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Roy Davis Jr. is a Chicago legend. He has released music that cross all genres, house, soul, hip hop, and more. Many of you may remember his underground hit released on Ubiquity featuring then Billboard chart vocalist, Terry Dexter or even the timeless “Gabriel”. Roy Davis is back with a new album that any soul or house fan would appreciate. Featuring vocalist Terry Dexter, Erin Martin, Manny S, XL, Heat Fam, Manny, Khalid, and more.

The first single called “I Have A Vision” is hot…so hot Scion decided to use it in their A/V Remix Project. The first single featuring remixes from Fred Falke, Todd Edwards, and my personal favorite, Juan MacLean.

Listen to Roy Davis Jr. Feat. Erin Martin “I Have A Vision (Juan MacLean Remix)”:

Roy Davis Jr. Feat. Erin Martin “I Have A Vision (Juan MacLean Remix)” [Right Click Here To Save]

Roy Davis Jr’s new album, “God Life Music” is available here now on iTunes. Click Here To Purchase.

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Originally created in Barcelona, a city that breeds innovation and amazing design, Colorola is a company you are more familiar with than you think. So where have you seen Stuart Patterson’s art? He was the artist behind all the early Naked Music logo and releases, as well as the one responsible for designing the beautifully detailed flyers and posters for Los Angeles premiere venue Avalon and Giant NYE. He has crafted art campaigns for everyone from the world famous Walt Disney Concert Hall to online retailer

What makes Stuart so unique is that his designs are timeless. Whether you are looking at a recent work or one done years ago, it is still just as fresh. His influences draw heavily on art deco, Spanish street art, and pop art. His ability to capture beauty in his character illustrations, pattern work, and attention to detail is unparalleled. This is why we are so excited to have Stuart Patterson and Colorola as a featured artist.

To find out more about what Stuart is up to, visit

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Breaking news, the one and only Lorin Ashton, Bassnectar, has joined the Child’s Play Label. Child’s Play is a subprint of Om Records started in early 2009 to allow Om to explore the boundaries of electronic music. Bassnectar joins a roster that includes Amp Live (of Zion I), Greenskeepers, and James Curd. We have been huge fans of Bassnectar since we signed his “Float” single on then Om imprint, Colorforms.

2007 saw the release of his highly acclaimed “Underground Communications” album on Om. Since then, he has toured all over the world opening up for artist like Metallica and headlining the Lollapalooza’s electronic stage.

His first single, “Cozza Frenzy” will be out August 4th on iTunes. The single features remixes from Bassnectar himself as well as a Z-Trip remix. Bassnectar’s new artist album will be out this fall.

In celebration of his return, here is a bootleg free download from Bassnectar.

From Lorin: “I took the beat of a long-overdue unreleased tune called “Stretch Reflex” and melted it together with the synths and melodies from another song that was supposed to be on Underground Communication, but ended up getting saved for later. It was written as a pensive homage to the dead, the original melodics sound like a black metal song but in this version they have kind of a nice 1990’s Orb or FSOL feel to them…that sound will never get old for me! Then i took some of the prettier melodies from that song and mixed them with a Lupe Fiasco acapella (i looooove his voice) and it became one of my favorite tunes to close a party with.

So this week we give to you ‘Land of the Lupes’ which is the working title of this goofily random combination of sounds, and an unrelated homage to one of my favorite bands in the world, Land of the Loops. It will most likely be included as an instrumental on the upcoming album this fall, and that “Stretch Reflex” beat will most likely be released on my website as a DJ Tools & Loops collection.”

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People Under the Stairs returns to Om Records with the 7th artist album called “Carried Away”, slated to come out Tuesday October 13th. Fresh off major festival gigs at Coachella and Bonnaroo (“Best Performance. Period.” – SPIN MAGAZINE), the highly acclaimed duo, Fans of PUTS’ records know that unlike other hip hop / rap artists, there are no outside producers or of-the-moment guest emcees. People Under the Stairs are a completely true independent hip hop duo. Beats, rhymes, scratching, and chorus are all done by PUTS’ members Thes One and Double K themselves…..

Now over ten years and seven albums deep, People Under the Stairs have built a genre within hip hop of their own. Upbeat, crazy, balls to the wall and ridiculous “Carried Away” follows in true PUTS tradition. The new album was produced old school style in the same fashion as Rick Rubin (Def Jam Era) or Dust Brothers (Grand Royal, Pauls Boutique). Recorded entirely on reel to reel with tons of rock samples, distorted vocals, lots of cussing, drum machines, delays, yelling, the works. Wrap that all up with nods to A Tribe Called Quest (Double K does one hell of a Phife Dog), Beastie Boys, beer, and Luther Vandross and you’re guaranteed to get carried away!

ARE YOU A VIP? The 1st pressing of the physical release will be wrapped around a die cut O-card and a fold out board game and poster. Each CD also comes with a special VIP (Very Important Partier) drop card that will allow fans to acquire exclusive material at the upcoming People Under the Stairs World Tour kicking off in September. For those who are not able to attend a PUTS show, the VIP drop card will also be good for exclusive online unreleased material. All these items craft a certified premium physical package that no true fan can deny!

Be prepared for People Under the Stairs to bring back true hip hop like only they can do!

We are so happy to welcome them back to the family and are so hyped about he new album.

Mark your calendars…the fun comes back to hip hop, Tuesday October 13th.

Here’s a classic for you in the mean time.

