Looks like San Francisco/Brooklyn band Lemonade may finally get the love they deserve. I’ve been a fan of these guys for some time now and happy to see that this may be their year. Their new EP “Pure Moods” is out this March and features remixes from SF’s Ghost on Tapes, Hackman, and Le Chev on True Panther Sounds (Distributed by Matador Records).

Lemonade “Lifted” from Focus Creeps on Vimeo.

This is Lemonade’s follow-up to their praised and explosive debut album. This EP is an utterly unique take on electronic dance music, this time focused and melodic. It incorporates more explicit soca, dub, and calypso influences into Lemonade’s existing ravey palate. Even if those sounds are channelled through 16-bit samples and city stories the record has a certain wetness to it- a rich vegetation of sounds. Tight electronic arrangements layered with Alex Pasternak’s fiercely clattered drums, Ben Steidel’s invitingly rubbery bass and Callan Clendenin’s wobbly vocal harmonies float in and out of scope. The whistles of Bedstuy’s West Indian Day Parade ring out in “Banana Republic”, Ballearic synths carress “Remain In Jah”. The EP’s leading track “Lifted” somehow submerges its anthemic chorus and raindrop synths under a deafening waterfall. It feels good. If their debut was citric slime, this EP is an orange; firm and almost uniform in its peel, sweet and wet inside.

Listen & Download: Lemonade “Lifted”

Posted by: g.win on February 4, 2010 @ 1:24 AM
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