This summer saw the emergence of a new live set from Groove Armada and fans were not disappointed.

“Traditionally we always re-write material for the big stages, but with the Black Light stuff, because it’s quite a bandy record, we ended up more or less playing the tunes as they are on the CD. By doing that, we were just missing a real trick in terms of our experience of these big gigs. We thought we should just revisit them and create some moments.”

Despite a busy summer tour schedule, Andy and Tom got their crew together at Andy’s home in France and in the course three days, with basically no sleep, completely stripped apart the live set and put it all back together again. “The basis of it all is that we’ve re-approached the songs. You’re obviously going to know the tunes, but all the structures are totally different and there are just these huge moments in the songs.”

All the hard work and dedication proved to be worthwhile as the new set saw Groove Armada become the most Tweeted band at last week’s Glastonbury festival, an experience which, according to Cato, justified their decision to make the changes. “Everything feels like it’s the best it’s ever been,” he says.

Posted by: James Stair on July 8, 2010 @ 10:59 AM
Posted in: Visual Stimulation


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