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Thanks to the good folks at, we’ve spotted a new DJ mix from Aeroplane. Now only one person, this is the first solo music endeavor since Vito Deluca split from Stephan Fasano. Track list and stream below. Keep your eyes peeled for information on the new record, We Can’t Fly hitting stores soon.

1. Sweet G – Games People Play ( Instrumental )
2. Sarah Dash – Low Down Dirty Rhythm
3. Koto – Chinese Revenge ( Maxi Version )
4. Everything Everything – My Kz, Ur Bf ( Grum Remix )
5. Sheharzad – Yalla Yalla ( Kid Who Remix )
6. Chromeo – Don’t Turn the Lights On ( Aeroplane Remix )
7. Omar – Feeling You ( Henrik Schwarz Remix )
8. The Chemical Brothers – Swoon ( Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix )
9. Goldfrapp – Believer ( Joris Voorn Remix )
10. Yoko Ono – Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him

Aeroplane Late July Mix by Aeroplane (Official)

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Check out J-Boogie’s Night Fever mix recorded live at the Scoot Inn in Austin, TX for the Wax Poetics Issue 42 release party. Jam out with J-Boogie as he explores the soul classics from Curtis Mayfield, Skull Snaps, Bill Withers, Al Green, Shalamar, The J.B.s and more. Big ups to Brooklyn Radio, J-Boogie and Beatsauce crew for sending this through.

Beatsauce: J-Boogie
Night Fever: The R&B edition

Curtis Mayfield – Give Me Your Love
Barry White & Love Unlimited Orchestra – Playing Your Game, Baby
Teddy Pendergrass – Close the Door
Shalamar – This Is For The Lover In You
Erykah Badu – Turn Me Away (Get Munny)
War – Night People
Parliament – Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication
Undisputed Truth – Undisputed (How & Why Disco Edit)
The J.B.‘s – (It’s Not The Express) It’s The J.B.‘s Monaurail
Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythmn Band – Express Yourself
Skull Snaps – It’s a New Day
Bill Withers – Lovely Day (DJ Eleven do-over)
Al Green – Let’s Stay Together Remix
Stevie Wonder – cheri amore remix
Gwen McCrae – Funky Sensation rmx
Zhane – Hey Mr. D.J. [Remix]
Leela James – Good Time
Faith Evans – Love Like This
Chic – Chic Cheer
Roy Ayers – Love Will Bring Us Back Together Again

Click here to stream.
Click here to download.

For more info on Beatsauce Radio please visit Brooklyn Radio.

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This past Sunday, Underworld had the chance to bring their live show to the white shores of Ibiza. And from the sounds of it, they made quite an impression. The show was recorded as an essential mix for BBC 1, but don’t worry, we got a link for you to download the show right below. Enjoy!

Click here to check out the set! (Right click to save)

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In order to be this prolific I’m learning how to let go fast.

After a total meltdown on Saturday afternoon, I faced the very real possibility of releasing something on Monday that I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about.

This goes against every fibre of my being. But to follow through on what I’ve very publicly set out to do, I sat there attempting to finish something I wasn’t sure about. This is in stark contrast to my experience so far.

I didn’t even know whether this lack of enthusiasm was due to the music being pants or my state of mind/level or tiredness at the time, as (to coin a phrase) “my mind was telling me no but my body was telling me yes”. So I went and had a freak out on the ever sympathetic Mrs. Monday before pulling myself together and attempting to get back to it.

When I sat down I indulged in a little procrastination and followed a tweet to this article on how to be prolific. While the tone of the post irritated me, the underlying thrust of it changed the way I thought about what I was doing. For the better.

This project as a whole is more important than the sum of its parts. If I end up writing something that I’m not 100% happy with, then so what? I’ve another chance to write my masterpiece the following week. Its more important to get something out, anything, than nothing at all.

And with this new understanding I promptly nailed this weeks track “Crush” within 24 hours, and ended up loving it. Its one of my favourites so far. Isn’t it amazing what a little targeted procrastination can do?

Click here to download “Crush” for free.

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Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain,. Earth. People. Machinery rolling on rings of rubber.Mud, mud, mud, mud, mud, mud, mud, mud, mud,, mud, mud, mud, mud, mud, mud, mud, mud, mud. Dance?