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In celebration of OM15, we are hosting some amazing parties across the world including Mark Farina, Colette, Dj Heather, Chuck Love and more. Keep yourself updated by visiting our events page here.

July 31st – Seattle, WA @ Neumos with Derrick Carter & Pezzner- Buy Tickets

August 7th – Chicago, IL @ Smart Bar with Mark Farina & Pezzner – Buy Tickets

August 14th – San Francisco, CA @ Mezzanine with Mark Farina, Metro Area, J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science, & more – Buy Tickets

August 19th – Calgary, Canada @ Habitat with Chuck Love

August 20th – Halifax, Canada @ Pacifico with Colette

August 28th – Portland, Oregon @ 2410 N. Mississippi with DJ Heather & Olivier Desmet

September 3rd – Las Vegas, NV @ Ghost Bar with Chuck Love & Colette.

September 6th – Denver, CO @ Beta Lounge with Farina, King Britt, Pezzner

October 8th – San Francisco, CA @ Mezzanine Lovefest Afterparty

October 9th – Los Angeles, CA @ Vanguard Line up TBA

More dates to be announced soon!

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The most recent addition to Om’s roster of graphic contributors, Sam Flores is San Francisco’s most famous recent export. His unique characters and ability to combine both underground street culture and organic elements in his works perfectly reflects San Francisco. Sam’s work, along with a handful of other artist, have helped to build the clothing empire known as Upper Playground.

Most recently featured on the cover of Juxtapoz magazine, Sam just also finishedrunning a solo show called Egos, Addiction, and Other Bedtimes Stories at the Subliminal Gallery in Los Angeles.

Sam was also recently commissioned to produce the art for Om’s 15 Year Anniversary. You can pick up the CD release here featuring Sam Flores’s art. You can also pick up a limited edition print of the original art that was delivered.

For more information on Sam Flores visit <a href= target=_blank>

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Om Child's Play

Some say that the earth was created by two massive stars colliding billions of years ago. Each one contained its own individual properties to form a new entity of life, thus the earth was born.

Om Records and Om: Hip Hop have just collided to form “the new new” AKA Child’s Play Records; a bastard child dedicated to combining the electronic and techno sounds of Om and the hip hop rhymes and beats of Om: Hip Hop. Fresh on the map, life has already begun with the signing of Bay Area Producer and Remix Technician Amp Live (Zion I), Bassnectar, Greenskeepers out of Chicago and James Curd. Today marks the official announcement of the label as well as the worldwide release of Amp Live’s first single, ‘Gary is a Robot.’ Featuring Trackademicks (Fools Gold) and Micro Jaxson, ‘Gary is a Robot’ has already started to catch traction worldwide and has been described as a ‘very nice hip hop electro blend from 2050.’ Make sure to stream the track below and if you like, click the iTunes link to cop.

On the horizon, Child’s Play will be releasing a new EP from Greenskeepers called ‘Vampire’ in June. The Greenskeepers vibe is merging rock electro cool with a tongue in cheek twist. Look out for more info on the release in the weeks to come.

Listen: Amp Live feat. Micro Jaxson & Trackademicks

Buy’Gary is a Robot’ on itunes here.

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Australia born and now London resident, Seb Godfrey is the man behind Drunk Park. Originally started as a skate shop and art studio, Drunk Park has since become a design house. Seb has carved out a niche in today’s music & fashion scene with his original ideas. His works have graced a clients list that ranges from Coca Cola to Om’s very own Mike Monday.

Visit to find out more about Seb Godfrey.

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Fresh off the festival circuit Om’s number one taste maker has been steady on the grind appearing at Bonnaroo and The High Sierra Music Festival this last weekend. We have an exclusive video from the man him self as he rocks the Silent Disco under the tent and make sure to listen for the peoples reactions when he drops the hits. If you live in Socal this weekend, you’re in luck, the crew is packing up their bags and heading down south for a special mini tour playing some of our favorite parties including Funk Rumble & DEEP. Make sure to catch the full details after the jump.

Continental Room
Friday, July 10th @ The Continental Room | Fullerton, CA
Dubtronic Science hits the OC with Bobby Soul to start our SoCal tour.
<a href= target=_blank>

Funk Rumble
Saturday, July 11th @ Chinatown | LA, CA
L.A.’s hottest daytime block party in downtown Chinatown.
All ages day jam featuring live art, vendors, food and music!
J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science, Breakestra, Orgone, The Lions, and DJs like Jeremy Sole, Yosaku, Expo, Soul Session and Boombox DJs and more.
<a href= target=_blank>

Dragon Lounge
Saturday, July 11th @ Kava Lounge | SD, CA
San Diego’s oldest beathead party gets the Dubtronic Science treatment alongside RFX, Mateo, Arkon. Big up to the Merge family foreva.
<a href= target=_blank>

Deep: Louie Vega
Sunday, July 12th @ The Vanguard | LA, CA
J-Boogie holds down the lounge with Joplin as Louie Vega’s Dance Ritual does his master’s work in the main room with Marques Wyatt.
<a href= target=_blank>

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It’s Friday evening and you’ve just worked one of the longest weeks of the year. Your mouth quenches something cold and delicious as you prepare yourself to get ‘Through the Weekend.’ It’s called ‘Happy Hour’ which also is the new downtempo mix from Portland duo, Cates&dpL. Visit our Podcast Page to stream or download the continuous mix, and make sure to also peep their artist page <a href=/artists/111-catesdpl target=_blank>here.

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