Sade drops her first single in over a decade. “Soldier of Love” is the highly anticipated first single off Sade’s new album of the same name – their first in a decade. Co-produced with Mike Pela, “Soldier of Love” was written by Sade, along with her four band-members Andrew Hale, Stuart Matthewman and Paul Spencer Denman. The track features a pulsating, anthemic drum beat, and Sade’s signature haunting vocals. Her new album drops on Epic in Feb 2010. The single has hit the blogsphere. Get it here at Nah Right.

It was only a year ago that Portishead dropped their last album. Prior to that album, the group spent years on hiatus. So, with that said, to put our a new single so quickly is rather impressive for them. The new single is a benefit single for Amesty International. Portishead “Chase The Tear” is available for download and stream here.

Bring on the bootleg remixes!

Listen To Sade vs. Captain Crook “Soldier of Love”Download This Bootleg Remix at Dudiefree

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