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We’re bringing it back! In celebration of Halloween and Michael Jackson.

Check it out! Our homeys from up in Portland return for the second time this week w/ another dope FREE remix. This time, they’re bringing ‘Thriller’ out of the crypt and onto the dance floor with a funky house remix. It’s subtle, they focused on the bass line (the funky one you know and love). Touch the banner above to download the FREE spooktacular remix and get down w/ the groovy goolies Om style.

Click here to download.

Michael Jackson “Thriller (Cates&dpL Bootleg Remix)”

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Yes, it’s true, now’s your chance to get your paws on a PUTS & Billy Dee Williams 45! The good peeps at Colt 45 hooked up our happy panda with 50 copies…

Be one of the first 50 to go to buy a copy of ‘Carried Away’ on heavyweight audiophile double vinyl, and the ‘Beer’ 45" is yours for FREE (courtesy of Colt 45).
Pick it up, pick it up HERE.

Check out the gate-fold board game!!!

Oh yeah.

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Interview by Joshua Glazer.

If you attended this year’s Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago, there was one performance that had folks talking — and it wasn’t the helicopter shining a spotlight on the crowd during Jane’s Addiction’s first song. Rather, it was the set by Lorin Ashton, aka Bassnectar, the socially conscious hero of the growing bass-heavy electronic sub-genre that is currently captivating American audiences. Lit by a mutant cascade of projections and LEDs, Ashton threw down a seismically rumbling set for the manic dancers who’d packed themselves elbow to elbow into “Perry’s” (aka the festival’s dance area) in order to catch one of the hottest names in dance music.

Playing to this capacity festival crowd represented a sort of mainstream coming-out party for the San Francisco-based producer, who began making music a decade ago in the city’s warehouse rave scene before going on to build a stellar reputation through decidedly underground networks like the hippified Burning Man community. But there’s nothing “jam band” about Bassnectar’s sound, a genreless mash-up of hip-hop, drum ’n’ bass, dub step, grindcore and just about any other music you can think of that focuses on the sounds found at the low end. In fact, Bassnectar — who just released Cozza Frenzy, his eighth full-length album — doesn’t even like jam bands, as he tells ShockHound in this exclusive interview.

SHOCKHOUND: People are struggling with your new album title, Cozza Frenzy. It’s meant to be pronounced “cause-a-frenzy,” but everyone keeps saying “coze-a-frenzy.”

BASSNECTAR: My tour manager was like, "name me one word where the single o is a soft aah.” and I’m like, “mom, pop, spot, pot…cozza.” But everyone wants to say cause a, and I don’t know how to help them. I don’t care. They can call the record Bob. I think names are semi-irrelevant.

SHOCKHOUND: What came first — the spelling, the word, the thought? Was it the song, the lyric, the album?

BASSNECTAR: I love spelling things phonetically. I’m not trying to be hyphy or something. Ever since I was a kid, I loved misspelling things the way they sound to me. I do it all day long, and it’s gotten worse since I’m texting all day, or on Twitter. The title is about constructing sound systems and how sound is a form of energy, in terms of how weight can effect the human body. One of my first musical influences was the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989. That was the first time I sensed the sensation of sub-bass. I was in the car and my mom was yelling and trees were bending and the car bouncing around and I just feel this sensation. Ever since, I’ve been fascinated with the concept. It was also a response to a tour last year, when we did 48 nights and 45 were sold out, and it was just night after night of complete frenzy in these random towns where I would never have expected to visit, much less play on a Tuesday night. I guess that’s the meaning of the song.

To continue the interview check out Shockhound.

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2009 has been quite a year for Alice Russell. Local and fellow SF label, Six Degrees Records released “Pot of Gold” – produced by TM Juke now followed by this two volume album of 32 remixed tracks.

Like previous remix projects, Alice’s funky, soulful original album has been given the world class remix treatment from an all-star cast of producers including Mr. Scruff, DJ Vadim, Om’s very own J-Boogie, Shawn Lee, Ohmega Watts, DJ Day, and many more!

Alice Russell – Let Us Be Loving – Dir Steve Glashier 2009 from Steve Glashier on Vimeo.

