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Greenskeepers’s member James Curd has had a great year. With singles signed to DFA, Om’s Child’s Play label, track of the day on KCRW and more, this GK member shares with us a unique Top 10 list of 2009.

Top 10 Memorable Moments of 2009

1. The phenomenal places I get to dj at, ranging from playing in Columbia and being driven around in a bullet proof car to playing a private party in Ecuador, and staying in a luxurious compound on the side of a mountain with a private zoo!

2. Being harassed by the kids across the street, with egging twice a night for three weeks straight. It all ended when I challenged them on the basketball court, won and got my street cred back!

3. Since owning an IRobot, I have not had to pick up a vacuum in all of 2009 and this will continue in 2010.

4. Go Blackhawks! Finally discovered a Chicago sports team I can support and be proud of.

5. Expanded my repertoire of dancing beyond the box step this year.

6. Had the gas cut off while on tour, but discovered that Home Depot sells the long metal key to turn it back on. Eat that People’s Gas!

7. Learned to love and appreciate my Xbox more after it got the Red Ring of death. It was then sent in and resuscitated back to life. Xbox I will always remember to turn you off at nights.

8. Had my fridge, freezer and kitchen cupboards cleaned out to discover things that expired in 2005! I thought frozen and canned products were good forever. Apparently not.

9. Continued to be surprised by the diverse places people tell me they hear my music. From the free for all jam session at Parklife Festival during Aeroplane’s set with Busy P, A-Trak, Erol Alkan on instruments, to having a song I made over five years ago being relicensed to CSI Miami!

10. Starting to slowly tick off the items on the To Do List, before I move from this place I’ve always called home.

2010 will see the release of the new Greenskeepers album on Child’s Play Records.

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Our girl Colette has had some interesting remix as of recent. One remix that didn’t make it onto her recent “Think You Want It” single is from local San Franciscan, Kool Karlo. Karlo and our boy Clayton do an anything goes Tuesday night called “Damn Gina! @ The Ambassador”. Check out a recent interview with SFWeekly here.

Click Here to Purchase Colette’s “Think You Want It” Single Featuring Remixes From Pezzner, Sexual Chocolate, and Hannsen Today on iTunes

Listen To Colette “Think You Want It ( Kool Karlo Electro ’88 Remix )”

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As a special holiday gift, please enjoy a free album download my “Soul Vibrations: Dub Remixes”

Soul Vibrations: The Dub Remixes is the next step in tripped out remixes from the funky studio sound of Space Echo’s and Analog Delays, featuring the full horn and percussion section plus an all-star line-up of friends having their vocals sent through the dub box. Click here to download.

Also check out new video of J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science Live at Party Corps. The band is featuring Jazz Mafia, Deuce Eclipse, Aima the
Dreamer and Rene Flores. This is a favorite Latin jam we play with some freestyles from the MCs and a conversation between the drummer and the DJ. Check it out at

Listen to KCRW this Monday, December 21st to hear J-Boogie’s latest remix of the West African guitar legend, Vieux Farka Tour. J-Boogies remix is picked as “Today’s Top Tune”. You can also download it for free at

To listen or buy before then on iTunes, Six Degrees, or Amazon.

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Om Apparel “Om 15 Line Featuring Graphics From Sam Flores” – Limited units! Popular street artist, Sam Flores has never been applied to garments ever quite like he has here. There are great pieces available for both guys and gals. $20-40 |

Mugo – Part MP3 player, part USB, part vinyl toy. These Mugo pieces are created in super limited runs. Pretty neat idea. Get it and fill it up with Om tracks for your loved ones! $60 |

The Visual Miscellaneum: A Colorful Guide to the World’s Most Consequential Trivia – “For those drowning in the digital age’s information glut, Visual Miscellaneum, the new eye-popping book of infographics .makes the perfect antidote. . By turns alarming and humorous in its revelations, it’s a timely, if meandering, look at the state of our world.” ( )Hereto check out the pages. $26 |

Hip Hopsicles – What would hip hop be without some ice? Our friends at Gama Go came up with this brilliant idea. Perfect for your hip hop heads. $7.50 |

Rayban Two-Tone Colored Wayfareer – Rayban has been doing a lot to really bring the brand back this year. But its a classic that really is dope . The two toned frames come in different color ways. $100+ |

WeSC urbanears plattan headphones – The headphone revolution has been back for some time now. Most are to gawdy to ever rep. WeSC has the perfect clean, contemporary, and hip piece with the Urban Ears Plattan. $59+ |

DJ Hero – Tested and approved by our very own Joe Nutz. Become the next DJ superstar….or atleast one in the gaming world. $88 |

People Under the Stairs x Vans Skateboard Deck – Too good to be true, but it’s in fact true. Only 20 units available as a PUTS Deluxe edition pack which also comes with autographed CD, vinyl, and limited edition 7inch. $100 |

Peasant & Travelers Bags – Fellow local indie designers Peasants & Travelers have been getting a lot of press coverage from the likes of Complex, Details Magazine, and more. The line features backpacks, weekenders, messenger bags, and more. $39-100+ |

