The No. 1 Electronic Record on iTunes US, Canada, and more! Believe the hype! For those of you who purchased the release digital, I’d recommend heading over to the Om store immediately and picking up a physical copy. Mushroom Jazz Vol. 6 is printed on cardboard chipboard and is recyclable. It will have music collectors and art fanatics raving about this.


Limited Edition USB Mix Tape

Attention all music & art fanatics! Get your credit cards out immediately and make purchase…these limited edition USB Mixtapes. Merging the oldschool with the new, Om is happy to release these limited edition Mixtapes. Designed to look like an old school mixtape that Mark Farina would hand out at gigs, these fine pieces of art come preloaded with a digital version (320kps MP3) and digital booklet. Only available at a handful of retail locations, we’ve secured a handful for the hardcore Omies here.


Soulstice – The Reason (DJ Spinna / J-Boogie Remix) 12"

For you vinyl record collectors, we have a good one for you. Back in limited stock (only 30 copies left in print), Soulstice’s “The Reason,” remixed by electronic soul legend, DJ Spinna, along with Om’s very own local Bay Area legend in the making, J-Boogie. This Om classic piece of wax has been out of stock for over 6 years. Get it now, before it’s too late.

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Cates&dpL Blast

Click the banner above to download the Cates&dpL (Bootleg Remix) of Nina Simone ‘Fly High’

In the music game since 2003, talented duo Jon Cates and Dave Lind, collectively known as Cates&dpL are preparing to drop their first full-length album with Om Records entitled ‘Through the Weekend’ in 2009. Cates&dpL were signed to Om in the spring of 2008, and bring a unique sound and versatile style to the electronic music division of Om. This duo have been featured on many of Om’s most popular compilations of the past year, including ‘Om Ibiza 2008,’ ‘Downtempo Garden,’ ‘Sounds of Om Volume 6,’ ‘Om Chilled 2’ and ‘Om Miami 2008.’ In addition to providing their fans with original works, Cates&dpL have proven to be remix masters and have earned much notoriety in their short career including a #1 remix on Beatport’s Breaks Downloads, a feature on James Zabiela’s DJ Mag CD and a feature on the Global Underground Paris compilation – mixed by Nick Warren.

The new album “Through The Weekend,” which drops in 2009, showcases Cates&dpL’s chameleon-like ability to provide an array of different sounds and styles, always keeping their listeners on their toes. Check out their artist page HERE and check back for more info about the release of “Through the Weekend” coming soon.

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J-Boogie's Dubtronic Science 'Inferno' Video World Premier

Check it out! Filmed in San Francisco at the world famous Club Mighty, ‘Inferno’ is a tribute to the old school roller skating jammy jam. The video features Lunar Heights rocking the mic and a colorful cast of SF’s finest busting moves on the hard woods.

More on J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science:

“The latest release, Soul Vibrations, is a funky mash up of hip hop and soul, dubbed out with great collaborations from a slew of artists on the underground music scene.” – Nu-Soul Magazine

“SF resident Justin ‘J-Boogie’ Boland indulges the cities cravings on his second proper album, which mixes pan-global urban music styles and myriad vocal talents for a satisfying multicultural creation.’ – SFBG

“Man, this record is fresh. For those that never forgot the groove – we salute you! For real, listening to ‘Soul Vibrations’ reminds me of that first day of summer when everything is just perfect. This is EXACTLY the type of sound I needed in my life right now…” – The Rub

“Using numerous guest vocalists and rappers, J-Boogie brilliantly mashes up soul, jazz, hip-hop, dance, and dub to create a wonderfully inventive and totally individual musical style,” – XLR8R

“Too many jocks see barriers between house, disco, and hip hop, whereas J-Boogie only sees opportunities, and that’s part of what makes him so special” – Alarm Magazine

“[With Dubtronic Science] J. Boogie once again proves why he’s one of the best in the game by always moving forward, keeping the productions tight, and ALWAYS having a track with a good beat so you can dance to it.” – URB

“Pick virtually any track to be captivated by the depth and vitality of the arrangements, the ways in which bumping beats, rap vocals, jazz horns, and all the other myriad elements pull together… Simply put, this is essential music” – Toledo Blade

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Mike Monday- iTunes Video of the Week!

