In this month’s visual stimulation, we are more than happy to feature world renowned artist, Dalek. He personally sent us these pieces to be featured in this month’s installment of Visual Stimulation.

James Marshall, aka Dalek, is one of the most celebrated artist today. As the son of a military family, Dalek lived all around the world including a brief stint in Japan. He turned to skateboarding, graffiti, and punk music for inclusion. While attending the art institute in Chicago, Dalek created a character that would soon become his first signature piece. Dalek’s “Space Monkey” was seen everywhere.

From 2001 to 2002, Dalek served as assistant to the influential Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. The six-month assistantship proved to be a major turning point in Dalek’s career: “I didn’t have a real set direction for how I wanted to paint. I had seen a show of [Murakami’s] that August at the Boston Museum, and when I saw those painting close up, I realized that was the end product I wanted to see my ideas come out in. I realized I needed that sort of apprenticeship.”

In 2007, Dalek produced a show and the world saw a drastic departure from the “Space Monkey” character. Gone was the iconic character he had been known for, and new was the grand hand painted pieces featuring an abundance of color and shapes. The concept behind the new series was the meditation of the push and pull of life forces.

Visit for more information on James Marshall, aka Dalek.

Check out an interview from Walrus TV below.

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