GA Live touches down in the USA

First gig – legendary venue. The Fillimore, San Fran., where the Pistols played their last gig, the Doors, ¬†everyone. It’s where Scorcese filmed The Last Waltz. The posters of previous gigs below are a fraction of what’s hung on the walls.¬†

The night before we’d arrived from the UK and went straight from the airport into a DJ set at a small party for our new label OM records. Afterwards, we made the mistake of staying out late enough so it’s morning again in the UK and sleep is impossible.

This made the 5 hour soundcheck hard work, but we needed to get the track History into the set. It’s winning the most votes on the download charts in the US at the moment.

The Filmore crowd did us proud. The response at the gig was electric. Saint Saviour blew people away as always. MC MAD raised the roof as always. They love live music here and the Black Light combo of rock n roll and electronics feels right.

We went out to a couple of places afterwards, but I called it a day when someone tried to pierce my ear with their earring. 

San Fran sold out so fast that we had to add an extra show here. It’s always nice when you do two nights and can stroll into work the second day with everything set up.

We then headed to a record store named, Amoeba for a quick interview. It’s good to know there are still record shops. The store was up on Haight street. Beatnik captial and hippy hangout of the 60s. It’s still got that feel, mixed with a lot of people a bit to old to be carrying skateboards. It turned out that a member of the Brian Jonestown Massacre worked in the shop. If you haven’t seen the film Dig!, then watch it and all will become clear.

Back at the venue for soundcheck, an immaculately turned out californian woman arrived to make me some new in-ear monitors. This involves filling your ears with putty so they can get a model of the inside of your ear. But before they can do this, they need to clean your ears out. The Americans are never shy of throwing a chemical at a problem, and true to form she used Peroxide. Presumably I now have punky, blonde ear canals.

Gig 2 at the Filmore was sold out as well. The word seems to be spreading. The guys from our new label over here are san fran people so it felt like a family affair. Afterwards, we went back to a place we’d found the night before called the 3 Crowns. Greg Wilson was DJing. It’s the only time I’ve heard ’Walk LIke An Eygptian" in a nightclub. At 1.58 a bouncer came and shined his torch on my drink until I finished it. It seems like they take the 2am licensing law quite seriously. But there were little speak easy places everywhere for the determined.

-Andy Cato

Posted by: Andy Cato (Groove Armada) on March 19, 2010 @ 11:09 PM
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