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Groove the Globe Mushroom Jazz 6 Contest

You remember our old pals at Groove the Globe Network don’t you? They’re the ones that travel the globe and talk with your favorite DJ’s about life, love and the pursuit of the perfect DJ set. They have joined us in Miami at the WMC a few times and have featured some of your favorite Om artists in their documentary.

As Groove the Globe continues to support Om, this month they are doing a Mushroom Jazz contest.
Sign up on their site and enter to win Mushroom Jazz volumes 1-6!

While you are there, check out what they’ve got going on…

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As the smells of turkey and pumpkin pie fill the streets, the anticipation mounts as we all wait for the arrival of family members, friends, good meals and some much needed rest. It is only appropriate that with Thanksgiving comes the release of Raashan Ahmad’s newest music video ‘Give Thanks’. True to form, Raashan serves up a healthy helping of feel good hip-hop with this newest video. In the video, Ahmad pays tribute to some historical heroes as he flows in front of a montage of images of Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Fredrick Douglass, Malcolm X and many more. With his down to earth vibe and poetic lyrics, Raashan reminds us to not only be thankful for the good times that make us smile, but also for the hardest of times that make us stronger. Raashan wraps up themes of family, friendship and faith in beats and rhymes and we can all be thankful for. Check out this music video if one of the things that you are thankful for is conscious hip-hop music, I know I am! So, while you are indulging in that last slice of pie this weekend, don’t forget to give thanks and check out Raashan’s new video.

Let us know what you think, leave a comment.


Posted by: Gunnar Hissam on November 24, 2008 @ 2:25 PM
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Mushroom Jazz 6 Release Party Wrap Up


Hey Hey Hey! I hope all of you were in attendance on October 18th and able to enjoy the amazing dual release party for two of Om Records’ most anticipated albums, Mushroom Jazz 6 and J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science Soul Vibrations. From 10pm on the walls of Mighty were shakin’ to the live sounds of downtempo hip-hop, soulful jazz and funky Latin beats. J-Boogie and his Dubtronic Science band threw down featuring debut tracks from their new album Soul Vibrations and Mark Farina tore up the turntables proving why his Mushroom Jazz series is Om’s most highly demanded series in 15 years. The sexy vibe at the party was complimented by pink and purple lotus flowers raining down Mighty’s vintage brick walls, along with images of newly released music videos from both albums. All 1,000 guests in attendance were dressed to impress and thoroughly enjoying the drinks, the vibe, and especially the music until the early hours of Sunday morning. This party definitely graces the top of the Om party charts and I hope you all had a great time. If you didn’t make it out, there’s always more to come, and you can check out the pics of what you missed on our site by clicking the above banner.


Posted by: Gunnar Hissam on November 20, 2008 @ 9:32 AM
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Zion I | New Mixtape Download

Gearing up for their 2009 release of The Takeover, Zion I are prepping the fans with ‘The Search and Seizure Mixtape’ release featuring new tracks and remixes including Iriscience, Del, Santogold, Kflay, The Grouch & Talib Kweli available digitally and on physical tapes. That’s right, break out your old boom box stereos, because these limited edition tapes are hard to find. You might find one inside an Alameda Parking Ticket slip outside of your car at Laney College or on ebay getting yourself into a bidding war, however, Om has a nice hand full of these special tapes and will send them out to the first four people that email (include mailing address) with Search & Seizure Mixtape in the subject line. If you are one of the lucky winners, you will receive a confirmation email.

Click the banner to download.

Check out Zion I’s brand new video of Juicy Juice here.

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Black Spade New Remixes

Hot off the press, Om Records recording artist Black Spade just sent me a couple remixes he finished up in LA before he heads home to St. Louis. First up, Spade gives his filtered keys interpretation of 88-Keys ‘Stay Up! (Viagra)’ feat. Kanye West. Spade uses his own brand of electro hop to give this song a whole new vibe. Make sure to check out 88-Keys ‘The Death of Adam’ instores now! Next, Spade gives Jesse Boykins III ‘Tabloids’ a whole new face lift. Once again, Spade use of off kilter drums and electro keys creates a style unique to his own. Make sure to keep an eye out for more from Spade, i hear rumors of possible collaborations with Naledge of Kidz in the Hall??? Click the banner to download.

Make sure to check out Black Spade’s ‘To Serve With Love.’

Posted by: Jonthecorner on November 18, 2008 @ 12:00 PM
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Tattoo Om on Your Physique

While here at Om there is no shortage of love going around, there are certain Om fans that go above and beyond to display their love and appreciation for the production of good music. These fans know that the love for quality music that drives Om records is an everlasting type of love. So, they have decided to show their appreciation in an everlasting way, and what is more everlasting than something permanent? And what is more permanent than a tattoo!!?? Check out these pictures of a couple of our most hard core fans, Kaspars Dabra representing Latvia, and Jordan aka ‘The Southerner’ as they show their appreciation and love with Om lotus flower tattoos!

