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Film director Spike Jonze sat down with the owners of one of the most unique retail boutiques, Opening Ceremony. Spike gets the background on how the store started and their unique vision. This is not the first time the director has sat down with the brains behind Opening Ceremony. Spike and Opening Ceremony collaborated on a limited line for the release of “Where the Wild Things Are”.

Updated: Check out Part 2 here.

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An amazing music video to an amazing song. All except for the Bruce Willis guest appearance.

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Stussy Deluxe enlisted famed photographer Mark Borthwick for their Spring 2010 Lookbook. The Brroklyn based, experimental filmmaker, photographer and musician is best known for his award winning photography. Check out the Stussy Deluxe Lookbook here.

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Grame Clark (aka The Revenge) is one of the most talked about artist of the moment. Graeme began producing in his early teenage years, making a skewed blend of electronic music using a couple of his dad’s old drum machines and a sampler. Influenced by his parents collection of rock, soul and funk aswell as eighties daytime radio and the burgeoning rave scene, he began the process of dissecting and re-imagining the music.

Productions for his own labels Instruments Of Rapture, Five20East and his DJ edits for L.E.S.S. Productions have had across-the-board support from scene heavyweights including Danny Krivit, Jimpster, Radio Slave, Prins Thomas, Fabrice Lig, Todd Terje, The Unabombers, and more.

Graeme has also provided his engineering experience to several projects over the past few years and has recently mastered Harri & Domenic’s 20 Years Underground / Sub Club mix for Soma aswell as new material for Mark E, Jisco, Under The Shade and Fine Art Recordings. His other collaborative projects currently include Deportivo Street Team, OOFT!, Cronk Family Enterprises, 6th Borough Project and The Hong Kong Micros.

Catch The Revenge at Om Miami 2010.

Listen: The Revenge Delusions of Grandeur Podcast

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Aaaah MUSIC… that sweet, sweet fuck-all else of a ride. What else is there? To paraphrase the once great, now sadly laughable singer from one of the greatest bands in recent history, THE VERVE’s Richard Ashcroft, “… the feeling you get from live music can’t be bought from any drug dealer in the world”.

Indeed… gotta love those “Holy Shit!” moments of awesome. The ones that give you “THAT GRIN”, like yer seeing something special. I was just in one of those same moments this weekend for the Noise Pop festival in SF. I was lucky enough to get into the sold-out MEMORY TAPES show at the Bottom of the Hill, but my joy wasn’t just for the chance to see the headliner, i was super-charged to see a local band called BIRDS AND BATTERIES.

Their sound is fresh, as it should be. In today’s age, where “everything” has been done (not really-have faith in creative evolution, monkies!), it seems like the most exciting shit comes out of the deepest grab bag of influences. Take a band like OASIS… they’ve written some great songs, but when you admittedly sound like the BEATLES and the STONES, i can pretty much see where yer going. A band like ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, on the other hand, who pull from so many areas, are at the forefront of what’s possible in bringing nuance to what we know is already out there. Just being different doesn’t mean it’s gonna be cool (BJORK’s Medulla anyone?), but it sets the possibility of something that pushes the boundaries to be a new form of great…. SF’s own BIRDS AND BATTERIES do that for me and many others. They brought Noise Pop attendees a fresh style of music that brought to mind the production values of the DFA label’s dirty rock disco, and the psychedelic song-writing side of SUPER FURRY ANIMALS, all delivered in a TALKING HEADS-ish package ripe and ready for the indie-rock dance floor. And they did it with “THAT GRIN”, which made the rounds throughout Bottom of the Hill after their set. So it’s with “THAT GRIN” that i offer my first blog for my dear friends at OM… that grin, and a message to music rookies and vets… fuck apathetic complacency. Dig deep and find something that moves you. It’s out there… somewhere.

As always,

Loving you…. sooooo loving you…..

COLE (just can’t get enough)


Listen & Download: Birds & Batteries “Out In The Woods” (Right Click To Download)

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A weekly feature here on the Om blogs starting today, JB’s Friday Free-4-All aims for one thing: no file expunging from downloader’s remorse. Let me know if you like the tracks and post your own in the comments if you have any to share with us this go-round.

