Neon Indian. Traped in a pantry with his machines.

Hiya, Ommies! It’s Friday, and that means time for some freebies to start your weekend proper. This week I’m trying out some categories because let’s face it, not all fresh-off-the-mixing-board music is great. Some weeks you can’t keep up with it all and it’s like Christmas (or whatever holiday you prefer) and other weeks you find yourself listening to Phil Collins on repeat (true story).

Love it or hate it? Feel free to email at jenboyles at gmail.


Neon Indian – Sleep Paralyst:
The 21-year-old’s music is like an electro sunset, each synth its own individual ray that warms up the tune. This track is vocal but not overpowering with a distant but optimistic vibe that kind of reminds us of Miami Horror (get familiar if you’re not, he’s great).


Danny Byrd – Sweet Harmony:
Though the liquid funk genre seems to have its feet firmly planted in Londontown, it’s tracks like this that make me wish it would pick up Stateside. Byrd is a huge highlight of that city’s Hospital Records, and this track is one that will make your heart soar (either that or I’m just a total sucker for the mircrogenre). Boh!


Rye Rye – Hip-Hop Changed (Prod by Crookers):
A Baltimore breakout after Blackstarr put her on his “Shake It To The Ground” banger (circa ‘07), Rye Rye returns to rap over a well done Crookers number that for once doesn’t sound like it’s trying to strip you of your hearing forever.


Expose – Point Of No Return:
Yeah, OK. Expose, I know. Credo in the garbage can. But whatever, it’s Friday.


Beastie Boys vs Prodigy – Voodoo Sabotage:
Easily one of the best hi-tempo “mashups” (someone get a new word for these!) I’ve heard in a long time. A perfect mating.

Happy listening!

Posted by: dem0 on March 12, 2010 @ 3:45 PM
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