I’m very serious about stupid music.

Writing 10 free tracks in 10 weeks is an attempt to work out what I’m about musically, and this week I’ve realised just how much I love to write stupid music. I had a lot of fun with this one.

While I also enjoy music with more substance, one of the things that can frustrate me about music in general and electronic music in particular is its need to seem important. I’d rather listen to something that was entertaining and honest than something with an inflated sense of its own significance. Coldplay anyone?

One of my favourite bands of all time is Parliament, who are the kings of brilliant and silly music. Their lyrics are politically charged and all the players in the band have always been incredible musicians, but the music itself is always fun (with a k).

The bassline hook that kicks off Hello Hello is inspired by their track Sir Nose D’Void Of Funk, and it served as the starting point of the whole track.

I’m happy with how its turned out, although the start of every phone call I’ve had this week has been a little surreal.

Stuff I Learnt This Week

1/ I’m very serious about stupid music.

2/ I need to give myself less options. An abundance of choice is the enemy of creativity.

3/ I always overcomplicate things. If I had more time, I’d try and see what I could take out of “Hello Hello”, especially towards the end. I kind of like it though as I’m feeling the chaotic party feel.

4/ I should just go with it. I’ve driven myself to distraction with worry over-thinking the process whilst in the middle of it. It’s only my wife Sally who has stopped me from going insane. “Just go with it Mike” has become her mantra.

5/ I need to let go. In some ways this contradicts the point above, but when something sounds great but doesn’t fit with my vision for this album, I must save it to my sketchbook and move on.

In general I’m very happy with how its gone this week. Although strictly speaking I spent close to two weeks on this track and won’t have that luxury from here on in. But if I put into practice what I’ve learnt this week I shouldn’t lose all my marbles. Yet.

Click here to download “Hello Hello” for free.

Posted by: Mike Monday on July 24, 2010 @ 6:50 AM
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