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Attention all you Samantha James fans out there. We know you are live and active on our site and screaming for content. We’re giving you something special. In anticipation of her new album, “Subconscious”, we’ll be releasing leaks of tracks from the upcoming album every Monday & Friday leading up to the pre-release on iTunes on June 8th (everywhere else on June 22nd). You can already listen to “Waves of Change” and “Amber Sky” now.

You can listen to all the leaks here at Om Records or on Samantha’s Artist Page. You can also check out a Behind the Scenes of Subconscious video.

Share it, Facebook it, dedicate it, flip it or reverse it…Keep checking back every Monday and Friday for the next few weeks.

Follow Samantha James on Facebook here.

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5/20 Habitat,Calgary
5/22 Fortune,Vancouver
5/23 100 Bar,Edmonton
5/28 Mercury Lounge,Ottawa
5/29 Salon Daome, Montreal
5/30 In Stereo (official after party), Detroit DEMF
6/05 Shakedown, Philadelphia
6/12 Chicago,Smart Bar
7/02 Paradise Lounge, San Francisco
7/17-18 Sullivan Room, Water Taxi Beach, New York
7/31 Venue tba, Atlanta
8/1 Standard, LA
9/11 Budapest (tbc)

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Get a close look at the French Underground Hip Hop scene, as Raashan Ahmad rhymes and hangs with the locals.

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For those of you who haven’t heard, Samantha James has a new album coming out entitled “Subconscious.” But alas, we must wait until June 8th to enjoy this momentous release. Or until iTunes exclusively features it. But until then, here is are some behind-the-scenes photos from her new video EPK.

Check out Samantha’s Facebook Profile to see the rest of the photos. And while your at it, listen to the first single from the album, “Waves of Change.”

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There has been a lot of reinventions going on in the music world. It’s been over a decade since UNKLE has released an album. The group is back with a new member and new sound. James Levelle along with new member Pablo Clements, have just released the new album ‘Where Did The Night Fall’. Gone are the days of the trip-hop sound, sampled beats, DJ Shadow collabos, and breakbeat experiments. This time around, the duo has opted for a more industrial / Brit rock sound full of basslines, guitars, distorted vocals, and more. Featured on vocals are a plethora of musicians from all across Europe including Katrina Ford, Black Angels, Autolux, Elle J, Big In Japan, and more.

The new record draws inspiration from groups like Radiohead, Muse, Broken Social Scene, and even Joy Divison. ‘Where Did The Night Full’ art translates well as an indication to the content of the album. The tracks are moody song songs as opposed to sonic experiments.

Where Did The Night Fall EPK Part Three

UNKLE | MySpace Music Videos

Lavelle and Celements have stepped it up to become more than just producers with this new record. Although some may argue that is a less than mediocre return (did you really expect another “In A State”?), the guys are definitely headed in the right direction.

Click here to purchase from iTunes.

Listen: UNKLE “Natural Selection”

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Belgium-based band, Aeroplane is gearing to release up to release their debut artist album later this year. The boys recently joined a massive line up to celebrate Pete Tong’s 500th Essential Mix event at Circus Liverpool. They almost never made it to the gig after being here in the states for Coachella (check out Aeroplane playing Om / Child’s Play James Curd at Coachella) and having Volcano issues.

Download their mix here.

Listen & Download: Aeroplane 500th Essential Mix

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Get ready for the first Om:Masters Volume.
Remember,available worldwide from May the 18th!
Hope you enjoy this teaser….

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Greenskeepers are back! ‘Live Like You Wanna Live’ is the first single off of their new album also called ‘Live Like You Wanna Live’ out at the end of July going back to the original cast of Greenskeepers but with a surprise addition. This album was written by Curd and Maurer, with Curd producing it from his Chicago studio. He focused on creating upbeat hooks using an array of vintage analog keyboards, fusing together guitars and Maurer’s vocals. With the music laid down, Maurer and Curd began the song writing.

To give the album a twist, Tommie Sunshine was brought into the mix. Tommie took all the separate song parts and put them back together adding live drums, sharp cutting synths to add an overall edge to the album. The result is a new Greenskeepers sound that takes the listener on an audio journey to many different places. With catchy choruses, clever lyrics and non-stop energy, this album inspires you to encapsulate it’s title to “Live Like You Want To Live”.

The single features remixes from Tommie Sunshine, Stereoheroes, James Curd and the infamous Wallpaper. Take a listen to the streams below and don’t forget to visit ITUNES if you like what you hear.

Listen: Greenskeepers – Live Like You Wanna Live (Original)

Listen: Greenskeepers – Live Like You Wanna Live (Tommie Sunshine’s Reverser Remix)

Click here to listen and buy the entire single on Itunes.

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Limited print fashion / art magazine, Visionaire Magazine is coming out with Issue 58 titled “Spirit”. The issue features a dedication to recently passed fashion designer Alexander Mcqueen and features artist Nick Knight, Steven Klein, Lady Gaga, and more.

Published only three times a year in a very limited run, Visionaire features a different format and theme with each issue. They’ve released magazines in box sets, circular containers, and more.

Preorder your copy now at

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From Bassnectar:

We have so much love and appreciation for all the the fans, the bass heads, and the supporters who have helped make us what we are today. So now we are offering you the exclusive access to a brand new tune – the Bassnectar remix of Seek & Destroy by Metallica.

It has been our secret weapon since it was unleashed on the crowd at Coachella, and now it is ready to be yours. Metallica was responsible for my first true moment of “OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT NOISE?!?!?!” way way way back when i was a little kid.

Seek & Destroy is one of their anthems from their old school days of ripping up rooms and melting faces, and this is a tribute to their churning, freakshow force; reworked and resmashed into a new bass bath of pure, heavy, undulating crush music.

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