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Sade drops her first single in over a decade. “Soldier of Love” is the highly anticipated first single off Sade’s new album of the same name – their first in a decade. Co-produced with Mike Pela, “Soldier of Love” was written by Sade, along with her four band-members Andrew Hale, Stuart Matthewman and Paul Spencer Denman. The track features a pulsating, anthemic drum beat, and Sade’s signature haunting vocals. Her new album drops on Epic in Feb 2010. The single has hit the blogsphere. Get it here at Nah Right.

It was only a year ago that Portishead dropped their last album. Prior to that album, the group spent years on hiatus. So, with that said, to put our a new single so quickly is rather impressive for them. The new single is a benefit single for Amesty International. Portishead “Chase The Tear” is available for download and stream here.

Bring on the bootleg remixes!

Listen To Sade vs. Captain Crook “Soldier of Love”Download This Bootleg Remix at Dudiefree

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Amsterdam is the nearest hotel room to Copenhagen you can get. It also happens to be where I’m doing press for the new Groove Armada album. Coinciding with the climate talks is quite handy as it means I can shift the conversation to that rather than ‘where did you meet’ or ‘so, your new sound, tell me more’.

Yesterday’s opening of the summit had some good points. Gordon Brown doing his bit and pressing the EU to offer 40% emission cuts by 2020, for example, or the confirmation that all the key political leaders are actually going to turn up next week. Obama has played a shrewd hand and got CO2 classified as a danger to human health, allowing him to regulate it without relying on the Senate, where an ugly alliance of oilmen, republicans and alaskans have vowed that Barack won’t pass any legislation, even if it kills them.

On the other hand, the opening day got a bit school playground when the Chairman of the talks had to request that in future the delegates come back more quickly from their lunch.

We also heard that India’s chief negotiator and right hand man have refused to come, which isn’t a great start from the world’s 5th biggest emitter. However, if the Indian press stay at home with them, that might help the organisers of the Copenhagen media zone who are trying to fit 5000 people into 3500 places.

Day one of the talks saw the Saudi’s coming clean and saying that they doubt warming is man made. I wonder why that is. A bit shortsighted though, coming from the country that is so short of water it’s had to stop growing it’s own grain. Dubai are also sounding strangely sceptical. You would think that a country which is 2mm above sea level would want to sort things out. Having said that, their famous ski area in the 45 degree desert heat is probably not compatible with a low carbon footprint.

Meanwhile, speculation was rife as to who was behind the leak of the emails from the East Anglian research centre. Theories ranged from the Russian secret service to the Canadian tar sands oil barons. The one thing that was agreed was that the timing of the leak and the speed with which it spread around the world were not accidental.

It was a good day for the UK press. The Guardian successfully coordinated a campaign in which 56 of the worlds’ newspapers carried the same editorial urging the need for decisive climate action, a move which Alistair Campbell described as ‘suprisingly impactful’. It’s not so suprising. 56 newspapers from Shanghai to London with a joint circulation of several hundred million, all agreed on the same text. It’s unlikely that would go unnoticed.

1200 limos and 140 private planes have arrived in Copenhagen. ‘It had better be worth it’ said news presenter Jon Snow, muttering angrily about summit’s carbon footprint.

Continuing Reading Andy Cato’s Blog Entry “Dodgy sources were the order of the day”.

For More On Andy Cato and Groove Armada Visit GA’s Artist Page Here

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Thanks to the folks over at Adult Swim for putting out this free remix album of some fresh hip-hop tracks. Featuring remixes from the likes of Danger Beach, Flying Lotus, Memory Tapes, Prefuse 73 and many more, the ATL RMX album is a must have. Adult Swim has always been notorious for putting out unique and fresh hip-hop from artists like the aforementioned Flying Lotus and hip-hop gurus like Madvillain and Doom, and this album is no different. Most of these tracks are taking untraditional electro/glitch traits and adding them to some pretty fly hip-hop sounds. My favorite track has to be the HEALTH remix of OJ Da Juiceman’s single Good Night f. Gucci Mane. First off, Juice and Gucci tear the original track up like nobody’s business. HEALTH take it a totally different level by adding some dope ambient synth lines to the mix. Ghetto hip-hop plus starry synth always equals gold – words to live by.

Download the full album for FREE HERE

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We got something special for all of you. We’re joining forces with our buddies at LRG Clothing Company to offer our fans free goodies for the holidays. We’re giving an outfit away every week from now until the end of the month. Winners will also get a care package from Om Hip Hop.

LRG is one of the hottest urban / street clothing brands. Their new Fall Holiday line features 2009’s star, Mayer Hawthorne and many more.

