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The LA-based, Pat Grossi (aka Active Child) may leave some heads tuned out, but definitely not mine. His unique love for synths and spacey moany manipulated vocals create this sound that is uniquely his. With remixers Classixx on board, the three have seem to have found a perfect marriage. Classixx‘s remix takes Active Child’s “When Your Love is Safe”, and turns it out to a modern-day 80’s pop ballad.

Download the Classixx remix of Active Child here at

Listen to Active Child on Morning Becomes Eclectic Here.

Listen: Active Child “When Your Love Is Gone (Classixx Remix)”

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Always loved a Film is taken from the forthcoming album ‘Barking’. Visit for more information and updates.

Click here to check out Scribble on Itunes.

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I’ll be in your poem if you’ll be in mine. Your eyes are dim but your feet are bright, dressed in this seasons colours. Sheltering from the heat, wrapped in the decadence of air-conditioned luxury, watched by the electric-eye of another CCTV. Rick locked in a box mixing live recordings for the World. Hyde scraping poetry off the streets of the Emerald City. Rewarded by the regular visit to the Bernard Jacobson Gallery, clearing a sonic space between the ears with SUPERMAN.

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Thanks to, i found a stream to the new Cut Chemist Record Sounds of the Police which is an Afro-Latin mixtape created with one turntable and a loop pedal. You can stream the session on here. Make sure to visit for an exlclusive download of ‘Adidas vs Adis.’

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It’s your turn to vote on your favorite Amp Live ‘Turn it Up’ Remix on Indaba Music. With over 300 remixes submitted, it took me close to 8 hours to go through them all. Visit the Indaba Music Amp Live Remix page to cast your vote. Stay tuned next week for the announcement of the winners.

Remixers sorted by popularity.

Remixes sorted radomly.

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Long time friends, Kruder & Dorfmeister, are bringing their live show back to the North America for the first time in years! All this in celebration of sixteen years of their legendary Viennese label, G-Stone Recordings, founded by Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister. The legends are making the trek to North America playing a full live set featuring new music and classics from K&D and Tosca. Definitely not to be missed!

Dates So Far

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010 – New York, CA @ Nokia – Purchase Tickets
Wednesday, October 13th, 2010 – Montreal, Canada @ Metropolis – Purchase Tickets
Friday, October 15th, 2010 – Los Angeles, CA @ Nokia Club – Purchase Tickets
Saturday, October 16th, 2010 – San Francisco, CA @ Treasure Island Music Festival - Purchase Tickets

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Every Monday from July 19th to September 20th 2010 I’m releasing a new track for a very reasonable $0. You can download all the tracks in any format and quality (by clicking “download” under the player to the left of this page) and the whole album will remain free to download until 27th September 2010.

And as I continue with this 10 tracks 10 weeks project I’ll talk about how its going over in my studio diary. And if you want to know what the blazes moved me to embark on this harebrained scheme you can find out here
Until September 27th you won’t be able to find the tracks anywhere else (legally anyway) and I’d respectfully request that you don’t distribute the files yourself.

Instead please send people to this site where they can get it themselves for free. Alternatively you could embed the track players wherever you wish on the world wide web by clicking “share” beneath the player.

If the music delights and astounds you so much that you simply have to fork out some of your hard-earned moolah, then please be my guest and click the donate button, but that is completely up to you, I’ll still love you just as much.

To make sure you don’t miss out on any of this free music subscribe to my RSS feed (what is RSS?) which will inform you whenever I put a new track up.

I hope you enjoy the music as much as I’m loving making it.

Listen & Download: Mike Monday “Hello Hello” (Download via Here)

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We’re so excited here to have Brooklyn-based artist Si*Se playing in an intimate stripped down PA set for us here in September at the Hotel Vitale (Free with RSVP here).

Check out “This Love” from their new Gold EP. You can also find remixes from fellow Si*Se bandmate, The Crystal Pharoah.

Listen Si*Se “This Love (The Crystal Pharoah Remix)”

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Cut Copy’s Dan Whitford and DJ Belgium are the producers behind Voltage. They’ve just dropped the first official release on Australian indie label, Cutters Records.

The Chromeo / Hercules & Love Affair sounding, “All Night” features vocals from Ivan Vizintin of the band Ghroul. The full single features remixes from In Flagranti, Illija Rudman, Munk, Turkish Prison, and remixers on everyone’s hot list, Azari & Ill.

Click here to purchase from Beatport.

Listen Voltage “All Night”

Listen Voltage “All Night (Azari & III Remix)” (Download via

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