There is some very exciting stuff happening this week in the trippy, weird, and wonderful world of Mike Monday. The psychedelic technicolor masterpiece that is the Mike Monday ‘Catnip’ animated video has been chosen as the iTunes USA video of the week! iTunes only chooses one video every week from their entire music video library and this week that honor was given to the little blue man and his evil kitty stalker. While this is very exciting for the little blue man, it is just as exciting for you, because video of the week on iTunes also means a FREE iTunes video download in crystal clear high resolution. If you thought you were trippin’ before when watching this video, buckle your seatbelt because you will see more of this colorful musical play-land than ever before! So take full advantage of what iTunes if offering you this week and don’t just watch on your laptops, but take this magical mystical adventure of a music video in to the world with you on your iphones, blackberries and ipods. To go to the iTunes Store homepage, click the banner above and download away!!! :)

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Love Fest Wrap Up

Back to reality time folks, the LoveFest weekend has come to a close and I’m sure that all over San Francisco people are popping extra strength Tylenol and double fisting lattes and espressos to make it through their post LoveFest work days. 2008 Love Fest was another great success! Although it rained on Friday night and was predicted to rain all day Saturday, the Love Gods, and 100,000 half naked, rainbow sparkle covered, booty shaking citizens brought out the sunshine.

A midst the thousands of dancing ravers, rainbow bright girls, feathers and glow-sticks, the Om records float was rockin’ it from 11:30 am on, starting off at 2nd and Market and bumpin’ down to civic center plaza. If you didn’t get a chance to see it, The Om float was a glowing green botanical garden slash dance party on wheels, draped in giant inflatable flowers, fully equipped with turn tables and massive speakers providing all of the necessities for an all day out door club experience.

After the sun set on LoveFest, Om and kept the party goin’ with the Love Is A Trip after party. Mezzanine was filled to the brim with people who were eager to keep the day rollin’. The event featured Mark Farina, Mike Monday, King Britt, DJ Fluid and upstairs in the Lounge sets were spun by Rich Medina, Rob G and J-Boogie. The night was a huge success! Downstairs partygoers were fist pumpin’ and booty bumpin’ to some serious electronic dance beats, while up in the lounge the speakers slapped funky hip-hop and Latin grooves. The fun continued until the early hours of Sunday morning, making this LoveFest weekend well worth the hangovers and exhaustion that is surely being felt by all.

LoveFest 08 Om style was a kick ass time, hope you all had fun and if you wanna re-live the experience before next year’s fest check out our pics!

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MJ6 Tour heads up!

As the Mushroom Jazz 6 album debut on October 21st approaches, Mushroom Jazz fans everywhere are itching for the instrumental down-tempo mash up of hip-hop and soul beats that the Mushroom Jazz master and creator Mark Farina has in store for them. With the arrival of the album, Mark Farina is takin’ MJ6 to the streets for a live cross-country tour and will be stoppin’ through a city near you. The Mushroom Jazz 6 tour will be coasting through various intimate locations stirring up some funky soulful down-tempo luvin’ mixing the genius of Mark Farina and live instrumentation, just as Mushroom Jazz was intended to be experienced. While the full concert schedule has not yet been finalized, here are some preliminary dates to get those wheels in your brain turnin’, but be sure to check back for more.

