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For those of you that still wear your pants loose and listen to the funky stuff no matter if it’s ironic or too hip to be square, you probably know and love the little publication that could…AKA FRANK 151. The topic of the day is their fly little new issue dedicated to De La Soul. Why might they do this? Do De La have a new hit on the charts? Is De La dead again? No, from what I can gather, the dudes are just chilling and living well, and have an amazing story to tell. Inside the mag, you’ll see the original sample clearance form for Plug Tunin’, a dual interview between Maseo and George Clinton, a glossary of all the classic De La speak and find out Jerobi is a chef in Atlanta. Huh? Tons of awesome stuff in here. Pick up a copy if your able and if not, check out to subscribe.

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Watch makers, Nixon have been producing some really cool watches. Call them sportswear, high fashion, street, hipster, or whatever you may, Nixon has some great marketing behind them. On August 15, they announced the arrival of The Fluro Rubber Player Collection. The Fluro Collection will see Nixon’s trademark high end silicone and stainless steal combo watch, splashed with bold florescent colors and a high gloss. Each month there will be a new secret color that will drop for the next four months. Nixon will hand select retailers and only release very limited units. August saw the release of their florescent orange, which is already sold out online.

Check the 15th of each month (for the next four months) to see what other florescent colors are to come!

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It’s Friday evening and the Om family is about to go throw down tonight at Mezzanine in celebration of 15 years of Om. As we are all prepping for giant disco balls, Metro Area, and Om’s veteran Farina, here is a Friday afternoon article for those of you who are unable to enjoy the festivities tonight. The SF Weekly sat down with our resident wordsmith / VP of “Newish Media”, Gunnar Hissam for a “Where are They Now Segment” in celebration of Om’s 15 year anniversary. Enjoy!


Then: “They were San Francisco’s answer to all that trip-hop shit, the band with a DJ and a female vocalist playing moody jazz- and soul-based music. Their [Om] album was supposed to come out in ‘97, but then they got signed to DreamWorks, who let them go. There’s a whole album, 13 tracks, that nobody ever heard.”

Now:….continue reading at

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LP33 was at Lollapalooza 2009 and so was the Child’s Play and Amorphous Music crew. Check their exclusive footage below featuring an interview with Bassnectar at Lollapalooza and the VIP URB after party.

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Ancient Astronauts are a production duo from Cologne, Germany. Their production style can be summed up as DJ Shadow meets Thievery Corporation meets our very own J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science; Jazzy hip hop beats layered and textured with vocals, synths, and electronic elements. It only makes sense that the new album is being put out by Thievery Corp’s ESL label.

“We Are To Answer” is the new artist album from this dynamic duo. Om artist, Raashan Ahmad, Zeph & Azeem join favorites Bajka and hip hop legends, The Pharcyde as special cameos. A mixture of instrumental and vocal tracks, each track on the album paints a different vivid picture with a universal idea of the connection between oneself and something larger. The stand out for me is “A Hole To Follow Us” featuring the female vocalist Phat Mamas.

Discover Ancient Astronauts

Ancient Astronauts “Risin High (Feat. Raashan Ahmad)” (Right Click To Save)

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It’s pretty obvious we love graffiti and street art here at Om, but let’s face it. It’s not exactly green to use spray paint. For those of you with a green thumb or if you just appreciate cool gadgets, check out the halo. The halo is a handy light-writing tool, preserving the techniques and gestures that graffiti artists use with spray cans. It is possible to change the color and the brightness of the led to change the graffiti’s styles. If the light doesn’t have enough battery, users simply have to shake it to have energy again. Pretty neat stuff!


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Andy Gilmore is an draftsman, illustrator, and graphic designer from Rochester, NY. His ability to craft detailed pieces from shapes and colors that provoke human emotions is unique. Simple yet detailed, his art force viewers to really spend some time examining. If only my geometry professor produced this, I might have actually taken an interest.

Andy’s client list includes The New York Times, Wired Magazine, Seed Magazine, Dazed & Confused, URB, and fellow US based electronic label, Ghostly International.

Andy replied to my initial email to him by saying, “It would be an honor to be spotlighted by Om”. Truth is, I’m really honored he let us.

For More Information On Andy Gilmore visit

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If you’re going to be in Chicago this weekend, make sure to stop by <a href= target=blank>Lollapalooza on Saturday night for an incredible mashing performance from the one and only Bassnectar. Bassnectar has been making kids going buck wild for several years now headlining sold out shows and festivals across the nation. On the music tip, make sure to check out the new <a href= target=blank>Cozza Frenzy single featuring remixes by Z-Trip and a heavy dubstep masher by the man himself. Also keep your eye out for the Cozza Frenzy Tour 2009 starting on October 1st in a city near you. For the complete tour listing visit <a href= target=blank> Bassnectar’s myspace page.


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Photo Credits: Vitamin Dee

We are proud to annouce the launch of Om Apparel line. The line will start off as a t-shirt line, but will evolve into a full apparel line in the fall of 2010. With Om Apparel, we are looking forward to more than simply styling you out. Each article of clothing comes with a tag that allows customers the ability to download music and the art featured on the shirt….connecting the dots between music, art, and fashion into a cultural movement.

Photo Credits: Vitamin Dee

The launch of the apparel line features t-shirts designed by local Bay Area fine artist, Erik Otto and pieces inspired by the popular Mushroom Jazz series designed by our resident head pixel-altor, Valerie Shagday. You can currently find these pieces at one of the various boutique retailers listed below.

Photo Credits: Vitamin Dee

This fall, Om will be releasing our next series of artist collaborative pieces from local street artist legend, Sam Flores. We have collaborated with Sam Flores to come up with a series of apparel pieces celebrating the 15 Year Anniversary of Om. You will be really surprised with what we have up our sleeves! It’s going to be hot!!!

Photo Credits: Vitamin Dee
Until then, you visit one of these fine boutique retailers to pick up your Om Apparel piece. If your favorite retailer isn’t listed below, leave a comment below letting us know the name of the retailer and we will work on getting our pieces carried.


Photo Credits: Vitamin Dee

Fine Om Apparel at these fine retailers.


San Francisco
True Haight
Azalea Boutique
Medium Rare
Mission Statement

Rain Urbana

San Jose
On First Fashion

Los Angeles
Turntable Lab Fairfax

San Diego
On First Fashion San Diego

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Emerging from a bad fall on a skate ramp teetering toward acrylic on some scavenged board cresting the Pacific, a spray paint catechism affixed to his interior cranial wall and a numbered assortment of brushes with an authoritarian media-mix, torn, glued and up to his waste in the Tao of ten thousand fatal strokes.

Reuben Rude’s current work can be described as drawings in paint over re-created time-lapse collage. Clean, sculpted lines meet artificially haphazard texture. These images are the culmination of the strange little doodles from a the backs of a thousand spiral notebooks, made during a thousand 5th period algebra classes . They are made in the spirit of drawing eyeglasses, beard, and devil horns on the historical figures in your American History textbook. Look close, and you’re sure to recognize a friend or enemy.

For more information on Reuben Rude visit

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