How do you enter?

-Enter your info, click submit, and you will automatically be entered.
-On Friday of each week, we’ll pick a winner to win this sick prize.
-Contest Ends December 31st, 2009.

Brought to you by our friends at LRG Clothing Company and Om. Visit for more info on LRG.

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Wagon Cookin was born from the deep passion of two brothers for good music and delicious food. Besides their affections Javier and Luis Garayalde share also the experience of living together in a genuine railway wagon which once ran on the great Trans-Eurpope-Express at the beginning of the 20th century and now is situated near Madrid in the foothills of Sierra De Gredos. Thus originates the name Wagon Cookin!
Enjoying a musical education at the conservatory from childhood on, both are skilled musicians playing several instruments like piano, bass, double bass, fagot, drums and percussion. Along with their father, the famous sax player Javier Garayalde, they have been part of various jazz bands before developing an interest in electronic music, acid jazz and house in the 1990s.

After attracting worldwide attention by releasing their first tracks on Chris Duckenfield’s label Odori they formed their own imprint Appetizers in 2001. With another series of 12"s on their own label they gained more respect which led to collaborations with people like Rainer Trüby, Gilles Peterson and Masters At Work.

In 2002 the two groove gourmets served their first longplaying dish also called Appetizers. With an album in the baggage they went on tour playing concerts in Cologne at Popkomm, in Cannes at Midem and even four consecutive nights at the mythical Blue Note in Tokyo, sharing the stage with legendary Eddie Palmieri, Azymuth, Marcos Valle and Chic Korea.
The admiration of latin music made them pack their pots and pans in 2003, leaving Madrid behind to travel across the Atlantic ocean and settle down in their new kitchen, located in Salvador de Bahia (Brazil) to create the band project Everyday Life. While the main ingredients of their aural meals remained the same, their efforts to merge electronic dance music with classical bossa and latin jazz were now flavoured by a whole bunch of talented live musicians giving the Wagon Cookin sound an enchanting deep and warm feeling. The Everyday Life album came out in 2004.

After appearing on Rainer Trüby’s “Glücklich Vol.5" Compilation some years ago Javier and Luis returned to Compost Records in 2006 with a contribution to the acclaimed Black Label 12" Series – foreshadowing more to come: the new album 2FACES – a double CD that shows the two different faces of Wagon Cookin. On one hand the style that always has been identified with them: a fusion of jazz, soul, latin, brazil, funk and house. And on the other hand some pushing club bangers, electronic disco dubs that will satisfy every state of the art DJ…now in 2008 they offering their remixes album “2Faces Remixed” features big names in the current electronic music scene who reinterpret and give a new aroma to their songs:
Osunlade, Llorca, Atjazz, Sasse, Christiam Prommer, Nacho Marco, Shape, Inverse Cinematics, Isaac and Trotz and Motor City Drum Ensemble.

Om Records is proud the bring you the new Wagon Cookin’ album available from June 2010…..
Their first single is scheduled for next February,keep your eyes open!

Listen to Wagon Cookin’- Mr.Sun

Listen to Wagon Cookin’-Mallorca

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Today’s Top Tune is a free song a day, from KCRW’s all Music Channel, that represents a cross section of KCRW’s eclectic music format. Tracks selected are chosen from recent and upcoming releases as well as songs performed live on Morning Becomes Eclectic. Each song will be available for download and podcast.

DJ and remixer James Curd is the main man behind Greenskeepers. His new solo EP, The Wills and the Wonts is full of whimsical and danceable tracks including the title track and Today’s Top Tune, “The Wills and the Wonts”.

Download the track for FREE at

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Artillery Apparel Gallery will be Hosting another Spectacular Art Reception featuring The Mission’s finest artists that have been contributing their art to this community for over a decade. We will be featuring the paintings of Alexandra Blum, linoleum prints by Juan R. Fuentes, and Calixto Robles’ paintings, linoleum prints, and sculptures. This is an Event that you should not miss; their Art has long already impacted the Mission and will soon impact your minds.

We will also have Beats by DJ BAYSICK and Drinks by your favorite Artillery Crew.

WHERE: Artillery AG2751 Mission St.Between 24th & 23rd Mission St.TEL: 415-374-7841

So come out and show your Mission Love

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My girl at Mint Collective is a great source for anything soulful! Props to her for giving me the heads up on this one. The perfect Sunday mix provided by the Urban music portal The Couch Sessions. Here to present a mix tribute to Little Dragon’s most unique member / vocalist, Yukimi Nagano.

