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Hung over from the SOLD OUT Henry Fonda Show last night?

Tom, Andy, and company are spending the morning after live in the KCRW studio with our buddy Jason Bentley on Morning Becomes Eclectic.

Listen to them live now on

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LA based, Classixx needs no introduction. The production duo and DJs have become blog sweet hearts and the go to artist for indie disco friendly remixes. I first noticed them after a track of theirs was licensed to a Kitsune compilation. The track, although catchy, didn’t really do much for me. A few months later the wave of remixes started flowing nonstop…..Major Lazer, Holy Ghost, Beni, Drop The Lime, Ladyhawke, Phoenix, Mayer Hawthorne, Yacht, and most recently Groove Armada for us.

I fell in love with the group after hearing their dubby disco mix of Major Lazer and ever since, the remixes been consistently coming and consistently good.

The group will join us at Om Miami 2010, playing along side Aeroplane, Mark Farina, DJ Hell, Jazzanova, Peter Kruder and more.

Click here to purchase Groove Armada “Paper Romance (Classixx Remix)”

Listen: Groove Armada “Paper Romance (Classixx Remix)”

Listen & Download: Major Lazer “Cash Flow (Classixx Glass Bottom Dub Mix)” (Right Click To Save)

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GA Live touches down in the USA

First gig – legendary venue. The Fillimore, San Fran., where the Pistols played their last gig, the Doors, ¬†everyone. It’s where Scorcese filmed The Last Waltz. The posters of previous gigs below are a fraction of what’s hung on the walls.¬†

The night before we’d arrived from the UK and went straight from the airport into a DJ set at a small party for our new label OM records. Afterwards, we made the mistake of staying out late enough so it’s morning again in the UK and sleep is impossible.

This made the 5 hour soundcheck hard work, but we needed to get the track History into the set. It’s winning the most votes on the download charts in the US at the moment.

The Filmore crowd did us proud. The response at the gig was electric. Saint Saviour blew people away as always. MC MAD raised the roof as always. They love live music here and the Black Light combo of rock n roll and electronics feels right.

We went out to a couple of places afterwards, but I called it a day when someone tried to pierce my ear with their earring. 

San Fran sold out so fast that we had to add an extra show here. It’s always nice when you do two nights and can stroll into work the second day with everything set up.

We then headed to a record store named, Amoeba for a quick interview. It’s good to know there are still record shops. The store was up on Haight street. Beatnik captial and hippy hangout of the 60s. It’s still got that feel, mixed with a lot of people a bit to old to be carrying skateboards. It turned out that a member of the Brian Jonestown Massacre worked in the shop. If you haven’t seen the film Dig!, then watch it and all will become clear.

Back at the venue for soundcheck, an immaculately turned out californian woman arrived to make me some new in-ear monitors. This involves filling your ears with putty so they can get a model of the inside of your ear. But before they can do this, they need to clean your ears out. The Americans are never shy of throwing a chemical at a problem, and true to form she used Peroxide. Presumably I now have punky, blonde ear canals.

Gig 2 at the Filmore was sold out as well. The word seems to be spreading. The guys from our new label over here are san fran people so it felt like a family affair. Afterwards, we went back to a place we’d found the night before called the 3 Crowns. Greg Wilson was DJing. It’s the only time I’ve heard ’Walk LIke An Eygptian" in a nightclub. At 1.58 a bouncer came and shined his torch on my drink until I finished it. It seems like they take the 2am licensing law quite seriously. But there were little speak easy places everywhere for the determined.

-Andy Cato

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Every year, hundreds of people make that annual trip down to Miami for a week of non-stop, self-indulgent partying (known as Winter Music Conference). And every year, there are a handful of those who don’t make it. This will be the first year, that I will have lived up to the words that were uttered from my mouth last year after WMC….“I’m definitely never doing this again!”.

On the same boat, UK’s funky house duo, Inland Knights. The duo also are not going to Miami…only they’ve one upped me and put it in a mix.

Download & Listen: Inland Knights Not Going To Miami Mix

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It’s been one of those days, friends. But what better way than to remedy it with music? Here’s some free tidbits that got me going this week, and as usual, if you have any tracks to send or comments to spout, hit me at jenboyles at gmail.

