It’s been one of those days, friends. But what better way than to remedy it with music? Here’s some free tidbits that got me going this week, and as usual, if you have any tracks to send or comments to spout, hit me at jenboyles at gmail.

Solid Gold – Synchronize

One of the most buzzworthy bands out of the Midwest right now and making quite a splash at SXSW this year. Some have called them “dream pop”, which seems quite accurate, but there’s more of an edge here than that term allows.

Bonobo – Eyesdown

Featuring Andreya Triana (Real name? We bet not), this track by the always consistent Bonobo (a.k.a. Simon Green) delivers the chill flavor. Loved his last release, Days To Come (Bajka on vocals), and am expecting his new one this month called Black Sands to be just as good.

Uffie – MCs Can Kiss (Mike D remix)

Not to be a hater, but I don’t like Uffie: Any cute waif can throw on some leggings and a tank top and squeal out lyrics (“I never force anyone to listen to my music / Never post a bulletin / Never posted shit”. Ugh). But Mike D from the Beasties remixing Uffie? Now that deserves at least a listen.

DiscoTech – IMMA (Miami We Know How To Play)

One of the best remixers on the scene today, DiscoTech release a Miami-centric track for all the party people going to South Beach next week for WMC. (Tip: If you like this one, find their remix of Rolling Stone’s epic hit ‘Satisfaction’)

Timex Social Club – Rumors

There was once a girl who nearly woke up the entire floor of her apartment building from singing this song so loudly with her headphones on at 2 a.m. Roommate reported laughing hysterically from the next room. It wasn’t me, I swear. See, this is how rumors get started.

Espada vs. Booka B – Blame It On The Boogie (Jackson 5)

The beat’s contagious on this one. Try it on.

Posted by: dem0 on March 19, 2010 @ 5:55 PM
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