1. Nneka feat. Jay Electronica – Walking (J. Period Mix)
Nneka is the next big soul voice in electronic music, highlighted here in this breezy jam. Another one to check out if you like mystical d&b is a Chase & Status remix of her song “Heartbeat”.

2. Orbital – Halcyon & On (FM Campers Dubstep Mix)
One of the most beautiful electronica songs ever made gets the dubstep treatment.

3. Jason Tyler – EZ2LUV
Chicago/Miami producer Jason Tyler strikes gold in really capturing the soul of millennial house music but with a newish twist reminiscent of Armand and A-Trak’s Duck Sauce project. Is heavy sampling on the upswing?

4. Jay Z vs Bugz In The Attic – Change Consequences (So Gold + Booka B edit)
The Minneapolis duo makes a memorable mashup by mating a Jay Z classic and a jazzy house track by Bugz. Tasty!

5. Green Velvet feat. Kid Sister – Everybody Wants
Easily one of Kid Sister’s best tracks to date, “Everybody Wants” really hones in on her rhyme style, and GV’s sparse but dirty beats are a perfect compliment to her vocals.

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There is nothing that compares to listening to Mark Farina do his thing live. Our recent Om Cast from Farina was recorded with one take live. Here Farina gives fans another podcast recorded live from Mighty in San Francisco.
You all have been begging for the tracklisting from his Om cast. Here we’ve given you what you ask for.


01. The Ode To Lilian (DJ Uncle Milty Violin Mix) | Uncle Milty | Whitebeard Records
02. ?
03. The Method | Dimitri | Sampled Rec.
04. Dance This Way | Miles Maeda | Promo
05. Record Drops | Max Herbert | Promo
06. Nothing But The Funk | Derek Dunbar | Promo
07. Yeah C’mon | The Untouchables | Strictly Rhythm
08. I Got You | Tuff Jam
09. Jenna Jazz | Someone Else | Promo
10. Sometimes I Feel Like | Chez n Ron | Prescription
11. Chicago Theme | DJ Sneak | Robsoul
12. Forger This | Fries and Bridges | Adult Only
13. Be My Baby | James Cured | Igloo
14. Bones | Lil Mark | Flapjack
15. Mid Tenn Strut | Wattle Green | Flapjack
16. Classic Shit | Dimitri | Sampled
17. That’s How | Mark Farina (Ken ECB Mix) | Great Lakes Audio
18. FOTG 101 | Lurob | Promo
19. Give You Up | Willie Graff and Tuccillo | Freerange
20. ? | Jack City Murduh | Sampled
21. Sea Lion Woman | Wattle Green | Flapjack
22. Party’s Over Here | GJ’s | Promo
23. Jack It Like A Zombie (Jason Hodges Mix) | The Bulgarian | Potty Mouth Rec.
24. Capone Never Made A Record | DJ Sneak | Robsoul
25. Clowning Around | Kinky Boots | Damnoisy
26. Breeze | Max Hebert | Promo
27. Venezuelos Canta | Miss Mee
28. Go Dance | Homero Espinosa and Kuala Lumpur | YBD
29. That’s How (JT Donaldson Mix) | Mark Farina | Great Lakes Audio
30. My Hip House | Miles Maeda | Promo

Download At

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Philadelphia based producer RJD2 has recently blessed us with a remix of “Teleport Massive”, a bangin’ Bassnectar track that is guaranteed delight for all RJ fans out there. The track bumps with swirling synths, chopped funky horns, a steady drum groove, and of course, the smooth flow of Zumbi of Zion I. An instrumental version of RJ’s remix of “Teleport Massive” is also on the album and will definitely get your head bobbing to the beat.

The remix and instrumental by RJD2 can be found off Bassnectar’s Cozza Frenzy Remix Pack Volume 1, as well as addition remixes and instrumentals by Bassnectar, DJ Vadim, and more. Highly recommended to any RJD2 fans out there.

Also be sure to check out and support RJ’s new label: RJ’S ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS and his new album: THE COLOSSUS at

Click here to purchase the track from iTunes.

Listen: Bassnectar “Teleport Massive Feat. Zumbi of Zion I (RJD2 Remix)”

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New video from OK Go is about as creative as it gets…

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