The merciless crunch upon the magazine industry still heard via an echo of unemployment this past decade seems to foster two very distinct points of view among readers: Going digital is either a sign of failure or the new frontier. Though there’s nothing like glossy pages and heavy cardstock covers under your fingers, mags are turning out to share a similar destiny as vinyl — there will always be a craving for them in certain circles, but the mainsteam trend points at those three little w’s.

This brings us to Self-Titled magazine, a New York-based online publication with six digital issues under its belt featuring the likes of Jay Reatard (RIP), School Of Seven Bells, Florence & The Machine and more. It comes out dukes-up on its social media profiles, claiming to be “reinventing what it means to be a music magazine in an age of blogs and half-baked writing.”

That kind of statement’s got some bite to it, but in a way that makes you want to know more.

On it’s Facebook page: “Self-Titled is a music magazine that has nothing to do with music. At least not in the traditional sense of self-important ‘criticism’ and profiles that read like regurgitated press releases. Yes, we print reviews and full-on artist features, but we also pride ourselves on answering the questions others don’t ask.”

Now, this is all kind of interesting because they also run a blog, but damn if this didn’t make us want to crack open an issue (virtually, of course), the latest of which you can read here here.


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