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Streetwatch TV has a dope interview with the duo-they talk about their album ’RIse Up"

Front and center on…check it out by clicking here.

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Groove the Globe has their own You Tube channel now— you can visit their site and check out interviews with Mark Farina, Colette, DJ Dan, Gabriel and Dresden and more!!

Check it out by clicking here

Also, see what else they have been up to at

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Hi friends-

Great news! The Strange Fruit Project Video ‘Get Live’ featuring Erykah Badduh will be playing on VH1 Soul—- Be sure to check it out:

Mon June 25 10am/10pm/2am

Wed June 27 10am/10pm/2am

Fri June 29 10am/10pm/2am
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Los Angeles 6/24/07

The Do Over has been going on for three years strong at a small indoor/outdoor venue called Crane’s Tavern in Hollywood. Thrown by Ubiquity Records own Chris Haycock, Stonesthrows’ Jamie Strong and legendary host mc Aloe Blacc, it has become a staple in any music aficionado’s diet. Going from 2pm to 10ish, you will hear all styles of music ranging from house to hip hop, disco to funk and all those dusty breaks in between, not to mention the great carafe’s of sangria that compliment the sun! Last Sunday, J Boogie and Sake One were invited to represent San Francisco along side of DJ Food (Ninja Tune) and Willow the Glass Lamp Killer (MHE). Check out the pics…

J Boogie and Dj Food
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Sake One is a happy man..
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Boz is all smiles.
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My man Willow working a record from Turkey..
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LA wannabe..
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Crowd shot..
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The Do Over is easily one of the best weely parties I have ever been to in the US. Summertime weather, great people, music and more…Check it out if you ever in LA on a Sunday evening.

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What up my peoples, this week we have a very special chart for you from the one and only Om Records A & R Rob Grega. Check out what he’s currently feeling…

STILL ROB G CHART – June 25 2007

1. Hipp-e – Get Ready – Soco Audio

2. Natural Rhythm – Mumble Mouth (Style of Eye Remixes) – .dotbleep CDR

3. Bassnectar – Bomb The Blocks (Magik Johnson Remix) – Om

4. Trevor Loveys – The Crossing – Dubsided

5. Quality Control – Trippin On Over – Drop Music Promo

6. Chuck Love – Beatdown (Jimpster Mix) – Om Promo

7. Style of Eye – Koka Cheva – Harthouse CDR

8. Worthy – Crack El (Justin Martin’s Stoopid Ill Crunk Hyphy Mix) – Leftroom

9. Hipp-e – Tek Stomp – CDR

10. Tiger Stripes – Genesis (Main Mix) – Slip’n’Slide CDR

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Check out this random video i found a while back on youtube. It’s pretty entertaining..

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Fellow Omies,

Welcome to the first edition of the friends and family dj charts and news update. I will be posting new charts every week from our artists and extended family members. This week, tastemaker and DJ Hakobo honors us with his top 10. Not only is he one of the only promoters pushing eclectic music here in the city, his dj selection is not to be missed. You can check out the Culprits every 4th friday at Pink in SF.

1. Erykah Badu “Real Thing” produced by Madlib (Mowtown CDR)

2. Jill Scott “Hate On Me” (Hidden Beach)

3. DJ Jazzy Jeff feat. Twone Gabz “Go See The Doctor 2K7” (BBE/Rapster Records)

4. Common Feat. Dwele “The People” (Universal)

5. Headhunters “I Remember I Made You Cry” Probe DMS Re-Edit (IM MP3 Transfer)

6. Seiji “Raspberries” (Sonar Kollektiv CDR)

7. Osunlade “Queen’s Battle” (Strictly Rhythm)

8. Darius Rashaud “It’s Going Down” U-Key Bugz Screaming Mix (In Phusion)

9. Alex Wizz "Drummin’ " Lost Heroes Edit (Manga Records)

10. Peven Everett “Heat Up” (Studio Confessions)

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91.7 WHUS is a commercial-free college and community-based radio station
broadcasting from the University of Connecticut. It broadcasts 24 hours a
day and provides quality programs of informative and entertaining value for
people both in central New England through their FM radio dials and for
everyone else through live broadcast internet feeds.

They took their time to sit down with our boy Bassnectar— to catch up and see whats going on in his world…..

Cut and paste this url into your browser to check it out…

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Artists and Music Community Launch Campaign to Secure Royalties From Over-the-Air Radio

A group of organizations, including SoundExchange, that represent all facets of the music community, have banded together in a coalition called musicFIRST to encourage Congress to right a decades-old wrong in copyright law and grant artists the same performance right in over-the-air radio that they receive from digital platforms. The musicFIRST coalition consists of more than 100 founding artists and several music industry organizations. Find out more at Click here

Big corporate radio is the only medium that refuses to pay performers royalties for their hard work.

The United States is the only western, free-market nation that does not require radio stations to pay artists and labels when they broadcast performances on the terrestrial radio. In fact, when American music is played in foreign countries, they withhold royalties to protest that U.S. radio stations do not honor a performance right for foreign artists. That translates into lost royalties of between $80 million and $100 million annually for U.S. performers.

Next Step

We hope to have hearings in both Houses of Congress beginning in July. We expect this to be a long, hard fight with the National Association of Broadcasters doing everything possible to avoid radio having to pay performance royalties


What you can do is talk to your friends, write letters to newspapers, blog, and contact Members of Congress (from where you live now and from where you grew up) and tell them how, in this age of multiple music platforms, it is important that wherever music is played, the creators of music need to be paid.

Please go to Visit to find out more and get involved.

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MTV is showing some love with these new Bassnectar environments-

They feature “Select Frquency” by Bassnectar & J. Wikid feat Seasunz from his new album “Underground Communication”

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