A retrospective of Yukimi’s career, the tracks include stand out tracks from Little Dragon alongside feature appearances. Check for a collision in the animal kingdom, when Little Dragon guest appears on The Gorrilaz’s new album in 2010.

1.) Koop – Whenever There Is You
2.) Ge-ology – Blues Alley
3.) Little Dragon – No Love
4.) Quartermaine – Mystic Qool Breeze
5.) Little Dragon – After The Rain
6.) Little Dragon – Feather
7.) Shuya Okino – Pieces of You
8.) Little Dragon – Forever
9.) Koop – Summer Sun
10.) Little Dragon – Thunder Love
11.) Hird – Love You My Hope (Do Right Remix)
12.) Swell Session – The Music in Her Eyes
13.) Koop – I See A Different You
14.) Jafrosax – Drawn 2 U
15.) Little Dragon – Never Never

Visit The Couch Sessions To Download.

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From Thes One of People Under the Stairs:

Wow. It’s always a humbling experience to hear how much true talent there is out there making music that flies under the radar. I would like to personally thank everyone who participated in this contest, I know you all put hard work into your remixes and I wish there didn’t have to be one singled out as the “winner”. They are all dope to me in one way or another, so I had to come up with some criteria for justifying the pick. This brings up a more philosophical question –What is a good remix? Is it just a dope beat with the same lyrics over it, or is it a completely different take on the original, whether in style, mood, tempo or sometimes in this case a whole different genre. I think everyone’s answer to that would probably be different, so here’s mine: at best I feel a remix not only re-presents the song but has some contextual tie to the original and delivers a new musical take without sacrificing the original feel. For instance, I appreciate the number of dance and house remixes that were done but a few of them seemed to lay the vocals on as an afterthought. If the rhymes aren’t riding the beat, I feel like the song is better off as a beat and not a “remix”. On the same note, the breakdown was definitely the curveball in the remix. And sometimes everything was going well up until that point but he beat never recovered coming out of it. I know it was a difficult thing to hook up but hey, if we had done that and it was a fixed tempo all the way through, any person with any beat could have laid the vocals over it and been done. At least this showed who put the extra effort into the project.

This all being said, there were alot of remixes I really liked personally, but I had to narrow it down to my top ten picks, not of taste or personal preference, but how well they served the rhymes and the original track (and yes I listened carefully to every single entry, which is why it took 20 days to get results):

My (I apologize in advance if it’s not your top 13) top 13 in no particular order:

Abnormal Injustice (Page 6) – This one gets props for using NES sounds, and shows me that they know whats up with PUTS and our penchance for video games. Nice changes throughout the verses and the vocals are riding the beat correctly. A nice transition into the slowdown and an interesting way to come out of the tempo change.
People Under the Stairs – ‘Hit the Top’ (Abnorml Injustice Remix) by peopleunderthestairs

Ilpikaso Remix (page 9) – I like this because it reminds me of a dark era of Los Angeles music, back alley smokey stuff. They get props for being the only one I can remember who hooked up a newly recorded chorus. Double’s verse came back in correctly on the one (a lot of people missed that one). Wall of sound stuff, really cool.
People Under the Stairs – ‘Hit The Top’ (ILPIKASO Remix) by peopleunderthestairs

Fdel Remix (page 8) – Yeah! Filter, drumbreak, loops, Grazing in the Grass. Very nice. Takes me back to a happy place. A good example of keeping it styling and simple. Beat was open enough to let the lyrics breathe and they rode the beat just right. Could have been on ? or Next Step easily, good shit.
People Under the Stairs – ‘Hit the Top’ (fdel Remix) by peopleunderthestairs

Hands Of Stone Remix (page 8) – Interesting and nice programming. Handled the transition really nicely. Reminds me of a classic b-side style remix. Something dudes would buy so they could rock the instrumental at ciphers back in the day. Man I miss hip hop. Nice job on the fade out too!
People Under the Stairs – Hit The Top (Hands Of Stone RMX) by peopleunderthestairs

King Kooba Octoberhest Mix (page 7) – I love how the keyboard sample sounds wobbly, like the record was still speeding up to speed at the downbeat. Reminds me of a record I would drop early in the night at a house party. I’m with this. I feel like it offers a really good take on the original, more mellow and musical but still party oriented. Transition works really well too, the strings are clutch.
People Under the Stairs – ‘Hit the Top’ (King Kooba Oktoberphest Mix) by peopleunderthestairs