Pre release dates for October:
Thursday 10/2 Seattle, Last Supper Club
Friday 10/3 Victoria BC, Hush
Thursday 10/9 Kauai, Par 4 Da Course
Friday 10/10 Maui, Longhi’s
Saturday 10/11 Oahu, Pipeline
Friday 10/17 Calgary, Tangerine Supperclub

Official Tour Dates for October:
Saturday 10/18 San Francisco, Mighty
Tuesday 10/21 Orange County, Focus @ Tapas
Friday 10/24 Brooklyn, Studio B

Official Tour Dates for November:
Saturday 11/15 Los Angeles, Avalon
Thursday 11/20 Edmonton, Halo
Friday 11/21 Winnipeg, Exchange Event Center
Saturday 11/29 San Francisco, Mezzanine

Official Tour Dates for December:
Thursday 12/4 Halifax, Pacifico
Saturday 12/6 New York, Sullivan Room

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J-Boogie Flash Site

With the release of his newest creation “Soul Vibrations,” a lot has been going on in our boy J-Boogie’s funky world. If you haven’t yet tasted a sample of the new album, I would recommend that you do so immediately because it has become an instant hit, gracing the top of iTunes’ Electronic Music albums chart at #3 in the first week of its release. J-boogie’s already massive fan-base is rapidly multiplying and these fans need somewhere to go for their J-boogie fix. For easy access to everything J-boogie as his newest album, check out the J-boogie Flash Site. The site hooks you up with a direct link to J-boogie on iTunes, samples of the new album, J-boogie concert updates, images, and more.

Peep it and enjoy!

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MJ6 Tour heads up!

Om Records and Mighty are throwing down a record release fiesta in honor of DJ Mark Farina’s critically acclaimed new ‘Mushroom Jazz v. 6’ and J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science’s iTunes charting ‘Soul Vibrations.’ Join us as we get down as only San Francisco knows how to do with the head maestro himself, Mark Farina, along with a LIVE performance from J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science and an opening set by Julius Papp. But that’s not all! In the lounge, don’t miss a DJ set from Om Hip-Hop’s crushing menace, Colossus, joined by Kero One, The Whooligan and G-off of 40Love. It’s time to enjoy the delicious bumping beats and it’s all going down October 18th at 10pm. (DF)

See you there!

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Kaskade the Om Remixes drops October 7th

On October 7th. Om is releasing a compilation of hits from sexy techno mix master Kaskade. ‘Kaskade the Om Remixes’ features a rare collection of out of print remixes, never before released on CD. ‘Kaskade the Om Remixes’ showcases the early years of Kaskade’s hit making career with Om records. The first track on the album is Kaskade’s extended remix of Colette’s hit ‘Hypnotized’. This high energy track, with a slow and soulful groovy undercurrent kept booties shakin’ all the way to the #1 spot on the Billboard dance chart, and sets the tone as the first track for the entire 12 track collection. I’m also really feelin’ the love on Track 11, which features Kaskade’s remix of Rithma’s track Builder’. Let’s just say the Kaskade wasn’t lying when he titled this track the ’Let’s Make Out Mix’. With its slow and sexy body rockin’ feel, this song shows why Kaskade’s hits have been on high demand from the dance floor, to the tops of the charts, to soundtracks like the new Sex and the City movie. If you are like me, and frequently host sensual techno dance parties in your basement, then having access to these rare and never before released tracks on ‘Kaskade the Om Remixes’ will be sure to enhance your music library, and your social life.

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Are you ready for Raashan Ahmad TV?

Now that Raashan Ahmad’s new release ‘The Push’ has dominated your play list, are you feeling like you need some more Raashan in your life? Check out Raashan Ahmad TV to get a behind the scenes look into the life of your boy Raashan. Whether he’s performing live across the country, promoting his new album, kickin’ it with fans, laying down tracks in the back of his ride on tour with Giant Panda, or just actin’ a fool with the Crown City Rockers, there’s always something going down on Raashan Ahmad TV. There is no question that in the life of Raashan, music is always number one. Salt and pepper shakers at a late night diner become a recreation of the “Push It” video, and newspaper headlines about our future president Barack Obama are food for a freestyle. Check out Raashan Ahmad TV to see how his life inspires his music, and music inspires his life.

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