The year 2005 was a year of inflection for Om Records for different reasons but one of the most remarkable ones was the Om residency in Ibiza hosted at El Divino presenting probably one of the most exciting,innovating and interesting line ups that the Mediterranean white island had seen to date.

During those magical 3 months, Om Records moved it’s headquarters to a magnificent Villa situated in the middle of a forrest between Ibiza town and Santa Eulalia del Rio and apart from enjoying some of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, eating Bullit de Peix (a very unique and delicious fish Paella) and organizing endless after hours until the morning light, we had the chance to meet with a big part of the crazy summer fauna that inhabit the island from April till October.

Apart from all the promoters, disc jockeys, go-go dancers,club owners, wannabes, yoga teachers, taxi drivers, millionaires, opportunists and old hippies who we met with we also got in touch with an small group of visual artists who live there all year around. Peculiar characters who tend to hide from the crazy angry British tourists and who spend their time swimming naked on secret beaches (mainly by the north of the island),painting; creating beautiful pieces of art of all kinds.

One of the most remarkable ones is without a doubt is Jesus de Miguel also known as “Jesidi” or simply “Jesu” for the close friends. An artist born and raised in Guardo (a little Village in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula) who studied Art and New Visual Media in Salamanca (one of the most historical cities in Spain and where the oldest University of Europe is located) and whom after a few years working for big different important companies in Madrid ended up as the head of the art department of the Pacha Emporium (probably the biggest brand in Lifestyle/Night Entertainment in the world).
Since then, Jesu hasn’t stopped his frenetic activity as one of the most solicited artists on the island developing concepts and imagery for parties, clothing brands, record labels, clubs, and organizations such as the International Ibiza Film Festival or HOVI (International Home Video and Multimedia Ibiza Festival).

The love for the bizarre, a masterly use of the color in big canvas, surreal characters, subliminal and acid messages and an strong disobedience for the established rules are some of the characteristics of this genius artist who will shortly exhibit in San Francisco.

Posted by: Alvaro on November 30, 2009 @ 10:52 AM
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