Philadelphia based producer RJD2 has recently blessed us with a remix of “Teleport Massive”, a bangin’ Bassnectar track that is guaranteed delight for all RJ fans out there. The track bumps with swirling synths, chopped funky horns, a steady drum groove, and of course, the smooth flow of Zumbi of Zion I. An instrumental version of RJ’s remix of “Teleport Massive” is also on the album and will definitely get your head bobbing to the beat.

The remix and instrumental by RJD2 can be found off Bassnectar’s Cozza Frenzy Remix Pack Volume 1, as well as addition remixes and instrumentals by Bassnectar, DJ Vadim, and more. Highly recommended to any RJD2 fans out there.

Also be sure to check out and support RJ’s new label: RJ’S ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS and his new album: THE COLOSSUS at

Click here to purchase the track from iTunes.

Listen: Bassnectar “Teleport Massive Feat. Zumbi of Zion I (RJD2 Remix)”

Posted by: on March 3, 2010 @ 12:14 AM
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