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Alex McLeod’s digital, yes digital, works have been the talk of our digital community. You can find out about his images everywhere from juxtapoz to theriotclub to Kayne’s blog.

When I first looked at these images I thought they were photographs of actual installations, meticulously detailed installations at that. They are in fact 3D digital works crafted via several softwares, which makes it all the more unique and interesting.

Mcleod has achieved an imaginary realism that is very inviting. If I could only go home to that at the end of the day…

Visit Alex Mcleod’s website for upcoming exhibit information.

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It’s finally almost here! For many many months, we’ve been behind the scenes working relentlessly to put together this Om 15 line. Featuring artwork designed by everyone’s favorite street / urban artist, Sam Flores, the new line consist of pieces for both guys and gals.

We’ve taken the Sam Flores Om 15 art and applied it to merchandise like it has never been applied before. Light, breezy, form fitting, and intricately detailed, these pieces are uniquely urban but high end with a vintage feel all at the same time. Designed and printed in San Francisco by SF’s premiere and very exclusive printing house Supreme (just try and google their name). These guys bring with them years of experience printing for Bloomingdales, Addidas, and many more.

Want a unique holiday gift? These pieces are printed in extremely rare quantities. The line will be available at only a handful of select boutiques and online here at Om. Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we reveal more and more behind the scenes exclusives and let you know where you can get fitted with these Om x Sam Flores pieces.

More details to be released shortly.

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Nicolay, the prolific Dutch producer behind hip-hop collaborations with Little Brother’s Phonte and Om’s own Black Spade, explores his electronic side on his newest release City Lights Vol 2: Shibuya. This predominantly instrumental affair flirts with downtempo, broken beat, trip-hop and nu-jazz all while reflecting the beauty of Tokyo’s Shibuya District.

Om has an exclusive download of one of the album’s vocal tracks. Check out the sexy house rhythms of “Saturday Night” (radio edit) featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Carlitta Durand. For the full 7-minute dance floor blow-out, grab the full release.

Click Here to Buy Nicolay “City Lights Vol. 2”

Download Nicolay “Saturday Night Feat. Carlitta Durand” Right Click To Save

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If you haven’t yet heard the new track from Amplive’s solo album, Murder at the Discotek, coming out next year, then step yo game up. For those who have been livin’ under a rock for the past month, check out the video for Gary is a Robot featuring Trackademicks and Mr. Micro. This little dittie has been blowing up on Al Gore’s interweb as of late, and for good reason. Beyond the pretty hilarious shots at Kanye and the auto-tune phase (which the track actually incorporates to great effect), Amp gives his usually perfect blend of unique beat patterns and catchy synth lines.

The running theme of auto-tune and those who follow that trend is widespread throughout the track. Trackademicks’ verse is all about being a leader not a follower in the game, and its clear that they view the current use of atuo-tune as a detriment to hip-hop as opposed to taking it to new heights like Kanye would like to believe .

The video itself is actually really creatively shot. Gary the robot is featured trying to find his place in the cool crowd, imitating the various trends he sees at parties and hip spots. From his trendy Kanye sunglasses to the BBC windbreaker, Gary steps his game up like a pro, illustrating the problems with hip-hop that Trackademicks and Mr. Micro allude to.

Be original. Don’t conform. Now, check out the video here .

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Check out this funky DJ Platurn clip pitting Dennis Edwards & Siedah Garrett Vs. DJ Nu-Mark with “Imagine Not Looking Any Further.” This track takes Edwards’ and Garrett’s smooth vocals and matches it to DJ Nu-Mark’s instrumental take on the classic John Lennon song “Imagine” to create a fresh jam with something to offer everyone from Beatles enthusiasts to smooth jazz cats to r&b lovers. Plus, the video offers some unintentional comedy with Edwards old school jheri curl and Garrett’s sultry dance moves.

Enjoy it HERE.

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Adelaide Parklife, Australia – October 2009. During an Aeroplane DJ set, this all-star electronic cast jumped on the drums and shakers and jammed out to James Curd’s “We Just Wont Stop”. Check it out by clicking the image.

James Curd just came out with the already popular The Wills & The Wonts (Treasure Fingers Remix) E.P. I’m feeling a little under the weather, and these disco-pop, electro-fied tracks are putting a smile on my face. If you want to brighten the day up, then I suggest you scroll right down there and listen to Curd’s remix of Amplive’s “Gary is a Robot”!

This remix is also available for sale right HERE. To find the latest updates on James Curd visit his newsletter or myspace page.

ENJOY – Amp Live – Gary is a Robot (James Curd Remix) (Right Click To Download)

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One of the best live sets we saw this summer was by Los Angeles hip-hop duo People Under the Stairs, whose energy transformed a muddy Bonnaroo Day into a wild house party with jumping bass and MCs Thes One and Double K’s dope rhymes about — what else? — smoking weed and drinking booze!

The duo’s set drew a larger crowd than hot indie acts like Passion Pit and Janelle Monáe. But to most music fans, they remain an underground obscurity.

That’s beginning to change with their latest release, Carried Away. Download one of the album’s best tracks, “Step Off.” Check out the rest of this feature and get your free download at

People Under the Stairs at Bonnaroo / PHOTO BY Michael Didyoung.

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Funky, spacey, minimal, and continuous; this SPIRIT CATCHER mix is perfect for a Friday night chill out session. SO pour yourself a glass of wine, maybe a few glasses, get on the couch, if you have a couch, and just CHILL OUT. Let those subtle elements come together, build, and fall apart over and over again, until you feel good. The only thing is if you’re trying to keep yourself inside for the night, best avoid the last seven minutes, because it will surely inspire you to go out and live it up.

SPIRIT CATCHER is pretty notorious for insane sets (check their myspace) where they do a lot of live, musical processing. This mix, entitled “Missing Danger”, definitely captures a lot of their unique space flashes and funky undertones, but it’s a lot more relaxed than in your face, which is often times a good thing. Thanks for the mix SPIRIT CATCHER!

Fly to Space RIGHT HERE.

Just Putting Things In Perspective

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The collectible art toy movement has been an increasingly growing market thanks to folks like Kid Robot, Giant Robot, and many other supporters of the movement. These cleverly crafted characters are the subjects of, California based artist, Brian McCarty’s photographs. What started as a examination of culture through it’s toys became a unique perspective in story telling using these mostly vinyl or plastic figures.

Brian McCarty’s unique ability to take one artist’s piece and create his own high impact story is why he’s attracted a huge international following. Recently featured in publications like Vogue, XLR8R, and High Fructose, it really is no surprise that McCarty is as respected as he is. He was also one of the select artist to participate in the Manifest Hope: DC Gallery. The gallery spotlighted artists who use their voices to amplify and motivate the grassroots movement that carried President-Elect Barack Obama to victory.

His upcoming book, which is a collection of his art-toy works, is being published by Baby Tattoo Books and is slated for an early 2010 release date. Brian will also have an accompanying exhibition at the LeBASSE Projects Gallery in Culver City.

Visit for more information on this artist.

Click here to check out XLR8R’s Exclusive Video Interview With Brian McCarty.

Click To Enlarge

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