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MJ6 Tour heads up!

Om Records and Mighty are throwing down a record release fiesta in honor of DJ Mark Farina’s critically acclaimed new ‘Mushroom Jazz v. 6’ and J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science’s iTunes charting ‘Soul Vibrations.’ Join us as we get down as only San Francisco knows how to do with the head maestro himself, Mark Farina, along with a LIVE performance from J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science and an opening set by Julius Papp. But that’s not all! In the lounge, don’t miss a DJ set from Om Hip-Hop’s crushing menace, Colossus, joined by Kero One, The Whooligan and G-off of 40Love. It’s time to enjoy the delicious bumping beats and it’s all going down October 18th at 10pm. (DF)

See you there!

Posted by: Gunnar Hissam on September 30, 2008 @ 12:44 PM
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J-Boogie Dubtronic Science Custom Contest

To celebrate the J-Boogie’s new album, Om has reached out to Bay Area’s own up and coming artist, Erik Otto (JanSport / Urban Outfitters) to custom design a vintage fisher price record player. Purchase “Soul Vibrations” from (either digitally or Physically) and automatically be entered to win this one of a kind piece of art. Check back to the Om blog weekly as Erik Otto shows us his progression in the project.

How to Enter
-Purchase “Soul Vibration” from
-All Digital & Physical CD purchases will be automatically entered into the contest.
-Contest ends November 30th. When the contest ends, we will pick one name randomly to win.

About Erik Otto:

Erik Otto is an artist, graphic designer, and art director born and raised in the South Bay Area. He is a graduate from San Jose State University, where he studied Illustration and Animation. After graduation, Otto moved to San Francisco, to be a part of the fast paced art and design environment a bigger city provides. He has since worked with companies such as Urban Outfitters, Old Navy, Jansport, Wells Fargo, and HBO and recently was awarded the Jury Prize at Cut & Paste’s Digital Design Tournament for 2007. Otto’s personal artwork is exhibited in galleries nationally and is represented by Shooting Gallery in San Francisco.

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Kaskade the Om Remixes drops October 7th

On October 7th. Om is releasing a compilation of hits from sexy techno mix master Kaskade. ‘Kaskade the Om Remixes’ features a rare collection of out of print remixes, never before released on CD. ‘Kaskade the Om Remixes’ showcases the early years of Kaskade’s hit making career with Om records. The first track on the album is Kaskade’s extended remix of Colette’s hit ‘Hypnotized’. This high energy track, with a slow and soulful groovy undercurrent kept booties shakin’ all the way to the #1 spot on the Billboard dance chart, and sets the tone as the first track for the entire 12 track collection. I’m also really feelin’ the love on Track 11, which features Kaskade’s remix of Rithma’s track Builder’. Let’s just say the Kaskade wasn’t lying when he titled this track the ’Let’s Make Out Mix’. With its slow and sexy body rockin’ feel, this song shows why Kaskade’s hits have been on high demand from the dance floor, to the tops of the charts, to soundtracks like the new Sex and the City movie. If you are like me, and frequently host sensual techno dance parties in your basement, then having access to these rare and never before released tracks on ‘Kaskade the Om Remixes’ will be sure to enhance your music library, and your social life.

Posted by: Gunnar Hissam on September 19, 2008 @ 11:22 AM
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Are you ready for Raashan Ahmad TV?

Now that Raashan Ahmad’s new release ‘The Push’ has dominated your play list, are you feeling like you need some more Raashan in your life? Check out Raashan Ahmad TV to get a behind the scenes look into the life of your boy Raashan. Whether he’s performing live across the country, promoting his new album, kickin’ it with fans, laying down tracks in the back of his ride on tour with Giant Panda, or just actin’ a fool with the Crown City Rockers, there’s always something going down on Raashan Ahmad TV. There is no question that in the life of Raashan, music is always number one. Salt and pepper shakers at a late night diner become a recreation of the “Push It” video, and newspaper headlines about our future president Barack Obama are food for a freestyle. Check out Raashan Ahmad TV to see how his life inspires his music, and music inspires his life.

Posted by: Gunnar Hissam on September 18, 2008 @ 11:14 AM
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Love Fest and Love's a Trip at Mezzanine announcement

Wussup Y’all!! If you feel like you’ve been needing some good good luvin’ recently, get ready because that touchy feely bumpin’ grindin’ time of year that we like to call San Francisco Love Fest is coming on Saturday, October 4th. To make sure that you all get the most lovin’ possible, Om records is going big for Love Fest weekend. We will be tearin’ it up on a float with Dirty Bird & Dax during the day’s festivities. Last year’s Love Fest hosted 85,000 people getting their groove on, so this year will definitely not disappoint. To keep the party going, Om is throwin’ down at Mezzanine presenting our official Love Fest after party, Love’s A Trip featuring Mark Farina, Mike Monday, King Britt, DJ Fluid, and in the lounge: Rich Medina, J-Boogie, and Rob G. Om records is giving out unlimited free lovin’ at Mezzanine on the eve of October 4th so roll through to celebrate Love Fest as well as the official release of Mike Monday’s album ‘Songs Without Words Part 1’. This event is 21 and up and pops off at 10pm. Limited Advance tickets are available at

See you there.