Solid Gold – Synchronize

One of the most buzzworthy bands out of the Midwest right now and making quite a splash at SXSW this year. Some have called them “dream pop”, which seems quite accurate, but there’s more of an edge here than that term allows.

Bonobo – Eyesdown

Featuring Andreya Triana (Real name? We bet not), this track by the always consistent Bonobo (a.k.a. Simon Green) delivers the chill flavor. Loved his last release, Days To Come (Bajka on vocals), and am expecting his new one this month called Black Sands to be just as good.

Uffie – MCs Can Kiss (Mike D remix)

Not to be a hater, but I don’t like Uffie: Any cute waif can throw on some leggings and a tank top and squeal out lyrics (“I never force anyone to listen to my music / Never post a bulletin / Never posted shit”. Ugh). But Mike D from the Beasties remixing Uffie? Now that deserves at least a listen.

DiscoTech – IMMA (Miami We Know How To Play)

One of the best remixers on the scene today, DiscoTech release a Miami-centric track for all the party people going to South Beach next week for WMC. (Tip: If you like this one, find their remix of Rolling Stone’s epic hit ‘Satisfaction’)

Timex Social Club – Rumors

There was once a girl who nearly woke up the entire floor of her apartment building from singing this song so loudly with her headphones on at 2 a.m. Roommate reported laughing hysterically from the next room. It wasn’t me, I swear. See, this is how rumors get started.

Espada vs. Booka B – Blame It On The Boogie (Jackson 5)

The beat’s contagious on this one. Try it on.

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We’ve had a few people ask us, “Who is this Gina Turner girl listed on the Om WMC flyer?”. Here is the answer.

Originally hailing from New York, Gina Turner grew up with the NYC House sounds of clubs like Shelter and Sound Factory. Drawing inspiration from places such as these, she moved to Boston and gained her own radio shows on 88.9 WERS and 99.9 WECB. She soon became a staple in the Boston club scene and then in 2006 moved to Los Angeles. In LA she formed the DJ duo STACCATO ( and continued with radio and club, and founded an afterhours movement called MAJOR (

Gina has extended her talents across the pond and has played in such cities as Oslo, Brighton, & Paris. She has caught the attention Laidback Luke, Zoo Brazil & many other european producers, and with that comes collaborations that are legendary. Tiesto’s label BLACK HOLE RECORDINGS will be releasing her track “BANG IT” with Zoo Brazil in Late October 2009. Gina’s 2009 collaboration with Laidback Luke has birthed a new production duo called “Nouveau Yorican.” The tracks that they have coming out can be described as latin inspired shuffle tech house. This is just the beginning for Gina, she plans to release more tracks as Staccato as well her her highly anticipated solo productions.

We had a chance to sit down with Gina in preparation for the Om Miami 2010 event. Here are some questions we tossed her way…

Om: How did you get into DJing?
Gina Turner: Well, I grew up with NYC clubs such as Sound Factory and Shelter, listening to house music with my fake ID at the age of 14. By the time I was 17, I started buying house vinyl and I inherited my mother’s disco vinyl. Shortly after, I began to DJ in my bedroom. By 18, I moved to Boston to study Audio Production and obtained a radio show once a week on 88.9 WERS. It was an all electronic show and the rest is history!

OM: Who are some of your influences?
Wow…this is a loaded question. My number one influence would have to be TWO WITHOUT HATS, the infusion of Puerto Rican jacking house and energy in their tracks is timeless. Some of my other influences include: John Tejada, DJ Sneak, Derrick Carter, Armand Van Helden, Matthew Dear, and Trentemoeller.

Om: What have you been up to? What can we expect attached to your name?
Gina Turner: I have been quite focused on studio work in all aspects. I have a Radio Show on called Below The Bassline, and i have some really great guests lined up for the next year!

I have been working on a bunch of original tracks, that a close friend of mine described as “Derrick Carter with a little more balls,” this was a huge compliment to me as he is a great influence to me as a producer and a dj.
I have been working quite closely with Mad Decent’s Maluca and have been making beats for her. Also she did vocals for a track that me, Junior Sanchez & Alexander Technique produced.

This past year, I was in the studio with Switch. The tack we produced together might go on his Solid Groove Record. It’s an exciting honor…let’s just hope we finish it. I am working on a couple remixes as well.
I am also currently working on some original productions for my Staccato project.