MGgost Remix (page 1) – is this live? This is live! If this is live you guys are going off. If this is samples, then you got some records I don’t have, haha. Props for this, couldn’t have been easy to hook up. It sounds like we’re on stage at the fishbucket.
People Under The Stairs – Hit The Top (MGgost Remix) by peopleunderthestairs

Doc Delay Remix (page 1) – Funky funky shit. Probably one of the funkier ones in the lot,. So that being said, this dude gets 1000 points for the drum fills and flams. Insane programming, some next level shit. And then you get the breakdown. Everyone needs to check this out for a good example of how a remix “breaks it down”. Harmonica? Check.
People Under The Stairs – Hit the Top (Doc Delay Revision) by peopleunderthestairs

B. Cause (page 1) – Smooth as it can come with nice change ups. Again, a perfect b-side compliment to the original. If I was working at a label and looking to hook up a b-side compliment to a a-side, this would be a great look.
People Under The Stairs – Hit The Top (DJ B.Cause Remix) by peopleunderthestairs

L.O.V.E. Mix (page 1) – As soon as this came on I was open. I remember reading about how back in the day Puffy would give you 15 seconds for a beat to catch your attention. This had me at jump, I was like oh shit, its on. And for those of you checking things on a laptop, try to imagine being in a packed club and hearing the horns come in, transitioning to the beat! Stampede kid! Damn, why couldn’t have Double K’s verse come back in tight on beat?!!
People Under The Stairs – ‘Hit the Top’ ( L-O-V-E Remix) by peopleunderthestairs

Beat Doctor Remix (page2) – Dub is the original remix, so this gets 400 points and a black star for going that route. Slowed the verse down and hooked it up, well done. BO!
People Under the Stairs-‘Hit the Top’ (BeatDoctor remix) by peopleunderthestairs

DJ Didac (page 3) – 674 points for the old school hit the top in the beginning. Programming is dope and actually compliments the verse pattern. Instant head-nod. I was on this, a remix that sounds like the producer was really listening to the lyrics and contributing a complimentary beat. Hooked the breakdown up too!
People Under The Stairs – Hit The Top (DJ Didac Likes to Party Remix) by peopleunderthestairs

J-Squared Breakdown (page 3) – There it is, a nice blend of the beat breathing, the lyrics riding the beat and a little dub up beat to nod the remix element. Broke it down with the filter and new programming. Even chopped it up for you. Very nice.
People Under The Stairs – ‘Hit the Top’ ( J-Squared Breakdown Remix) by peopleunderthestairs

Skatepark Soundsystem Remix (page 7) – I like what they did here, and you can tell they were paying special attention to the lyrics by little things they threw in the back. Tastefully done.
People Under The Stairs – ‘Hit The Top’ (生き方 Skatepark Soundsystem Remix) by peopleunderthestairs


It was close man, so close, but the way the producer handled the breakdown came to the deciding factor. DJ DOC DELAY WINS! Why? His breakdown kicked serious ass, and it would probably get more spins than the original version on a twelve inch.

2nd Place: Four way tie between FDel, McGost, L.O.V.E., and King Kooba. Here’s why they didn’t take first: McGost lost me on the breakdown, I like jazz and all, but it didn’t keep time with the partying and handclapping in the back. L.O.V.E remix would have won hands down but completely fell apart when double k’s verse came back in (which really hurt me because I thought this was the bangenest beat), King Kooba really professional I just wish he had done a little more during the breakdown. FDel was dope but for sample clearance issues I would have to tuck this one away (that;s a REALLY obvious loop – I think that song was a billboard #1 for like a year when it came out)

My Dream remix 12”:
A Side

People Under The Stairs Hit The Top (Vocal)
People Under The Stairs Hit The Top (Inst)
King Kooba Octoberfest Remix (Vocal)


Delay Remix (Vocal)
Delay Remix (Inst)
Fdel Remix (Vocal)

Many thanks again to everyone who participated, It’s very humbling to hear how dope everyone is, it makes me grateful we’ve had so much support over the years when most of yall are just as dope. I tried to justify my picks and reasoning behind it, remember there is no “best” it’s just music man. And lastly, sorry for the delay in announcing the winner, we just got back from tour in Africa and I wanted to give each remix the attention it deserved.


Thes One

This remix contest is sponsored by Vans & SoundCloud. For more information on People Under the Stairs and the critically acclaimed Carried Away record click here.

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The homeys over at Vimby spent the day w/ PUTS in SF documenting this little slice of life. Check out the freestyle footage at the Om studio, stage diving antics at Slim’s and some real talk about being a rap artist these days. Enjoy! PS_Dig on the photo from Guigo Lima taken backstage in Brazil.

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