Posted by: Gunnar Hissam on September 17, 2008 @ 11:00 AM
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Celebrating the release of Home & Garden’s, “Domesticated”, the Om creative team will be putting together a custom tote bag filled with the essential tools to becoming ‘Domesticated’.

How to Enter:
-Shoot an email to “” letting us know what ‘domesticated’ items we should throw into the tote bag. (i.e. Gardening tools, Garden Gnome, Rolling Pin, Days of the week branded dress socks, picture frames, His & Hers slippers, etc).
-Every week we will post the items in the blog comments.
-The Om team will select 4 of the most creative items that we deem ‘domesticated’ to toss in the tote bag.
-On top of this bag of awesomely domesticated items, you will receive an autographed copy of Home & Garden’s “Domesticated”.

Contest ends November 30th

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Home & Garden 'Domesticated' Coming Soon!

Home and Garden Domesticated Release Announcement

Dance music hit making production team Tim Kvasnosky and Timothy Shumaker have teamed up as Home and Garden to write, compose, perform and produce their latest album ‘Domesticated’ which drops September 16. I just got a sneak peak, and the first track, ‘Easy Going Down’ featuring Jennifer Karr jumps right into a light hearted disco dance party vibe that carries through the album. There’s a track on this album to get down to at any time of day and every situation. The title track, ‘Domesticated’ puts a fresh spin on a twist between 70’s disco and the 80s dance music feel that I know and love and takes me back to the days of dancing in my living room in my underwear holding my hairbrush. Track 7, ‘Body and Soul’ featuring Mic Murphy takes me from my living room straight to the club for cocktails and some serious money-maker shakin’ with my girls. This album serves up a new and refreshing sound, and that is why I absolutely love it. Home and Garden’s ‘Domesticated’ is an instant dance classic in my book, take it from my man Mr. T “I pity the fool that doesn’t (love, buy, check out, dig) Home & Garden.” Check it out today.

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Are you ready for Raashan Ahmad TV?

Raashan Ahmad is rolling through your city to perform his newly released Album The Push.’ This new album from Raashan Ahmad is a throwback to his roots, according to Raashan himself, it’s “a return to basics, that good ol’ boom bap, the beats and rhymes It was where I started as an M.C. and I needed to touch that again.” Raashan definitely gets personal in this album, pulling inspirations from deep within his own life’s struggles and point of view, pouring them over some dope beats and old school hooks. Listening to this album brought me back to the very beginning of my love affair with hip hop, that old school vibe where an artist lets you into their process, struggle and reality. In a time where hip hop has become almost synonymous with bling bling, benzes and beezies, this album makes me want to give Raashan Ahmad a hug and thank him for reminding me why I fell in love with hip hop in the first place. If you are craving a reminder of the full potential of hip hop music, then you can’t miss out on this album or the chance to see Raashan throw it down live.

Catch Raashan Ahmad Live On Tour!

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Win A Very Limited Edition Mike Monday Blue Man Doll

Calling all you Kid Robot, Ugly Dolls, Toy Collectors out there….In celebration of the release of Mike Monday’s “Songs Without Words – Part 1”, we’re going to be giving away a VERY limited edition (limited to – One) hand stitched versions of Seb Godfrey’s (Drunk Park) Mike Monday Blue Man. The doll stands 13"s tall and comes with an autographed version of “Songs Without Words – Part 1”. This is one of a kind made specifically for this contest.

How To Enter
-Send an email to with the words “Mike Monday” in the subject line.
-Contest ends on November 30th. As soon as the contest ends, one name will be picked at random to win the doll.

More Blue Man
+Watch the Mike Monday blue man in action here in the “Catnip” Music Video here.
+Listen to the Mike Monday blue man do his thing on “Songs Without Words – Part 1” here.
+Find out about the man behind Mike Monday blue man here.

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<a href= target=blank>blog1.jpg>

Om Record’s veteran J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science has done it again with his newest creation, Soul Vibrations, and guess who got an exclusive first listen before it drops on September 23rd? That’s right.. me, Om’s newest intern Dani aka DFISH and let me just say that the reason this album is titled Soul Vibrations is because it genuinely has vibrated my soul. Like a well-balanced breakfast for your ears, Soul Vibrations is a feel good album jam packed with soulful vocals, old school beats and new school flavor. This album has the perfect blend of kick back tracks and hip hop rhymes, sprinkled with some Latin flavor, rhythmic drums, and even some disco dance beats. Track 3, ‘Que Pasa’ is a prime example of the perfect blend that is this album. As soon as the beat drops on this track my hips are already moving to this mezcla of a hip hop and latin beat. This track not only delivers a kick ass beat, but it serves up some bilingual lyric action and a political message. ‘Soul Vibrations’ also features some equally amazing musical creations from artists including Lyrics Born, Zumbi (MC Zion of Zion I), Crown City Rockers, Ohmega Watts, Rich Medina, Capitol A, Tony Moses, The Mamaz, Deuce Eclipse, Rithma, Tim’m West, Jennifer Johns, The Rebirth, Lunar Heights, and more. Take it from the fish, check out J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science Soul Vibrations when it drops on September 23rd, it is sure to become the funky, laid back, hip- hop, soulful, soundtrack for your life.

Posted by: Gunnar Hissam on September 5, 2008 @ 1:41 PM
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