In addition to all of this, I am doing some vocal work for producers like Sandro Silva and more.

Last…I have a side project called Nouveau Yorican. It is a collaboration between myself and Laidback Luke. Our first release, “Boriqua”, was released on Sound Pellegrino. Our next release, “Jackit”, is scheduled to be released in April/May on MixMash. We have a few more tracks that we are working on together, on top of a remix for Drop The Lime.

Om: What are your top 5 tracks you can’t wait to drop at Om’s WMC event?
Gina Turner:
1.) Cubic Zirconia – “Josephine” (Egyptrixx Dub)
2.) Palmez – “Black B” (David Jones Remix)
3.) Smokin Jo, Marc Romboy- “What Is This?”
5.) and i am excited to debut My new originals and the new Nouveau Yorican tracks, for sure!

See Gina Turner at the Om Miami 2010 WMC event!

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The new batch of Samantha James ‘Waves of Change’ remixes are here! Soulstice’s Andy Caldwell gets busy with an electro groove, Richard Grey takes the mix on a lap through his Pacha residency, Nikola Gala creates a potential track of the conference at WMC, and Valentin Huedo takes the track to the sunset at Cafe del Mar. Stay tuned for the new Samantha James album, “Subconscious” – coming on Om in June!

Click Here To Listen to “Waves of Change part 2” on iTunes

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It’s no small accomplishment when an indie label can celebrate their anniversary. Happy fifteen year anniversary wishes are in store for Josh Wink and his Ovum records. The label, which started in Philly and became a huge European favorite, is home to artist like Pete Moss, D’Julz, Steve Bug, and Josh Wink himself.

Josh and his crew will be celebrate their anniversary down at Winter Music Conference (@ Shelborne) on Wed the 24th.

Josh Wink just recently released a remixed version of his fourth artist album, “When a Banana Was Just A Banana”. He enlisted Jimpster, DJ Sneak, Radio Slave, Chateau Flight, and more on remix duty.

Catch the Ovum 15 Year Anniversary party at WMC this year. Prep yourself with a mix from Josh Wink for Resident Advisor below.

Listen: Josh Wink RA Podcast

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I’ve been a fan of the Crazy P guys for years now and am so excited that they will be making their first trek to the states. With the recent success of their transformation to disco funk group (they also dropped the “penis”), the band will be making stops in San Francisco, New York, Canada, and at the Om Miami party.

To celebrate, here is a monthly free download of the group’s podcast.

Listen & Download: Crazy P March Podcast

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Neon Indian. Traped in a pantry with his machines.

Hiya, Ommies! It’s Friday, and that means time for some freebies to start your weekend proper. This week I’m trying out some categories because let’s face it, not all fresh-off-the-mixing-board music is great. Some weeks you can’t keep up with it all and it’s like Christmas (or whatever holiday you prefer) and other weeks you find yourself listening to Phil Collins on repeat (true story).

Love it or hate it? Feel free to email at jenboyles at gmail.


Neon Indian – Sleep Paralyst:
The 21-year-old’s music is like an electro sunset, each synth its own individual ray that warms up the tune. This track is vocal but not overpowering with a distant but optimistic vibe that kind of reminds us of Miami Horror (get familiar if you’re not, he’s great).


Danny Byrd – Sweet Harmony:
Though the liquid funk genre seems to have its feet firmly planted in Londontown, it’s tracks like this that make me wish it would pick up Stateside. Byrd is a huge highlight of that city’s Hospital Records, and this track is one that will make your heart soar (either that or I’m just a total sucker for the mircrogenre). Boh!


Rye Rye – Hip-Hop Changed (Prod by Crookers):
A Baltimore breakout after Blackstarr put her on his “Shake It To The Ground” banger (circa ‘07), Rye Rye returns to rap over a well done Crookers number that for once doesn’t sound like it’s trying to strip you of your hearing forever.


Expose – Point Of No Return:
Yeah, OK. Expose, I know. Credo in the garbage can. But whatever, it’s Friday.


Beastie Boys vs Prodigy – Voodoo Sabotage:
Easily one of the best hi-tempo “mashups” (someone get a new word for these!) I’ve heard in a long time. A perfect mating.

Happy listening!

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