The Dirtybird crew are celebrating their 5th Birthday this Friday in San Francisco! Happy bday guys!

‘dirtybird’ – A fake German porn star, two brothers, their room mate, the new girl, and a bunch of good for nothings that together managed to put a smile on the face of dance music. The very first dirtybird record was released in January 2005. Since then Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, Christian Martin, J Phlip & Worthy have been all around the world DJ-ing and spreading the gospel of their dirty San Francisco bass. On Friday, February 5th they all come together to celebrates the label’s birthday. This one is going to be bigger and better than ever before so we hope to see you there.

Along with this special birthday event, we are announcing a 5 year dirtybird birthday cd package for release this April. This triple cd pack includes a greatest hits cd, a special db mix cd by Justin Martin, and a 3rd cd of all NEW dirtybird tracks! It includes appearances by all the db favorites like Claude VonStroke, J Phlip, Worthy, Sascha Braemer, Riva Starr, Donk Boys, Tim Green, Tanner Ross, Christian Martin, and a ton of new and upcoming talent.

9-4am free before 11 and $10 after with RSVP
RSVP to,
Mezzanine 444 Jesse Street

The label will also be putting out a 3 disc mixed compilation (By Justin Martin) featuring the label’s tracks, remixes, and more.

CD One: The Past
01. Christian Martin & Claude VonStroke – The Capacitron
02. Justin Martin & Sammy D – Southern Draw
03. Claude VonStroke – Deep Throat
04. The Martin Brothers – Stoopit
05. Solo – Conogloid
06. Justin Martin – Cicada (Claude VonStroke Remix)
07. Sascha Braemer – Some Sweat
08. Claude VonStroke – Who’s Afraid of Detroit?
09. Style of Eye – The Big Kazoo
10. Tim Green – Revox (Justin Martin Remix)
11. The Martin Brothers – Full Moon
12. Claude VonStroke – The Whistler
13. Christian Martin & Claude VonStroke – Groundhog Day

CD Two: The Present: Justin Martin’s 5 Year Dirtybird Mix
01. Intro (A Phone Call From the Boss)
02. Justin Martin & Sammy Dee – The Southern Draw / Justin Martin & Tanner Ross – Breff
03. Julio Bashmore – World Peace
04. The Martin Brothers – Duckface
05. Justin Martin & Claude VonStroke – Beat That Bird (Acapella)
06. Claude VonStroke – Vocal Chords (Voodeux’s Grumbly Mix)
07. Claude VonStroke – The Greasy Beat feat. Bootsy Collins (Robag Wruhme Mother Jones Mix vs J. Philip Mix)
08. Sascha Braemer – Some Sweat
09. Justin Martin & Sammy Dee – I Miss You… Please Call Me Back Someday
10. Mike Monday – Grace (Justin Martin Remix)
11. ICS – Espagnol / Edu K – Dos Gusanos
12. Tim Green – Revox (Justin Martin Remix)
13. Iz & Diz – Magnificent (Justin Martin’s No Heart & Soul Mix)
14. Justin Martin – Robot Romance
15. Claude VonStroke – Deep Throat (Just Martin Remix) / Claude VonStroke – The Whistler
16. Claude VonStroke – Twang Chung
17. Claude VonStroke – Chimps
18. Justin Martin – Cicada (Claude VonStroke’s 17yr. Mix)
19. Christian Martin & Claude VonStroke – Groundhog Day
20. Claude VonStroke – Who’s Afraid of Detroit? / The Martin Brothers – Stoopit

CD Three: The Future
01. Edu K – Dos Gusanos
02. The Martin Brothers – Duck Face
03. Claude VonStroke – Dood
04. Kink – Elevator
05. Justin Martin – Robot Romance
06. Hickup – Hickup Theme
07. Talal & Zoi – Silky King
08. Worthy & Yankee Zulu – Humble Mumble
09. Donk Boys – Hehu
10. Christian Martin – Polar Bear
11. Sascha Braemer – Club Foot
12. J Phlip – Droppin Bombz on Yer Momz
13. Jacob Seville – Groovin

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