If there are more of you out there like our truest die hard fans in these photos, who have decided to prove your everlasting love for Om records in INK, we would love to show you some appreciation back. In the spirit of dedication, if you send us a picture of your Om lotus tattoo, I (Dfish the lovely Om intern) will get your name tattooed on me!! Okay, okay, I’m just playin!! But, if you send us a picture of your Om lotus tattoo, we will send you some free Om gear! So go ahead and email in your pics for some FREE stuff!!

To see more ink, visit: /galleries/46

Posted by: Gunnar Hissam on November 17, 2008 @ 4:08 PM
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Amazing Obama Photo Documentary

It is truly an exciting time to be alive. Two days ago, the world changed for the better in so many ways as Barack Obama accepted the responsibility and the role of the President Elect of the United States of America. While for many it seems that Obama was created to take on this role, there were many, many months of hard work and preparation in order for this amazing historical event to take place. For 22 months, Obama took his message of Hope and Change across the country, and Scout Tufankjian, a photo journalist from Brooklyn New York was along for this remarkable journey documenting each state, city, town, and individual that the Obama campaign touched. This incredible work can be seen on Scout’s website and will soon be gracing bookshelves all across the world with Yes We Can the book. Through her intimate and thoughtful photographs, Scout illustrates how the Barack Obama campaign for President has brought new life and meaning to the concepts of change, hope, unity, and equality. Historic and transformative times such as today are few and far between, and the photographs taken by Scout Tufankjian help us to understand the meaningfulness of this time and to hold onto it forever. So, take a look and enjoy.


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Mark Farina live on KCRW and amoeba instore!

Hey all – good times in LA this week for Mark. Tonight he will be live on Jason Bentley’s show on KCRW. Tune in at 8 PM to check it out. You can stream the show online here

Saturday he will be throwing down at Avalon. Should be a crazy show, King Britt is set to play as well. For advance tickets and show details click

Want something different to do on Sunday? Head down to Amoeba Records in Hollywood at 3 PM. Mark will be throwing down an exclusive Mushroom Jazz live in-store DJ set + meet & greet. Buy the CD and get a free poster. For more info visit

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Click the banner above to bump some tracks from the new album and get a free download.

West Coast hip-hop music of the 1990s had a kickback vibe that transported listeners directly into the backyards of their favorite MCs. With their new album “Fun DMC,” People Under the Stairs take you back to a time before hip-hop made you think of commercials for Doritos, iPods, and reality TV. As an old school hip-hop fan, any reminder of that laid back Sunday afternoon hip-hop is welcome in my book, and this album is definitely worth listening to. The track ‘The Ultimate 144’ showcases the lyrical backbends of People Under The Stairs, and hits you with a bit of that old school feel. People Under the Stairs’ dedication to the old school shines through again in the track ‘Anotha (BBQ)’ which has already secured a solid place in my kick back summer time play list. The influences of 90s hip-hop are strong in this album, and serve as a welcome reminder of the hip-hop classics. As you find yourself drowning in chopped and screwed hooks and product placement in the current world of hip-hop music, People Under the Stairs throws out a musical life raft with their “Fun DMC” album. Whether you are throwing a funky house party or a backyard barbeque, “Fun DMC” will give you that break that you need, and carry you to another time in music, a time where there are no distractions between artist and listener, a time referred to by many as “back in the day.”

What do you think of the new album? Leave a comment.

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World Premier: Raashan Ahmad 'Peace' Animated Video

I couldn’t be more juiced to announce that Raashan Ahmad’s new video for his track ‘Peace’ has finally dropped and is ready and waiting to be consumed by the hip-hop loving public. Throughout his new album, “The Push,” Raashan echoes the themes and sounds of the roots of hip-hop music, intertwining social and political trials and tribulations with personal struggles and discovery. The ‘Peace’ video’s vintage vibe runs smoothly together with Raashan Ahmad’s thoughtful lyrics and classic beats. With the world in a current state of panic, Raashan is preaching peace on an individual and a global level. Combining the creative forces of director Eric A. Leppo and the passion behind Raashan’s lyrics leads to the creation of this dope video. When describing the collaboration process Leppo has said, "We realized we were both independently trying to get some similar messages across so it made a lot sense to combine forces through this project. To do justice to the topic of peace in our war- filled times, I could see from the start this would need to be a dense four minutes of animation visually and ideologically. After listening to the song and talking with Raashan about it, I came to see the song as an appeal for peace to the world, and at the same time as also a huge thought provoker, doing everything from prodding us to think about why someone might say “Peace!” instead of “bye,” to making us consider the general concepts of peace and conflict in and among different countries, classes, religions, time periods, races, species and beliefs." There is no doubt that the song and video do the message of ‘Peace’ mad justice!

Raashan Ahmad ‘Peace’ Video from Om Records on Vimeo.

Produced, directed and animated by Eric Leppo.

Click here to listen to the new album.

Posted by: Gunnar Hissam on November 11, 2008 @ 12:17 PM
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