Alice has developed a burgeoning career as one of the hottest UK soul singers with growing audiences around the world. While comparisons have been made to other popular British vocalists like Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse, Duffy and Adele, one listen and look at Alice and you can immediately tell she’s in a class all by herself. She has performed alongside well respected company that includes Roy Ayres, The Roots, Lonnie Liston Smith, De La Soul, Quantic, and The Quantic Soul Orchestra to name a few. In addition to this prolific musical output, Alice’s live performances continue to flourish with her ability to captivate an audience and to hold their attention throughout, expertly tugging at the heartstrings.

I’ve been following Alice Russell for years and fondly remember her first trip to the states as a Tru Thoughts artist playing at a tiny venue here in SF. She has since moved on to a new label and larger venues.

If you aren’t a fan already, get ready to purchase the entire Alice Russell catalog.

Listen/Buy Pot of Gold Remixes from iTunes Here
Listen/Buy Pot of Gold Remixes from Here
Listen / Buy Pot of Gold Remixes From Six Degrees Records Here

Listen To Alice Russell “Living Life Like A Dreamer (Mr. Scruff Remix)” (Free Download via Six Degrees)

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While we all wish we lived in the city that never sleeps, now you can grab a piece of last week’s CMJ festival in the form of an hour-long Podcast featuring the likes of: Bilal w/ 6 piece band, Exile featuring Blu, Shafiq Husayn w/ live band , Pharoahe Monch, on hosting duties, and DJ sets by Large Professor, J Rocc,DJ Spinna, and Blu Jemz.

The clip provides a bit of everything: ranging from Blu & Exile talking about their new album to some hot sets from J Rocc and DJ Spinna. Large Professor throws down particular hard around the 14 minute mark of the podcast. He gives his shoutout to hosts Blu & Exile, and then lays down some ill tracks, mixing and scratching at a high level like always. Personal favorite track: mixin of ODB’s ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ya’ with a hot r&b sample around the 23-24 minute mark.

All in all, this podcast gives some sick mixes and tracks from some of the best out there. Just because you can’t live in the Big Apple doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun.

Click Here for the free podcast from CMJ and be sure to check out the event photo’s here.

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So I’m taking this music class at U.C. Berkeley entitled AfroFuturism. We study the reoccurring themes of space, technology, and the future in African American music. We’ve looked at several artists who incorporate such ideas, everyone from Sun Ra to Earth Wind and Fire to Kanye West.

AmpLive (DJ half of Zion I) has so many of the themes we’ve talked about in class. Robots, space ships, and technology are all present in this tune Gary is a Robot. This is not the first time Amplive has brought space up; Zion I’s debut E.P. was called Starship!

One last note on philosophical content. The track starts off with a british voice saying “auto-tune activated”, which I think is great. Many people caste auto-tune off as an excuse for poor vocal qualities. I think there is much more forethought that goes into using auto-tune (not all the time); there’s a deep history with using vocal changing technologies in African American music like the talk box and vocoder( I know kraftwerk are white Germans), and I think Amplive is saying something when he decided to use such technologies. What he’s getting at I’ll leave to you.

Okay, besides the philosophical content (which I think everyone should delve into), Gary is a Robot is ridiculously catchy and well produced. All the synths and drums chosen are perfect, and despite some of the darkness in the vocals, i’’s a real upper track. I will definitely be running to this and/or forcing it into whatever car happens to be taking me across the bride tonight.

There are also some awesome remixes that you can pick up at Trust me, this is a fine addition to your collection, and perfect to drop at your halloween party.

The remix single features remix work from James Curd, Grand Theft Auto, Al Velilla, and one of my favorites is the Blu Jemz.

Purchase Amp Live Feat. Trackademicks “Gary Is A Robot (The Remixes)” At

Listen To Amp Live Feat. Trackademicks “Gary is A Robot (Al Velilla Remix)”

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ACT 1: A Thief, A Lesson”

California-based artist, Nathan DeYoung has a great talent for exploring the human condition using explosions of shapes, colors, and subtle uncovered figures. His bio reads like this: Seeking to better understand those around him, Nathan DeYoung offers an inquisitive exploration into the human condition. Using the intimate observations of others as a muse, he creates characters that allow him to fully analyze and interpret those to whom he is closest. By revealing and destroying his characters in frenzies of shape and color, he ventures to grasp, uncover, and expose the often hidden, with the hope that insight into others and their actions will enable a deeper understanding of himself. Nathan DeYoung currently works and studies in San Diego, California.

