Wit his own brand of “ghettotech,” Robot Koch fuses hip-hop influences with heavy techno synths and effects to effectively harness his influences: John Coltrane and Slayer, along with everything in between. One listen to his single “Away From,” off the new album Death Star Droid, and the meaning of ghettotech and triphop becomes crystal clear. The vocals on the track are hauntingly beautiful, as they mix perfectly with the heavy percussion lines. Straight outta Germany, Robot Koch brings the European techno style with him, but somewhere along the way transforms it with a heavy West Coast glitchhop vibe. The likes of Flying Lotus, Glitch Mob, ediT & Bassnectar come to mind when listening to the computerized effects placed over the track.

Also brought to you by Robot Koch is the video for the song “Hard to Find.” This video is absolutely insane, in the best way possible. Somehow, someway, it incorporates the evolution of motion completely in conjunction with the inspiring beat. I don’t even understand from where this footage came, but it works perfectly. Definitely check out the video, as it’s also a track from the new album.

Catch the Download here.

And the Video Here.

And grab the New Album Here.

Posted by: admin on November 18, 2009 @ 2:56 PM
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