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From Fred Everything: This is the first part of my humble tribute to my favorite record store in the world who, sadly, closed its door 2 weeks ago. I was fortunate enough to be a part if this store as a salesman in the mid/late 90s and continued as a customer until they closed. This mix focuses on the 96-99 sound, one of my favorite time for House Music. Thx to Christian Pronovost for the years of dedication and to my good friend Phil Larochelle for helping down memory lane with the tracklisting of this mix. This was all done Live, 2 turntables and a mixer. Recorded on a friday afternoon, our weekly Record store day in Montreal. Enjoy!

1.Romanthony-The Wanderer-Prescription
2.Nuyorican Soul-Mind Fluid-Nervous
3.Faze Action-In The Trees-Nuphonic
4.Salt City Orchestra-Issue One-Paper
5.Mateo & Matos-NYC Style-Spiritual Life
6.Idjut Boys-Beatin’ On Dave-UStar
7.Mutabaruka-Dis Poem (Reel Houze)-Guidance
8.Black Science Orchestra-Save Us-JBO
9.Chez Damier-Untitled-KMS
10.Jedi Knights-One 4 Maw-Global Communication
11.Moodymann-I Can’t Kick This Feeling-KDJ
12.Mood || Swing-Do It Your Way-Groove On
13.Todd Edwards-Save My Life-I
14.Pepe Bradock-4-Kif
15.Atmosfear-Dancing In Outter Space (MAW)-Disorient

Listen & Download: Fred Everything Tribute Mix To Inbeat (Download via

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There have been plenty of great documentaries on the birth of movements of music (see one of my favorites, Maestro). Chicago’s Five Magazine, takes a stab at the birth of Chicago house. Featured in the video are the likes of Mark Farina, Colette, James Curd, Justin Long, Diz, Green Velvet, Lil Louis, Lego, Mazi, Mark Grant, Santiago & Bushido, Frankie Knuckles, Ron Trent, Stacy Kidd, and many many more.

Click here to watch the video.

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I’m told that if you’re on the right path in life you won’t procrastinate.

But I’ve never believed it until now. Before I could start on this weeks track I had to complete some other studio work (the increasingly rare kind that pays money) and procrastinated terribly until I could no more and just about hit the deadline on Friday. While doing this work I felt listless, uninspired and that irresistible urge to catch up on the goings on in Ramsey Street and Summer Bay.

Contrast that with my demeanour from Friday onwards where I couldn’t wait to get into the studio. We all have to do stuff that we’d rather not, but the difference in my attitude and general work rate was startling.

I’ve yet to work out what part of this project is getting me so energised, whether its immediacy, the freedom I’m allowing myself, or the feedback, but I think for now I’ll just go with it. This music lark is fun innit?

So when I finally got around to it on Friday my challenge was to write a piece of music that would appeal to a house or techno DJ but which would also work on a home listening album. The problem I have with most albums by artists who usually write for the dancefloor (and I include myself as one of them) is that what works in your average house or techno club simply doesn’t translate well to the home stereo. Unless you’re having a party in your kitchen.

So why bother writing any house or techno for this album at all? Or why bother writing an album, why not stick to writing tracky tracks?

Because if I’m to follow through with what I said in my style vs genre piece, it should be possible to write house or techno that fits my vision. And with “Contains Nuts” I feel I have, or at least gone some way in getting there.

Stuff I Learnt This Week

1/ Writing music is like being in love. You know when its right because you won’t care about anything else.

2/ The number of hours spent writing or producing a piece of music is not proportional to its quality. Its more likely that the opposite is true.

3/ Too much leaves one wanting less. On Sunday I wasted a good few hours undoing what I had done on Saturday evening. I must continue to stop myself from over-producing. And yes, I’ve said it every week so far.

The Music

Two different mixes this week, the album version is of course completely free and you can get the extended club mix (specifically tailored for high-volume night-time use in front of a sweaty mass of baying punters at your local discotheque) for 99p.

Listen & Download: Mike Monday “Contain Nuts (Album Version)” (Download via Here)

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Round 4 – Here is round four of a photo shoot Samantha James did with 17 year old photographer, Jacqueline Rivera of She’s Jack. Check it out here. Samanatha James “Subconscisous” will be out soon featuring remixes from Eric Kupper, Marques Wyatt, Them Jeans, Nacho Marco, and more.

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