“O’ Intimacy and the Aftermath”

Displayed here are pieces from Nathan’s series called “Windows & Mirrors”. Painted with acrylick paint on large wood canvas, these pieces are visual interpretations of Nathan’s journal entries with each piece in the series accompanied by a poem. The poems allow Nathan a voice to say everything the paintings couldn’t.

“Conversatwins With Mirrors”

Nathan DeYoung is definitely an artist to look out for. With recent galleries at LA’s Thinkspace, spotlight in Juxtapoz Magazine, and pieces featured in the upcoming Aqua Art Miami in December, DeYoung is continuing to build a name for himself.

Click Here To Read An Interview with Sour Harvest And Nathan DeYoung.
Click Here To Read An Interview with Juxatpoz Magazine and Nathan DeYoung.

To view the full “Windows & Mirrors” series & to find out more about Nathan DeYoung visit his website

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Staying true to form, ’Ernest Gonzales’ new EP, Self Awakening, plays with experimental synth lines to invoke an introspective melody. Leading the way towards self-enlightenment is the first track, ‘Self Awakening.’ Like the title suggests, the buildup and retreat of the percussion help to invoke a wide array of emotions. Gonzales takes an unassuming, yet provocative track, throws in the occasional power synth chord and gives it some added authority to create a truly self-awakening track. He is on to something in this EP, as he has effectively created a musical version of an individual’s journey to becoming self-aware. Across the board on the EP, minimal synth lines, combined with effective drum beats make for consistently solid tracks full of heavy emotions. Throw in some awe-inspiring remixes featuring Faunts, Take, and Yppah, Mexicans with Guns, and CYNE, and you’ve got yourself a must-have EP.

Click Here to grab the free track, ‘Self Awakening.’.

For the full EP, Check It Here.

Listen To Ernest Gonzales “Self Awakening”

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Disco house at it’s finest. Lovebirds is the solo project of Hamburg resident Sebastian ‘Basti’ Doering. Following 3 excellent singles on the much-respected Winding Road Records label, Lovebirds is big news right now. Labels such as Fred Everything’s Lazy Dayz, Jimpster’s Freerange and Ben Watt’s Buzzin Fly are hot on his heels, eager to sign his tracks, while artist such as Andy Cato, Prins Thomas, and Funk D Void, are all fans.

Many of you may have slept on the Om: 15 release which featured the Lovebirds track “Operator”.

We are now proud to be releasing the Lovebirds “West Coast EP”. With the amazing “Out In the Night” track, this new single can definitely not be slept on. This track is a must have for any DJ. Cheeky, deep, light, sunny, and fun, this track is perfect if you’re playing happy hours, poolside, or an underground disco.

Click Here To Purchase Lovebirds “West Coast EP” Exclusively At Juno Download.

Listen To Lovebirds “Out In The Night”

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New Album Bird Brain

Just in case you havn’t heard, there’s nothing like it. Nothing! In my opinion VonStroke’s new album “Bird Brain” further cements his position as a one of a kind in a genre filled copiously with similar acts. His ingenuity for composition really shines in tracks Vocal Chords and Jasper’s Baby Robot; his awesome weirdness emanates fully in Beat that Bird and Monster House—going on my Halloween mix.

If you’re pressed for time visit DirtyBird Records and sample Vocal Chords and Beat that Bird. I think these two tracks are really interesting. Vocal Chords is an earthy, ambient track with unique synth-voice sounds that work perfectly for a drive through Big Sur, an at home yoga sesh, or a late night contemplation on whether you’re a cyborg. Beat that Bird shows VonStroke’s uncanny, unique ability to drop FAT four-on-the-floor bass kicks with sparse textures you’ve never heard before; I can only imagine how this tune would ring at Mighty.

All in all, it’s a work that really shows Claude VonStroke’s ever-evolving character. Again, you can hear pretty long snippets of Bird Brain here and make your own call, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be pleased!

Get it at Itunes Now!



Claude VonStroke’s mixes just keep raising the bar.

DON’T go deaf to this exclusive CLAUDE VONSTROKE mix". (Right Click To Download)

Track Listing:

“Monster Island – Claude VonStroke”

"Avec Bon Bons (Worthy’s Chocolate Nut Remix) – Edu K "

“Hiccup Theme – Hiccup”

“We Love It Monkey (edit) – Phlip Bader & Nicone”

“The Right Time – Mark Henning – Hypercolour”

“Groovin – Jacob Seville”

“Silky King – Talal & Zoi”

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