Andy Cato of Groove Armada sat down with our friends at to chat about “Black Light”, SaintSavior, and the new Groove Armada Live show.

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You might have noticed the name Groove Armada around a bit lately. It could be due to their “Paper Romance“ single that has been on heavy rotation globally or maybe the massive new album released today. Either way, we thought we needed to corner these lads and get the goods for you. Thankfully, Andy Cato recently took time out of his busy schedule touring the sunny climes of Australia with the Big Day Out Festival to chat with us about where Groove Armada has been, where they’re headed in full force, as well as coffee, cigarettes, and lazers. Let the games begin.

Thanks for chatting with URB while on tour down in Australia, Andy. You are over halfway through the tour, how have they been treating you down under?
ANDY CATO: It’s always special for us over here. We’re playing to 30,000 people a day. The new songs, the show and Saint Saviour on the vocals is feeling pretty electric.

Do you guys have a city in Oz that really does it for you? The Big Day Out Tour does afford you the luxury of hitting all the best spots in Australia.
AC: The Gold Coast crew are the ravers, Sydney does things on a large scale and works the after parties well, and Melbourne’s got a San Fran vibe.

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