MUD Cares Palette Benefitting NextAidMUD Cosmetics has teamed up with our favorite Nonprofit for a special palette. Sales from the palette go to support Nextaid. What better way to impress someone than to tell them their holiday gift helped children in Africa orphaned by AIDS. $25 |

Mini Diana Camera – The classic cult favorite camera is back and even smaller. Allows you to shoot square format or half-frame pictures using standard 35mm film, totaling 72 rectangular half-frames or 36 square images on one roll. Also has multiple exposure and long exposure features.$65 |

Home For the Holidays – We bring it back every year, but really it’s that good! Features tracks from Kaskade, King Kooba, Rithma, Late Night Alumni and more. Perfect stocking stuffer! $8 |

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Pioneer, Beatport, DJ Magazine and Let’s Mix, come together to launch ‘Next Generation DJ’, (NGDJ) a talent competition designed to unearth the next superstar DJ and to give them the chance to win a life changing prize. To win, DJs with the X-Factor will have to demonstrate their skills by uploading and promoting a mix on the new mixing and social networking
platform, as well as prove that they have the entrepreneurial aptitude required to make it big in the world of dance music.

The Winner Gets
The winner of the NGDJ will win a set of brand new Pioneer CDJ2000’s, a Pacemaker, huge media coverage across DJ Mag, Beatport, Let’s Mix and many more, their own compilation release on Beatport, flights to WMC, flash hotel and gigs at the Beatport Pool Party and the DJ Mag opening and closing party at the Shelborne. This is a competition designed by the biggest, most influential brands in dance music to find genuine, unrivalled DJ talent, and so the final and ultimate reward for winning the competition is a future career as a DJ. The winner will be offered an exclusive contract with a major DJ management agency, giving them the chance to show dancefloors around the world exactly what they can do.

Visit for more info or to enter.

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Zwicker is an artist Rob G. turned me onto. ZWICKER a.k.a. Cyril Boehler is a producer, composer and DJ from Zurich. After a handful of successful ZWICKER vinyl releases on the BearFunk, Compost Black Label and Get Physical labels Zwicker released a full-length album of pop / electronica tracks.

The album "Songs of Lucid Dreamers“ was released earlier this year on Compost and features collaborations with Matt Didemus (Junior Boys), and vocalist Heidi Happy (for real!), Olivera Stanimirov, and more. The songs have great catchy melodies.

Below is an unreleased Zwicker remix of Sonar Kollektiv artist Lexx

Click Here to Purchase Zwicker “Songs of Lucid Dreamers” from iTunes.

Listen and Download Lex “Mahogany (Zwicker Remix)” (via Zwicker Facebook).

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Indianapolis, IN radio personality Rudy Kizer has been quietly collecting music memorabilia, but he’s not keeping the autographed records and guitars for his private collection.

Kizer, host of WRZX’s “Hit the Decks” electronic dance program, will auction off the items he’s collected over the past year to benefit Give Kids the World Village, a nonprofit organization that helps children who have life-threatening illnesses, and their families, visit theme parks in Central Florida — cost-free.

In 2001, Kizer went on a Give Kids the World trip with his daughter, Karlie Biesecker, who was born with hydrocephalus and severe cerebral palsy. She was blind and had the cognitive capacity of a 6-month-old. His family stayed in a duplex built by the group.

“It’s just a really amazing community,” Kizer said. “When you go down there to do one of these wish trips, you develop a rapport with the folks that are there. It’s a really cool thing for these folks who are dealing with a sometimes really horrendous time.”

Biesecker died at age 17 in 2007, of complications due to her health problems. After his daughter’s trip, Kizer decided to “pay it forward” by helping the organization.

These days, when he encounters artists through his radio show,, he gets whatever memorabilia they can offer. For the past two years, he’s auctioned the items off to benefit Give Kids the World.

“You chip away a little bit at a time,” he said. “I decided to do this around Christmas this year, so if people wanted to do something special as a gift, you might be able to get something fairly unique and do something for a great cause in the process.”

For OM music fans, there’s a copy of the OM: 15 Year Anniversary compilation packaged with a matching poster signed by OM recording artist Mark Farina. This item can be located on eBay here.

Other auctions include signed albums from Bronx DJ Afrika Bambaataa and British DJ Carl Cox, a poster signed by DJ Paul Van Dyk and a guitar signed by the band Hinder.

The auction has no reserves and will run until Dec. 20. It is organized through Mission Fish, which donates proceeds directly to the beneficiary. To find the auction, search for “Hit the Decks” on eBay.

Click here for more info.

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The craziness of the Cozza Frenzy tour is just winding down until the New Year and Bassnectar has decided to send us a nice little present to keep us warm through the holidays. Mashing up the legendary Pixies with his own bass wobbling beats, Where Is My Mind is gaurenteed to crush the dancefloor.

From Bassnectar:
An anthem for living life at a dizzying pace, but refusing to slow down, obviously influenced by the legendary rock band THE PIXIES, this bootleg was 1 of the secret weapons of almost every show on the Cozza Frenzy tour, and now its yours for free: Happy New Year! Merry Xmas! Happy Hanukkah! Joyous Atheism! Enraptured Humanism! Do as thou will, and blast this track!

Please visit to get your free download. Also look out for new Cozza Frenzy dates next year on the west coast and beyond.

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